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Abney, Carmen—A God of Miracles, 36:7
Abney, Carmen—Cast Thy Bread upon the Waters, 50:18
Abney, Carmen—God Never Failed, 49:6
Abramson, Lee—Christ Led Me to His Church, 12:14
Ackley, Ruby—The Signs Follow, 43:19
Adair, Ellen—A Christmas Letter, 44:18
Adams, Art—Healings through Administration, 186:8
Adams, George J.—The Church's Anniversary, 28:27
Adams, Mary—Wonderfully Good to Me, 77:19
Adams, Richard and Debbie—Restoration Math, 17:18
Adams, Ruby—Spiritual Gifts at Reunion, 216:12
Adamson, Julia T.—Obey God Above All Things, 162:9
Alberti, Dean—God Shall Supply, 203:14
Alberti, Dean—Zion Today, 229:9
Allish, Edith F.—Contentment with Godliness in Gain, 214:23
Alton, Lusetta—The Miracle on the Elkhorn River, 24:10
Amundson, Vivian—A Timely Warning, 35:3
Anders, Steve—Sanctity in the Home, 61:15
Andersen, Peter—I Heard a Voice in the Night, 226:13
Anderson, Audentia Smith—Emma Smith and Her Hymns, 27:7
Anderson, Audentia Smith—Memories of Israel A. Smith, 46:14
Anderson, Audentia—A Spiritual Prayer Meeting, 106:18
Anderson, Audentia—Spiritual Traditions in the Home, 141:28
Anderson, Audentia—The Children's Hour, 88:26
Anderson, Audentia—What Price Zion? 105:14;
Anderson, Audentia—Witness for Christ through the Family, 138:24
Anderson, Bonnie—God Has Given, 46:24
Anderson, Diane C.—The Missing Eye, 174:20
Anderson, Diane M.—Are You on Track? 179:12
Anderson, Diane M.—The Game of Life, 185:9
Anderson, Diane—Giving Up Sin, 233:15
Anderson, Diane—Lessons from Handbells, 170:7
Anderson, Diane—Not of Little Faith, 238:5
Anderson, Diane—Two Candlesticks, 81:8
Anderson, Eldon—Are You Doing All You Can? 221:6
Anderson, Jason—Choose You This Day, 207:5
Anderson, Jason—Overcoming a Culture of Division, 228:9
Anderson, Jason—Thoughts upon a Baby Blessing 149:29
Anderson, Jason—True Freedom, 225:14
Anderson, Jason—We Are Not Our Own, 200:15
Anderson, Julia—Christ at Heart’s Door, 223:14
Anderson, Karl—The Just Shall Live by Faith, 188:21
Anderson, Karl—The Last Great Hour, 197:15
Anderson, Kevin—The Power of Priesthood, 169:21
Anderson, Robert—God Saved Our Son, 57:12
Anderson, Stacy—How Much Our Lord Loves Us, 184:24
Andes, Ivan—Lasting Memories, 120:10
Andes, Ivan—The Signs of Our Times, 127:5
Andrews, Shirley Neill—My Lord Opened the Door, 101:8
Anholt, K. W.—One More Chance, 162:14
Anholt, K. W.—They Loaned Me a Book, 223:6

Anthony, J. A.—God Foretold the San Francisco Earthquake, 65:30
Approaches to Personal Evangelism, 178:2
Archibald, R.—Invitation, 94:8
Argotsinger, David—Authority from God, 46:21
Armstrong, Mrs. Elmer L.—Rich in Things, 239:5
Arnson, Pauline—Don't Shirk a Duty! 104:17
Atkins, Myrtle—Teach Me, Lord, 75:24
Atwood, Bud—A Time for Courage, 59:15
Atwood, Bud—God's Way or Man's Way? 28:14
Atwood, Bud—Our Call to Repentance, 51:24
Atwood, Bud—Our Nation Has Forgotten God, 74:26
Atwood, Bud—Spiritual Growth, 22:25
Bach, Erma and Margery Godfrey—A Sunbeam for the Lord, 54:31
Bachmann, Darlene—Confirmation from Above, 54:27
Bachmann, Wallace—The Lord's Protection, 54:26
Badham, W. G.—Unity of Purpose 150:31
Baggette, Pat and Kim—Living Instruments 150:7
Bailey, J. W. A.—Go Back to Nodaway, 95:18
Bailey, J. W. A.—The Atonement, 58:5
Bailey, J. W. A.—Young Joseph Was Set Apart, 61:14
Bailey, Jim—Put Your Homes in Order—for the Bridegroom Cometh, 202:22
Bailey, Jim—The Home: A Building Block for Zion, 216:7
Baker, A. M.—Divine Knowledge, 169:27
Baker, Alice L.—Our Family Heritage: The Restoration Gospel, 72:8
Baker, Eric K.—God Still Works Today, 124:18
Baker, Eric K.—The Church's Spiritual Heritage, 131:18
Baker, Eric—Brush Up on Your Prayer Life,  215:2
Baker, Eric—None Other Name, 105:3
Baker, Eric—Wisdom in the Commandments of God, 104:18;
Baker, Harvey—Two Happy Endings, 173:6
Baker, John R.—Being Wise Stewards, 117:6;
Baldwin, Bunny—The Endowment, 44:14
Baldwin, D. R.—Charity—The One Thing Lacking, 83:6
Baldwin, D. R.—Hot Drinks, 78:23
Baldwin, D. R.—Tobacco Was a Barrier, 52:23
Baldwin, Joseph E.—Seek Ye First the Kingdom, 227:26
Ballantyne, Jeff—A True Miracle, 182:18
Ballantyne, Mark—Live by Every Word, 80:9
Ballantyne, Mike—Beginning Steps toward Sanctification, 137:6
Ballantyne, Mike—Fasting, 219:5
Ballantyne, Mike—Good News, 217:15
Ballantyne, Mike—His Zion Soon to Come, 159:7
Ballantyne, Mike—Ye Know Neither the Day nor the Hour, 171:5
Ballantyne, Mike—Zion—the Hope of  the World, 194:26
Ballantyne, Violet—The Door Wouldn't Open, 119:24
Ballantyne, Violet—The Little White Shoe, 122:17
Ballinger, Carrie—One of the Mothers of Israel, 27:21
Bankester, R. E.—Let Us Humble Ourselves, 184:23
Banks, W. Ray—He Touched Us, 15:20
Bannister, W. D.—Charity and Jealousy, 128:18
Barlow, T. Ed—Joy in Repentance, 145:26
Barnhart, Patricia—Your Father Knoweth, 23:18
Barr, C. H.—Our Training of Children, 84:15
Barr, John—Blessed in Administration, 133:25
Barrows, S. C.—Join None of Them, 19:20
Bartlett, Jean—I Witness for Christ, 32:19
Bartlett, Ruth—A Special Promise, 28:18
Barto, Herbert L.—A Neighbor Listened to a Voice, 225:30
Barwise, Edith—Concerning Zion, 191:26
Barwise, Edith—Zion: Counting the Cost, 3:21
Basgall, George A.—Growing in Faith, 82:24
Basgall, George Adam—As the Spirit Leads, 62:14
Basgall, Vivian C.—God Was Always with Us! 102:12
Basgall, Vivian C.—I Couldn't Wait to Be Baptized! 100:3
Basgall, Vivian C.—I Will Not Leave You Comfortless, 104:7
Batcheller, Mrs. A. R.—Our Need to Obey, 131:31
Bates, Jonah—My Vision of Zion, 161:7
Bath, Mrs. T . W.—The Gathering Is Needed, 103:30
Bath, T. W.—Keeping the Sabbath, 6:22
Bath, William—The Spirit of Zion, 176:2
Bath, William—The Spirit of Zion, 41:28
Baxter, T. J.—I Am Impressed Anew, 211:27
Beal, Barbara—Jesus Came In, 12:18
Beal, Carolyn—My Life Was Changed, 1:18
Beal, Matt—'Twas the Night before Christmas, 170:3
Beal, Matt—A Plan for Us, 184:12
Beal, Matt—The Task of a Teacher, 172:12
Beal, Rebekah Bullard—A Plan for Us, 184:13
Bear, John L.—My Conversion and Early Ministry, 83:21
Becker, Fridolin—I Found the Church Through Suffering, 140:10
Beckett, W. T.—How We Heard the Gospel, 188:14
Beckmann, Phil, Jr.—I Will Be Like the Most High, 30:9
Beecher, Larry—An Unshakeable Testimony, 240:19
Beem, Thomas J.—Micah Prophesies of Zion, 36:10
Beggs, Edith Grace—Keeping the Sabbath Holy, 24:9
Beil, C. A.—Laborers Together with God, 235:24
Beil, Franz—The Fountain of Life, 133:3
Belros, Mildred—Sing the Songs of Zion, 110:26
Bendorf, Reggie—How Do We Respond? 102:19
Bendorf, Suzanne—Being Valiant in Testimony, 230:24
Bendorf, Suzanne—God Knows What Is Best, 209:18
Benedict, Charles E.—A Baptism by Fire, 20:2
Bennefeld, Nellie—God Heals Today, 39:11
Bennefeld, Nellie—Led to the Center Place, 42:6
Benson, Jeanne—To Read and Obey, 219:30
Benson, Ruth—I Witnessed the Miracle, 56:8

Bert, Marlene—He Shall Give His Angels Charge over Thee, 205:12

Bert, Marlene—If You Will Worship Me, 78:18

Bethel, Mrs. S. C.—I Learned to Be Quiet, 223:11

Billings, Virgil J.—Launch Out, 191:6

Biographical Sketch of Joseph Smith III—158:5

Bird, Christopher—Repentance and Redemption, 207:19

Bird, David W.—Gethsemane, 21:28

Bird, Gerald E.—Christ Practiced What He Preached, 65:26

Bird, Gerald E.—Dealing with Spiritual Isolation, 96:11

Bird, Gerald E.—Renewing Our Contracts with God, 85:12

Bird, Gerald E.—The Lord Protected, 98:8

Bird, Gerry—Any Opportunity to Serve, 215:18

Bird, Gerry—Thanksgiving and Zion, 158:12

Bird, Ivan E.—A Pattern in All Things, 43:12

Bird, Ivan E.—Guided by His Holy Word, 37:12

Bird, Ivan E.—Honesty Pays, 75:7

Bird, Ivan E.—I Will Cleanse It! 38:3, 105:17

Bird, Ivan E.—Jesus Christ Is Our Standard, 94:3

Bird, Ivan E.—Priesthood Authority, 40:8

Bird, Ivan E.—Special Hymns in My Life, 73:7

Bird, Ivan E.—The Everlasting Covenant, 116:7

Bird, Ivan E.—The Gospel Was in Effect Before Christ's Birth, 86:6

Bird, Ivan E.—The Value of the Sacrament, 139:25

Bird, Ivan E.—Your Tongue Will Be Loosed, 44:24

Bird, Ivan L.—God's Infinite Goodness, 168:14

Bird, Ivan L.—I Am with the Faithful Always, 83:15

Bird, Ivan L.—The Natural Man, 105:9

Bird, Marsha Guin—Sacrifice with Joy, 78:8

Bird, Merva—"Blessed Are They Who Read...," 176:32

Bird, Merva—A Special Reunion, 5:18

Bird, Merva—A Time of Trial—A Time of Blessing, 55:6

Bird, Merva—A Timely Warning, 121:15

Bird, Merva—Admonition, 175:14

Bird, Merva—America—The Promised Land, 84:3

Bird, Merva—And the Truth Shall Make You Free, 60:3

Bird, Merva—Are You Busy Thinking? 171:18

Bird, Merva—As If in Blessing, 36:5

Bird, Merva—Awake, and Watch for Him! 194:32

Bird, Merva—Before We Called, God Answered, 84:7

Bird, Merva—Betrayed! 37:3

Bird, Merva—Beware! 175:6

Bird, Merva—Blessed Is..., 152:14

Bird, Merva—Book of Mormon, 109:32

Bird, Merva—Calling His Daughters, 27:3

Bird, Merva—Charity—the Pure Love of Christ, 145:6

Bird, Merva—Choices, 114:18

Bird, Merva—Choose, 154:13

Bird, Merva—Choose Life! 26:3

Bird, Merva—Christ's Church Restored, 4:30

Bird, Merva—Decade of Destiny, 71:9

Bird, Merva—Deliver Us from Evil, 189:18

Bird, Merva—Dissenters or Defenders? 31:3

Bird, Merva—Do Not Be Deceived! 105:15

Bird, Merva—Don't Go A Fishing, 10:3

Bird, Merva—Easter in Joseph's Land, 34:15

Bird, Merva—Emma, 27:32

Bird, Merva—Endure to the End, 48:10

Bird, Merva—False Prophets—False Saints, 69:22

Bird, Merva—Follow the King, 32:5

Bird, Merva—For Such a Time as This, 61:18;

Bird, Merva—For Such a Time as This, 241:3

Bird, Merva—Forgiveness, 39:19

Bird, Merva—God Is So Good to Me, 47:19

Bird, Merva—God's Flowers, 22:3

Bird, Merva—God's Pattern, 164:32

Bird, Merva—God's Special Plan, 17:31

Bird, Merva—God's Unfolding Plan, 99:32

Bird, Merva—God's Way—The Only Way, 18:22

Bird, Merva—God's Word Standeth Sure, 100:11

Bird, Merva—Haun's Mill, 31:32

Bird, Merva—He Is Risen! 130:28

Bird, Merva—He Lives! 53:8

Bird, Merva—He Lives!  He Lives!  196:32

Bird, Merva—Heed the Message, 91:32

Bird, Merva—Hill Cumorah, 2:32; 160:32

Bird, Merva—Hold Fast the Truth, 34:24

Bird, Merva—Hold Fast! 75:2

Bird, Merva—Holy Ground, 11:32;

Bird, Merva—I Am the Vine, 179:32

Bird, Merva—I Know That My Redeemer Lives, 118:7

Bird, Merva—In His Light 147:32

Bird, Merva—In Light and Truth, 58:9

Bird, Merva—In the Land of Promise, 104:10

Bird, Merva—Israel's Return, 123:27

Bird, Merva—It Did Not Just Happen, 125:31

Bird, Merva—Jesus Is Coming Again, 74:6

Bird, Merva—Jesus Wept, 106:32

Bird, Merva—Joseph, 163:32

Bird, Merva—Joseph Came to Amboy, 58:32

Bird, Merva—Joseph's City Beautiful, 37:32, 115:32

Bird, Merva—Joseph's Land, 7:29;

Bird, Merva—Joshua and the Witness Stone, 100:28

Bird, Merva—Journey for the Lord, 9:32

Bird, Merva—Journey to a Land of Promise 148:5

Bird, Merva—Joy to the World! 166:24

Bird, Merva—Kirtland Temple, 136:28

Bird, Merva—Kirtland Temple, 199:32

Bird, Merva—Lehi's Old, Old Path, 41:28

Bird, Merva—Lehi's Vision, 117:32

Bird, Merva—Lessons from Ancient America, 87:5

Bird, Merva—Lift Up Your Heads! 57:6

Bird, Merva—Man Cannot Live by Bread Alone, 177:32

Bird, Merva—Martha Hands and a Mary Heart, 46:13

Bird, Merva—Mary Watches Jesus Grow, 62:32

Bird, Merva—Nauvoo, 153:28

Bird, Merva—Nauvoo Then and Now, 71:31

Bird, Merva—New Beginnings, 33:19

Bird, Merva—Nothing Varying, 128:19

Bird, Merva—Obey His Sovereign Will, 197:32

Bird, Merva—On the Road to Emmaus, 118:32

Bird, Merva—On Your Baptismal Day, 90:2

Bird, Merva—Other Sheep, 143:9

Bird, Merva—Our Call to Repentance, 140:7

Bird, Merva—Our Choices Are Important to God, 103:11

Bird, Merva—Our Time Is Now, 78:3

Bird, Merva—Personal Righteousness, 3:3

Bird, Merva—Peter's Denial, 93:28

Bird, Merva—Pilgrims, 182:32

Bird, Merva—Prayer Across the Centuries, 49:3

Bird, Merva—Priesthood, 5:5

Bird, Merva—Put on Thy Beautiful Garments, 91:12

Bird, Merva—Restoration, 20:32

Bird, Merva—Restoration Distinctives, 45:13

Bird, Merva—Restoration Voice Begins Eleventh Year, 61:3

Bird, Merva—Resurrection and Restoration, 4:13

Bird, Merva—Returning to the Lord, 161:32

Bird, Merva—Rock Garden Testimony 146:23

Bird, Merva—Roy Weldon—Book of Mormon Scholar, 43:14

Bird, Merva—Serve the Lord, 21:3

Bird, Merva—She Is So Much Like Me, 156:13

Bird, Merva—Thank God, 76:3

Bird, Merva—Thanksgiving, 2:30

Bird, Merva—The Children of Israel and the Church of Today, 46:19

Bird, Merva—The Chosen Ones, 186:18

Bird, Merva—The Feast 151:32

Bird, Merva—The First Christmas in Joseph's Land, 13/14:48

Bird, Merva—The Lamanites Shall Blossom As the Rose, 51:32

Bird, Merva—The Last Supper, 124:32

Bird, Merva—The Lord Can Use a Thankful Heart, 116:2

Bird, Merva—The Lord Will Suddenly Come to This Temple, 85:5

Bird, Merva—The Lord's Supper, 97:31

Bird, Merva—The Lord's Warnings, 115:24

Bird, Merva—The Master Calls, 138:32

Bird, Merva—The New World Order, 169:9

Bird, Merva—The New Year, 201:2

Bird, Merva—The One Who Calms the Sea, 129:32

Bird, Merva—The Savior Is Calling, 173:32

Bird, Merva—The Spirit of God, 181:32

Bird, Merva—The Triumphal Entry, 52:32

Bird, Merva—The Vision, 1:32

Bird, Merva—The Way of Love, 66:18

Bird, Merva—The Widow's Mite, 95:28

Bird, Merva—The Wise Men, 80:32

Bird, Merva—Think on These Things, 81:14

Bird, Merva—Through the Valley, 65:22

Bird, Merva—To Know Him Is to Love Him, 86:25

Bird, Merva—To Love Him Enough, 63:25

Bird, Merva—Two Churches Only, 68:18

Bird, Merva—Watch Out for Weeds, 79:3

Bird, Merva—Where Is Thy Church, Lord? 168:13

Bird, Merva—Where Is Your Treasure? 120:26

Bird, Merva—Where Wilt Thou Put Thy Trust? 40:13

Bird, Merva—While Zion Waits, 134:15

Bird, Merva—Who Is Worthy? 128:7

Bird, Merva—Who Will Stand? 23:3

Bird, Merva—Will We Be Faithful? 168:12

Bird, Merva—Will Ye Also Go Away? 13/14:3

Bird, Merva—Women in the Scriptures, 42:8

Bird, Merva—Word of Wisdom, 88:32, 131:27

Bird, Merva—You Are Not Alone, 28:3

Bird, Merva—Zion? Or the Age of Aquarius? 28:8

Bird, Rob—Are We Judged by Our Hands? 87:32

Bird, Rob—Receiving the Gift of God's Son, 118:12

Bird, Suzanne—The First Missionary Trip to the Society Islands, 131:28

Bishop, James E.—A Man with a Message and the Courage to Deliver It, 180:12

Bishop, James E.—Gateway to Eternal Life, 34:5

Bishop, James E.—The Bible and the Book of Mormon, 231:12

Bishop, James E.—The Melchisedec Priesthood in the Book of Mormon, 87:2

Bishop, James E.—Two Books of Scripture, 74:23

Bishop, Steve—Obedience, Trust, and Courage, 220:21

Black, Alma—The Stewardship of Talents, 171:19

Blackstock, John W.—Don't Go Home, My Son, 3:12

Blackstock, John W.—Sacred Things, 217:7

Blackstock, John W.—The Spirit of Preaching, 216:22

Blackstock, John W.—Zion, 144:15

Blair, W. W.—An Open Letter to John Taylor, 140:22

Blair, W. W.—Our Glorious Hope of the Future, 188:3

Blair, W. W.—The Holy Spirit Testified of the Reorganization, 93:26

Blair, W. W.—The Manifestation of the Spirit of God, 223:18

Blair, W. W.—Waiting for Young Joseph, 142:24

Blumenschein, Marian Brock—The Covenant with Enoch, 90:6

Boadway, Lucy—A Deep and Abiding Happiness, 171:6

Bobbitt, Missy—Coming into Christ’s Church, 195:18

Boden, Mrs. John—The Pattern and the Light, 171:11

Bohall, Marcia—I Am Abundantly Blessed, 191:9

Bohall, Steve—Being of One Mind, 228:7

Bohall, Steve—By Small Means, 233:12

Bohall, Steve—The Responsibilities of Privilege, 218:15

Bolingbroke, Gerald—Keeping the Commandments, 135:9

Bolingbroke, Gerald—Looking Toward the Return of Jesus Christ, 133:5

Bolton, Gladys M.—A Vision Beautiful, 145:13

Book of Mormon Testimony, 238:18

Booker, Doris—Precious Privileges of Sainthood, 208:18

Booten, C. H.—Our Faith and Works, 233:21

Booth, Charlie—A Call to Excellence, 188:9

Booth, Charlie—A Grateful Heart, 232:9

Booth, Charlie—Are You Like a Thermometer or a Thermostat? 179:14

Booth, Charlie—Keeping Life in Balance, 216:15

Booth, Charlie—Keeping the Commandments, 194:6

Booth, Charlie—Love Thy Neighbor, 238:15

Booth, Charlie—Take Up Your Cross, 210:9

Booth, Charlie—Thankful for the Resurrection, 186:15

Booth, Charlie—The Last Days: How Do You Choose to Live? 170:24

Booth, Charlie—The Lord’s All-Volunteer Army, 219:18

Booth, Charlie—The Voice of God, 212:15

Booth, Charlie—Upward to Zion, 209:5

Booth, Charlie—Whose Time Is It, Anyway? 225:15

Booth, Susan—Yes!  Jesus Loves Me! 226:24

Bootman, W. P.—A Light Descended, 63:2

Bootman, W. P.—Preaching by the Spirit, 130:19

Booton, Conrad H.—Christ's Doctrine Is True, 56:27

Bormann, Mrs. Richard—Eighteen Years of Thankfulness, 206:30

Bowman, Mrs. Charles—The Handshake at the Door, 213:14

Boyer, Judy—Steps to a Healing, 168:22

Bradford, William—Sustained by His Grace, 98:28

Bradley, James D.—Joseph Smith, Jr.—A True Prophet of God, 120:15

Bradshaw, Grace E.—Love Thy Neighbor, 184:14

Bradshaw, Grace E.—The Gift of Service, 185:8

Bradshaw, Grace—Through the Clouds 150:17

Bradshaw, Grace—Unnecessary Hindrance, 143:8

Bradshaw, Wesley—Washington's Vision, 75:27

Brendel, Zella—My Introduction to Christ’s Church, 198:3

Breshears, W. J.—Faith of Our Fathers, 113:30

Brewer, Rachel Ione—Reassurance, 4:13

Briggs, Edmund C.—Whom Shall We Believe? 163:14

Briggs, Edmund C.—Young Joseph Comes to Amboy, 58:27

Briggs, Mrs. E. D.—What a Glorious Thing! 163:26

Brigham, Anna—The Adventure of Each Day, 116:23

Broadfoot, Milton D.—Miracle of WW II, 31:19

Broadfoot, Milton D.—Sitting in Heavenly Places, 214:19

Brockman, Fern—Welcome to Zion, 23:14

Brollier, Samuel—An Abiding Faith, 137:22

Brooks, Pattie—A Special Book of Mormon Witness, 37:7

Brooks, Pattie—Carrie's Gift, 38:14

Brotherton, Anita—Mothers in Israel, 187:13

Brotherton, Anita—Mothers in Israel, 226:20

Brotherton, Darcy—Little Missionaries in Action, 132:18

Brotherton, Emily—Opening the Windows of Heaven, 215:17

Brotherton, Helen—Is Your Home Angel-Friendly? 165:24

Brotherton, Helen—Scripture Precisely for Our Day, 158:27

Brotherton, Val—Ah, the Power of Prayer! 157:21

Brotherton, Val—Being One with Christ, 231:6

Brotherton, Val—Obedience Is Better than Repentance, 200:24

Brotherton, Val—Resist Not Evil, 187:6

Brotherton, Val—The Light of the World, 239:27

Brotherton, Von–Proving the Lord’s Promises, 181:14

Broughton, Loris—Peace and Healing, 45:23

Broughton, Murray G.—Thankful for the Gospel, 36:14

Brown, Alisa—Complete Confidence in God, 228:24

Brown, Alisa—I Know That God Is, 208:14

Brown, Alisa—The Blessings Jar, 240:7

Brown, Bruce E.—The Battle Royal for the Human Soul, 131:14

Brown, Elbert C.—Blue Water Reunion Grounds, 112:30

Brown, Fred, Jr.—Stand Up for the Lord, 224:9

Brown, Fred, Jr.—The Power of the Priesthood, 232:21

Brown, Fred Jr.—We Are Called to Be One, 230:27

Brown, Michael—Do We Trust in the Arm of Flesh? 201:21

Brown, Michael—Embrace the Reunion Experience, 208:3

Brown, Michael—If I Be Lifted Up, 190:4

Brown, Michael—It Only Takes a Spark! 229:15 

Brown, Michael—Let Nothing Separate You, 239:7

Brown, Michael—Promises of the Lord, 231:15

Brown, Michael—Testify of the Things You Most Assuredly Know, 180:11

Brown, Michael—The Day of Our Surrender, 240:9

Brown, Ralph V.—Obedience, 171:20

Browne, Rebecca—Carnegie Hall! 170:12

Brush, John—Only a Partial Blessing 146:6

Bruto, Shaun—In the Service of Your Fellow Beings, 212:12

Buckles, Raylene—Two Priesthoods: Defense and Offense, 180:8

Budd, Roy S.—Getting One’s Self Out of the Way, 190:12

Buffalow, Vida E. McDaniel—A Call to Youth, 23:18

Buffalow, Vida E. McDaniel—All the Way, 42:19

Buffalow, Vida E. McDaniel—Resolutions Help Bring Sanctification, 69:30

Buffalow, Vida E. McDaniel—Sabbath, Holy Day of Rest, 45:2

Buffalow, Vida E. McDaniel—Temples of God, 77:9

Buffalow, Vida E. McDaniel—The Master's Call, 71:5

Buffalow, Vida E. McDaniel—The Kingdom Way, 73:11

Buffalow, Vida E.—Christ the King, 52:3

Buffalow, Vida E.—Serving According to Our Gifts, 40:18

Buffalow, Vida—The Herald Angels, 44:25

Buffalow, Vida—Three Fish in the Net, 35:18

Buffalow, Vida—What Is Prayer? 21:18

Buffalow, Vida—Where Are the Songs? 26:9

Bullard, Dawn—Zion, 12:18

Bullard, Don—The Love of Christ, 32:15

Bullard, Jackie—A Challenge to Women, 4:14

Bullard, Jackie—Prepare for the Endowment, 46:26

Bullard, John—Out of Hiding, 22:18

Bullard, John—Prepare Ye for That Which Is to Come, 173:15

Bullard, Richard—Dedication of Kirtland Temple, 21:26

Bullard, Richard—God So Loved the World, 234:15

Bullard, Richard—Saved to Do God's Bidding, 94:24

Bullard, Richard—The Directing Voice, 229:24

Bullard, Richard—The Lord Directs the Missionary, 132:21

Bullard, Walter—A Great Spiritual Depression, 209:31

Burford, Pam—Onward Bound, 193:3

Burgess, Alice M.—Silent Symbols, 80:6

Burgess, Alice—Family Prayer, 28:18

Burgess, Dee—A Key to Zion, 27:26

Burgess, Dee—Perfectly Healed, 26:17

Burgess, S. A.—The Book of Mormon, 72:26

Burgess, S. A.—The City of Our God, 222:15

Burgess, S. A.—The Holy Scriptures, 172:27

Burgett, Harold—A Reader Responds, 97:27

Burkart, Annette—Jesus Christ vs. Satan, 30:18

Burnett, Mrs. C. E.—How to Live and Love It, 189:4

Burns, Della—In the Service of Our Fellow Beings, 207:28

Burns, Della—My Beautiful Dream, 186:3

Burns, Eddie C.—Blessed through Administration, 202:18

Burns, Eddie C.—Through a Shepherd’s Eyes, 201:24

Burns, Gordon—A Man of His Word, 204:8

Burns, Gordon—Eternal Torment Is Real, 208:7

Burns, Gordon—Feast upon the Words of Christ, 227:6

Burns, Gordon—In the First Place Ye Shall Pray, 192:27

Burns, Gordon—Time for an Attitude Audit?  237:3

Burns, Terri—So Thankful He Speaks, 185:26

Burrow, Barbara—Grandma, He Is Still Alive, 91:2

Burton, Emma B.—Cheerful in Their Warfare, 101:13

Burton, Emma—A Visitation from Christ, 32:7

Burton, Emma—A Visitation of Christ, 92:3

Burton, Emma—The Gift of Tongues in Tahiti 150:19

Burton, Joseph—A Vision of the End, 160:22

Burton, Joseph—Zion During the Tribulation, 49:12

Burton, P. R.—Missionary Work Among the Indians, 51:7

Busey, Vera—Miracle in Saskatchewan, 74:11

Bushila, W. A.—Healing of an Epileptic Woman, 172:19

Bussell, Avis Smith—Baptized Again, 62:12

Butterworth, C. W.—A New Life Has Begun, 217:28

Butterworth, F. Edward—Visit to a Strange Tomb, 38:4

Butterworth, May Busby—How I Became a Latter Day Saint, 62:15

Byers, Ardene—“Master, How Many Times?” 209:3

Caffall, James—A Most Remarkable Case of Healing, 91:13

Cahow, Larry E.—Converted by the Book of Mormon, 103:24

Calahan, Gertrude—Wait upon the Lord, 138:21

Caldwell, Hugh—Adam Fell That Men Might Be, 154:28

Caldwell, Hugh—Awake, O Israel, Awake! 105:22

Caldwell, Hugh—Confess and Be Healed, 102:6

Caldwell, Hugh—God Shall Build Up the Waste Places, 74:14

Caldwell, Hugh—Labor for Zion, 98:12

Caldwell, Hugh—Many Are Called, but Few Are Chosen, 60:26

Caldwell, Hugh—Replace Anger with Meekness, 109:19

Caldwell, Hugh—Ten Reasons Why So Many Christians Love the Book of Mormon 147:27

Caldwell, Julie—God Blessed Our Family, 65:13

Campbell, Colette—Deliverance from Harm, 169:14

Campbell, Duncan—Awake to Build Zion! 142:9

Campbell, Joselyn—Orson Hyde's Mission to the Holy Land, 133:28

Campbell, Katrina—Night of Wonder, 134:26

Campbell, Katrina—Trials in Liberty Jail,152:28

Campbell, Marcia—Enjoying the True Church, 42:28

Canfield, Tim—The Titanic's Lessons for Today, 153:9

Capps, Chris—Every Step of the Way, 206:24

Carder, Shawn—In the Master's Hands 121:7

Carlile, Fisher H.—Converted Through the Book of Mormon, 35:13

Carlile, Fisher—A Self-Sustaining Missionary, 57:15

Carlsen, Wilhelm—The Book Is Divine, 88:12

Carlson, Richard—"How Great Thou Art,"156:23

Carmack, Clarence A.—Religion, 208:13

Carnahan, Thomas—College Near the Center Place, 91:25

Carr, Brad—Gratitude in Our Hearts, 181:7

Carr, Brad—Remaining True and Faithful, 198:6

Carr, Brad—What Manner of Men Ought Ye to Be? 221:21

Carr, Florence Gould—Converted by the Bible, 37:15

Carr, Florence Gould—The Conversion of George Luther Gould, 106:8

Carr, Sharon—A Blessing at Baptism, 192:2

Carr, Tim—It Is Time to Humble Ourselves, 217:21

Carr, Tim—Manifesting the Pure Love of Christ, 215:6

Carr, Tim—The Ministry of Reconciliation, 220:15

Carr, Tim—You Shall Have Peace in Me, 238:21

Carrick, Bert—This Is My Work, 12:21

Carrick, Dale E.—Make Move to Zion, 3:14

Carrick, Dale E.—O Come to My Temple, 174:32

Carrick, Dale—In the Presence of the Lord, 132:31

Carrick, Dale—The Lord Knew Where They Lived! 205:3

Carrick, Dale—Will You Answer? 140:9

Carrick, Pat—Are We Ready? 13/14:5

Carrick, Pat—Eyes on the Master, 38:7

Carrick, Pat—Faith Is Believing God, 2:18

Carrick, Pat—God Loves Me, 1:18

Carrick, Pat—God's Love for the People of Africa, 143:7

Carrick, Pat—Golden Threads in the Word of Wisdom, 34:9

Carrick, Pat—Hope, 11:18

Carrick, Pat—My Experience with Tongues, 12:22

Carrick, Pat—Prayer Is Talking with God, 6:18

Carrick, Pat—Repentance, 3:18

Carrick, Pat—Resurrection, 4:21

Carrick, Pat—Sharing the Message—"Jesus Is Coming!" 159:26

Carrick, Pat—Spiritual Keys to the Building of Zion, 62:9

Carrick, Pat—Trials to Strengthen Us, 69:15

Carrick, Pat—True Sacrifice—A Way of Life, 66:7

Carrick, Pat—Value of the Inspired Version, 57:10

Carrick, Pat—What Can/Should We Do? 178:12

Carter, Ora Beardsley—Are We Like Doubting Thomas? 212:14

Cartwright, Janet—A Boy's Faith, 40:23

Case, Alice Montague—Gems from the Life of Hubert Case, 224:24

Case, Alice Montague—Gems from the Life of Hubert Case, 225:21

Case, Alice Montague—God Increased the Food, 13/14:19

Case, Alice Montague—Missionary Experiences of Hubert Case, 82:12

Case, Hubert—A Missionary of the Church 147:12

Case, Hubert—Bake Me a Little Cake First, 54:28

Case, Hubert—Building on the Rock, 108:7

Case, Hubert—Fifty Years Under Church Appointment, 130:12

Case, Hubert—How Can We Redeem Zion? 78:21

Case, Hubert—Missionary Work Among the Indians, 51:6

Case, Hubert—My Brother's Keeper? 119:21

Case, Hubert—My Vision of the Three Nephites, 16:2

Case, Hubert—The People of the North Country, 69:12

Case, Hubert—The Red Man and His Problems, 174:12

Case, Hubert—The Springtime of the Restoration, 4:26

Case, Hubert—The Suppertime of the Lord, 98:10

Case, Hubert—Why People Join the Church, 177:12

Case, Oscar—A Servant Obeys God's Voice, 28:30

Case, Oscar—A Testimony That Lives, 222:2

Case, Oscar—How My Ministry Began, 116:24

Case, Oscar—I Baptized Grandma Shields, 81:12

Case, Oscar—The Story Is True, 109:31

Castillo, Manuel—A Plea for Honduras, 102:23

Castillo, Manuel—Called to Serve, 222:13

Castillo, Manuel—Six Standard Books, 164:13

Castillo, Mara—I Found the Gospel and Moved to Zion, 79:30

Castillo, Sharon—DNA and the Book of Mormon, 157:3

Castings, H.—My Introduction to the Church, 114:3

Castings, Henry—Experiences Which Have Strengthened Me, 230:7

Castings, Henry—Things I Did Not Like to Do, 155:21

Cato, Dennis O.—For Such an Hour As This, 39:6

Caywood, Charles, Sr.—I Was a Protestant Minister, 166:14

Cederstrom, Carl—A Firsthand Experience, 90:13

Cederstrom, Verna—Where Are the Watchmen? 28:3

Chambers, Hazel—John Ely Obeys the Gospel, 73:14

Chambers, Hazel—The Strength of Seven Men, 71:24

Chaney, Gayla—The Field Is White, 19:10

Chapman, A. H.—Keeping Our Covenant with God, 48:30

Charles Derry: Enlisted for Life, 162:10

Chartier, Beatrice—The Greatest Commandment, 28:19

Chartier, Beatrice—When the Lord Is with You, 25:22

Chase, A. M.—Apostasy—Departure from the Faith, 5:26

Chase, A. M.—His Works Follow Him, 84:26

Chase, A. M.—Our Ideals, 81:22

Chase, A. M.—Preach Only the Gospel, 24:11

Chase, A. M.—Sidney Rigdon and the Inspired Version, 51:28

Chase, A. M.—The Importance of the Inspired Version 137:24

Chase, A. M.—Zion Yet Shall Be, 45:23

Chelline, Warren H.—They Heard His Voice in America, 91:7

Chelline, Warren H.—Why Not Serve Him?  238:24

Chesworth, D. O.—Be Enthusiastic! 217:5

Chesworth, D. O.—Bear Down in Pure Testimony, 204:26

Chesworth, D. O.—Faith Without Works? 131:24

Chesworth, D. O.—How to Lose Church Members, 228:19

Chesworth, D. O.—My Call to Serve, 19:9

Chesworth, D. O.—My Testimony of the Restoration, 176:3

Chesworth, D. O.—The Voice of the Lord in the Wilderness, 115:12

Chesworth, Donald O.—Comfort Ye, 116:22

Chesworth, Donald O.—Jesus in Our Lives, 239:26

Chesworth, Donald O.—Stand True and Faithful, 114:24

Cheville, Roy A.—I Met Nauvoo, 153:26

Chorlton, Cyril—Born of Water, 45:11

Christensen, A. M.—Clothed with Mighty Power, 138:10

Christy, L. Eugene—Love for God, 24:27

Christy, Willis—My Search for the Kingdom, 25:21, 122:14

Church Reunions Past and Present,153:2

Clapp, J. C.—Beginning Work as a Missionary, 185:19

Clapp, J. C.—Care in Ordaining, 74:24

Clapp, J. C.—Finding the Reorganization, 123:15

Clapp, J. C.—Going to God in Earnest, 160:26

Clapp, J. C.—I Have Done What I Could, 122:19

Clapp, J. C.—Was Hawaii Peopled by Nephites? 161:9

Clapp, Joseph Carlos—Teach the Doctrine and Covenants, 56:10

Clark, Betty—Baby's Blessing, 46:5

Clark, C. W.—Admonition to the Priesthood, 36:13

Clark, C. W.—Being a Standard for the Lord, 125:19

Clark, E. O.—Is the Church Essential? 214:30

Clark, Gretta—A First-Generation Saint, 79:14

Clark, Gretta—He Served with Joy, 84:31

Clark, Gretta—No Greater Love, 75:3

Clark, Mrs. Fred S.—Heavenly Guidance, 55:31

Clark, Mrs. Fred S.—Strengthened by a Vision, 63:6

Clark, Thomas L.—Come, My People, 22:11

Clark, Walter L.—Free to Choose, 236:18

Clement, Mark—We Are Called to Be Saints, 137:9

Cler, Alice Elaine—Prayer + Faith = Miracles, 64:24

Cler, Alice Elaine—We Do Not Walk Alone, 78:24

Clifton, Lisa—Zionic Grandparents, 51:25

Cline, Edythe Woulters—My Thanks, 119:16

Cline, Edythe Wouters—I Wish, Dear Lord, 100:31

Cline, Edythe—For Times Like These, 54:27

Cline, Edythe—I Believe, 96:23

Clough, Raymond—Power Through Prayer, 12:12

Clough, Ray—Reunion Memories, 107:18

Clow, William—Converted by the Light of God, 15:6

Coffman, Angela—I Can Read Them Now! 210:18

Coffman, Cloyce—Our Sins Are Purged, 228:25

Coffman, Cloyce—Prepare Ye, Prepare Ye, 197:24

Coffman, Cloyce—Responding to God’s Call, 212:9

Coffman, Don—"I Am the Bread of Life," 155:28

Cogan, Don—God's Spirit Bore Witness, 175:7

Cohrt, F. E.—Singing a New Song, 189:13

Colman, Chris—To Be His Peculiar People, 241:24

Colville, Robert McCord—Apostle Oakman's Prayers Were Answered, 99:11

Condit, J. D.—Preaching in Bliss, 104:17

Coney, James—Principles of Repentance and Forgiveness, 220:24

Conn, Lori—Healed of Bulimia, 66:27

Connyers, Lucy—Thy Will Be Done, 87:19

Constance, Marguerite—A Golden Hour for Prayer, 90:15

Constance, Marguerite—It's the Little Things, 143:30

Conway, John T.—Deny Yourselves, 169:30

Conway, John T.—The Endowment: Are You Ready? 167:9

Conway, Violet—Basics of the Endowment, 13/14:20

Conway, Violet—Keeping the Word of Wisdom, 3:19

Conyers, Brenda L.—His Healing Light, 30:15

Cook, Kristin—God Protected Me, 104:24

Cook, Marcus H.—God Answers, 24:18

Cook, Marcus H.—Lela's Healing, 23:15

Cook, Marcus H.—My Problem with Baptism, 25:26

Coolman, Mic—Using Power from on High, 217:26

Coombs, Alma M.—Baptism of Fire, 226:12

Coonts, Melanie—A Healthy Appetite, 192:14

Coonts, Melanie—I Am Messiah, King of Heaven, 230:14

Cooper, John L.—Kirtland Temple Experiences, 54:8

Coose, Luanna—God Blessed the Sacrament Grapes, 83:25

Coppock, Carlyle E.—Every Soul—Precious in His Sight, 109:3

Coppock, Carlyle E.—Feed My Sheep, 112:27

Copus, Carole—God's Love for Me, 101:16

Copus, Russell L.—Where Is the Spirit? 95:12

Corbett, A. J.—Come unto Me, 193:18

Cornish, J. J.—Divine Healing, 86:18

Cornish, J. J.—Fifty Great Years, 51:23

Cornish, J. J.—God Healed the Child!154:9

Cornish, J. J.—I Obey the Gospel, 206:21

Cornish, J. J.—The Card Game I Didn't Play, 28:15

Cornish, John J.—Healed at Baptism, 36:8

Cornish, John J.—Light on the River Thames, 15:5

Cornish, Verle—Spiritual Preparation, 159:4

Cornish, Vernon—In Times of Crisis, 172:7

Cornish, Vernon—Repentance, 173:12

Costa, Albert, Jr.,—Remembering Christ During the Holidays, 92:28

Costa, Lila Price—The Faith of a Child, 58:25

Costa, Lila—Fall Afresh on Me, 24:29

Could You Have Written the Book of Mormon? 95:27

Courtney, Judy—Four Generations Attend Reunion Together, 96:9

Courtney, Tresa—Four Generations Attend Reunion Together, 96:9

Covey, Almira Mack—A Voice from the Past, 84:9

Cowdery, Oliver—A Statement of Belief, 163:25

Cowdery, Oliver—Called of God, 5:29

Cowdery, Oliver—Hill Cumorah and the Golden Plates, 48:5

Cowdery, Oliver—The Gospel from the Foundation of the World, 79:24

Cowdery, Oliver—The Plan of Redemption, 78:22

Cowdery, Oliver—The Three Witnesses, 45:6

Cox, David—"I Will Manifest Myself," 168:18

Craig, Sarah—A Vision in Australia, 72:20

Crandall, Donna—“I’m Only Human,” 235:18

Crawford, W. Wayne—My Experience in the Grove, 46:28

Crawford, Wayne—Be Ye Also Ready, 208:5

Crayne, Mabel Williams—A Blind Man Helped Build a Congregation, 56:18

Crayne, Mabel Williams—In My Father's House, 117:2

Cross, Mary Ann—The Truth Revealed, 177:18

Crownover, A. Orlin—Peace on Earth?  How? 236:7

Cryer, Walter H.—The Patriarchal Blessing, 73:20

Culp, Anna Nancy Fraccascia—God Changed My Plans, 106:14

Culp, Anna Nancy—The Lord Sustained Me Through My Sorrow, 81:9

Cummings, Gregg C.—Two Churches—The World's and God's, 141:9

Cunningham, Eldon R., III—A Child's Vision of Christ, 80:23

Cunningham, Norma—Miracles Today, 42:15

Currie, Mrs. O. A.—Faith for Our Time, 122:22

Curry, Earl R.—A Hallowing Spiritual Presence, 22:27

Curry, Earl R.—An Endowed Ministry, 65:20; 67:21

Curry, Earl R.—Counsel to the Priesthood, 53:3

Curry, Earl R.—Great Faith, 75:25

Curry, Earl R.—How the Lord Would Have Us Think and Feel about Zion, 79:19

Curry, Earl R.—In Garden of Gethsemane, 100:32

Curry, Earl R.—Nine Ways of Satanic Forces, 29:3, 100:14 

Curry, Earl R.—Passing through Judgments, 126:21

Curry, Earl R.—Perilous Times Must Come, 70:13

Curry, Earl R.—Prayer for an Endowed Ministry, 36:32, 180:25

Curry, Earl R.—Signs of the Times, 54:3

Curry, Earl R.—The Fire of the Holy Ghost, 86:3

Curry, Earl R.—The House of the Lord, 217:3

Curry, Earl R.—The Lord Shall Come to This Temple, 78:20, 199:3

Curry, Earl R.—The Lord's Thoughts about Zion, 68:14

Curry, Earl R.—The Lord's Return Nears, 17:25

Curry, Earl R.—The Lord's Magnificent Intention for Kirtland Temple, 76:5

Curry, Earl R.—The Realm of the Holy Spirit, 167:27

Curry, Earl R.—Toward Divine Endowment, 41:14

Curry, Earl R.—We Need to Have Great Faith 149:8

Curry, Earl R.—What Is an Endowed Ministry? 211:15

Curry, Earl R.—Womanhood, 9:29

Curry, Earl R.—Zion: Hope of the World, 39:3

Curry, Earl—A Vision of the Holy Spirit, 83:5

Curry, John and Dan Shirk—Lord, Lift Me Up, 32:9

Curry, L. F. P.—Abiding Faith in God’s Power, 229:27

Curry, L. F. P.—The Family in the Kingdom of Heaven and Christ’s Law of Sainthood, 222:6

Curry, Mary Margaret—Make Time for God, 86:19

Curtis, J. F.—My Church and My People, 8:19

Curtis, J. F.—Obedience to God's Law, 133:15

Curtis, J. F.—Proclaim the Gospel, 15:28

Curtis, J. F.—Speaking the Words of God, 44:19

Curtis, J. F.—The Family of God: Complete the Circle, 79:25

Curtis, J. F.—This Is My Work and My People, 109:15

Curtis, James F.—The Mission of Christ, 52:26

Curtis, James N.—Why I Go to Church, 129:7

Cushman, Samuel F.—I Found the Glorious Gospel, 45:30

Dake, Sarah Almira—Born of the Spirit of God, 181:21

Darby, Shirley—God Sent A Nephite, 13/14:17

Darling, Susan—God Gave Us Back Our Son, 80:24

Daugherty, James C.—Christ Is Divine, 13/14:6

Daugherty, James C.—A Code for Pastors, 106:11

Daugherty, James C.—A Growing Testimony, 205:13

Daugherty, James C.—God Has Not Left Me Alone, 191:3

Daugherty, James C.—Is Death the End? 162:24

Daugherty, James C.—Poor in Spirit, 22:19

Daugherty, James C.—Prayers of the Faithful, 42:20

Daugherty, James H.—As Different As Night and Day, 110:8

Daugherty, James H.—Ask with a Sincere Heart, 67:15

Daugherty, James H.—Never Without, 158:26

Daugherty, James, Jr.—I Heard the Flowers Sing, 52:18

Daugherty, James—Blessed Are They, 68:21

Daugherty, James—The Lord at Work in My Father's Life, 84:24

Daugherty, Marguerite—It Is True, 77-20

Davey, R. E.—A Priesthood Spiritually  Alert, 193:24

Davey, R. E.—The Pearl of Great Price, 189:7

Davey, Roscoe E.—A Priesthood Spiritually Alert, 186:27

Davey, Roscoe E.—No Longer Afraid,155:23

Davey, Roscoe E.—Why the Restoration? 1:12

Davey, Roscoe E.—Witnessing for Christ, 107:5

Davidson, Olive J.—The Ministry of Women, 9:20

Davies, Charles A.—Closed Doors, 238:25

Davies, W. V. (Bill)—By the Power of the Holy Ghost, 80:20

Davies, W. V. (Bill)—Faith in Jesus Christ, 92:14

Davies, W. V. (Bill)—Never Another Cup of Tea, 93:3 1

Davies, William V. “Bill”—The Simple Things, 219:2

Davis, C. F.—The Work of the Ministry, 45:18

Davis, C. F.—Come Ye Apart, 46:5

Davis, C. F.—Spiritual Accountability, 33:9

Davis, C. F.—Where Heaven Touches Earth, 36:28

Davis, Carol—Our 9/11 Testimony,157:10

Davis, Charles—Authority During an Apostasy, 50:30

Davis, Dwight D. W.—“Rise Up, O Men of God,” 240:12

Davis, Dwight D. W.—Belief or Conviction? 139:20

Davis, Dwight D. W.—How Firm a Foundation, 220:30

Davis, Dwight D. W.—The Price of Religious Complacency, 207:23

Davis, Florence M.—Holding a Treasure, 97:19

Davis, Florence—Baptized before Jesus Comes 148:10

Davis, Gwen—A Devoted Teacher, 51:21

Davis, Inez S.—Joseph Smith III, 76:9

Davis, Inez Smith—In the Days of Old Nauvoo, 88:28

Davis, John—Blessings in Time of Need, 64:28

Davis, Kip L.—Growing Up in Plano, 59:28

Davis, Mona—The Poor, but Rich in Faith, 220:25

Davis, Mona—The Transforming Power of Christ, 221:27

Davis, Mrs. A. E.—God's Healing Power, 50:13

Dawbam, Nelle—Let Us Sing, 31:12

Dawbam, Nelle—The Privilege of Service, 82:6

Dawbarn, Nelle and Sydney—We Gathered to Zion, 7:20

Dawbarn, Nelle—Light in the Midst of Darkness, 22:20

Dawbarn, Nelle—Our Spirits Live after Death, 25:18

Dawbarn, Sydney—Authenticity of the Book of Mormon 21:4

Dawbarn, Sydney—Don't Drop the Gospel, 13/14:10

Dawbarn, Sydney—Feed My Sheep, 22:9

Dawbarn, Sydney—Giving, 33:8

Dawbarn, Sydney—Joining the Church of His Choice, 18:10

Dawbarn, Sydney—More Light and Truth, 55:21

Dawbarn, Sydney—Taking the Gospel Seriously, 10:8

Dawbarn, Sydney—The Angel Message, 95:23

Dawbarn, Sydney—The Elder at the Steps, 50:15

Dawbarn, Sydney—What Lack I Yet? 68:26

Dawson, W. N.—A Vision of the Judgment, 159:19

Dawson, William A.—Blest in Very Deed, 18:9

Deam, W. H.—The Book of Mormon—Pure and Wholesome, 121:3

DeBarthe, Synthia—God's Power Displayed, 77:18

DeBarthe, Thomas W.—My Christmas Miracle, 159:8

Deitrick, Mark—My Testimony of the Gathering, 161:5

Deitrick, Wanda—Continuing Strength, 231:5

DeLap, Roy—My Yoke Is Easy, 28:26

DeLapp, G. L.—God's Purpose for Man, 130:14, 146:14

DeLapp, G. L.—Remembering, 167:5

DeLapp, G. Leslie—The Purpose of Church Organization, 177:21

Dempsey, Jerry—Closing Doors, 239:25

Derry, Charles—A Precious Jewel 70:25

Derry, Charles—A Spark of Faith Remained, 106:9

Derry, Charles—A Word to the Young Missionary, 132:22

Derry, Charles—Converted by a Vision, 90:30

Derry, Charles—Feed My Sheep, 75:12

Derry, Charles—God Hears and Answers, 105:21

Derry,  Charles—God Hears and Answers Prayers, 184:3

Derry, Charles—Joseph Smith—the Latter-Day Prophet, 123:24

Derry, Charles—The Angel Message, 110:13

Derry, Charles—The Holy Ghost Is Necessary for Salvation, 86:17

Derry, Charles—The Timing of the Second Coming, 72:5

Derry, Charles—Valiant for the Truth, 127:18

Derry, George—The Necessity of the Book of Mormon, 123:9

Derry, George—True and False Manifestations, 77:21

Devore, Ella R.—Directed by an Unseen Hand, 224:18

Dewsnup, Harold—Sanctification, 235:27

Dewsnup, Harold—Sanctification, 49:14

Dickson, Bob—The Angel Highway, 222:21

Dietiker, Priscilla Toomey—The Faith of a Child, 122:13

Dietrick, Mark—Profound Thankfulness and Love, 164:12

Diggle, Lottie Clarke—Divine Blessing, 36:27

Diggle, Lottie Clarke—Elder William John Cornish: He Kept the Faith, 211:21

Diggle, Lottie Clarke—Two Miracles, 32:13

Dillee, A. K.—Repentance, 234:30

Dippel, Frank H.—A Mighty Change, 195:24

Dodds, Dorothy M.—Concerning Our Children, 129:20

Dodds, H. B.—Defense Against Apostasy, 71:21

Dodds, H. B.—Of Whom I Am Chief, 52:6

Dodds, H. B.—We Will Follow None but Jesus, 64:12

Donovan, Gregory I.—The Tutoring Angel, 1:28

Dooley, Angela—God's Love Displayed, 102:14

Dotson, Alfa and Zenell—Come Out of Confusion, 59:3

Doty, Harry L.—Ten Suggestions for Prayer Meetings, 214:17

Dowhower, Trudy—Enduring Afflictions, 81:18

Downey, Lisa—A Rich Fellowship, 213:21

Downey, Lisa—Faith as a Little Child, 214:20

Downey, Lisa—God Speaks in Many Ways, 241:31

Downey, Lisa—So Easily Deceived! 236:3

Downs, Dave—I Found Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon, 95:13

Dream, A, 157:18

Drobny, Glenn—A Heavenly Messenger, 240:8

Drown, Roy W.—Zion Shall Be, 60:20

Drummond, Arthur (Bud)—Walking in  the Spirit, 194:9

Drummond, David Dwayne—"It Is Time to Prepare to Serve Me," 144:12

Duke, Carla Coppock—Worthy of Entering Zion, 113:13

Dunham, Glenna M.—Finding the True Church of Jesus Christ, 155:9

Dunlap, Annie—The Lord Keeps His Promises, 135:30

DuRose, Arthur H.—Let Us Use Our Talents, 117:30

Dutton, F. Carmain—This Is My Church, 39:14

Dutton, Jasper O.—Desire Spiritual Gifts, 15:19

Dutton, Jasper O.—Wonderful Are the Gifts, 181:2

Eads, Mrs. N.—There Is Power in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, 206:13

Easter, Christina—Let’s Teach the Truth, Not Fables, 212:25

Easter, Christina—Of Such Is the Kingdom, 145:8

Easter, Edna—Easter Means More to Me, 130:26

Easterling, Joe—My “Road to Damascus” Experience, 235:21

Eastin-Burkart, Marc—Charity:The Pure Love of Christ, 183:7

Eaton, M.—A Standard of Truth to God's People, 158:20

Eaton, Mary Page—To a Brighamite Friend in Utah, 139:21

Ebeling, Francis J.—The Marvelous Work of God, 205:15

Ecclestone, William—How I Found the True Church, 111:9

Edmunds, Mary—Ministers Must Be Called of God, 57:26

Edson, Jared D.—Missing Books from the Scriptures, 127:9

Edwards, F. Henry—What Reunion Can Do for You, 165:28

Edwards, James L.—Cease Murmuring, 84:12

Edwards, James L.—Restoration, 77:20

Edwards, James L.—The Angel Message Hymn, 13/14:29

Eichhorn, John—God Is True to His Word, 239:14

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