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Schroer, Ron—My Testimony of the Restoration, 98:26
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Sharp, LaMearl—Fullness of Joy, 57:20
Sharp, LaMearl—How Jesus Dealt with Temptation, 63:18
Sharp, LaMearl—How Much Am I Worth? 64:21
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Sheehy, John F.—Working for the Lord, 242:20
Sheehy, John—My First Missionary Experience, 231:18
Sheets, Vassie Z.—Faith, Power, and Action, 89:3
Sheets, Vassie—Prayer, 217:2
Sheldon, Louise P.—The Greatness of the Book of Mormon, 31:2; 67:2
Shepard, Frank—The Great Physician, 164:21
Sherer, Dan—Nephi—A Stalwart of the Faith, 89:6
Sherer, Dan—The First Hurdle—Being of One Heart, 91:3
Sherman, Mrs. Bert—Come Up Higher 147:31
Sherman, Mrs. Bert—Evidence of the Truth, 72:26
Sherman, Mrs. Bert—The Faithful Will Arise, 50:19
Shickley, Ruby—Led to Safety, 39:18
Shimel, Jim—Standing Fast, 204:14
Shimel, Pat—Building Blocks, 124:27
Shinabargar, Curtis—God Came into My Soul, 114:22
Shipley, Lois Q.—Blessed by the Word of Wisdom, 79:18
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Sign That Parchment! 48:8
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Sindt, Alicia—Grandpa's Vision of Zion, 98:22
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Sindt, Alicia—Thanking God in All Things, 183:14
Skidmore, Marjory—The Restoration Means Everything to Me, 239:31
Slagor, Chet—God Preserved Our Lives, 223:12
Slasor, Robert O.—Zion Shall Flourish, 17:8
Slauter, Ed—Airborne Seeds of Faith, 73:24
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Smejkal, Mrs. S. F.—Prepare for the Wonders of Eternity, 236:18
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Smith, Alan—We're Calling the Story "Trey's Miracle" 150:6
Smith, Alexander H.—Called of God, 5:30
Smith, Alexander H.—Go Up and Take Your Place, 234:3
Smith, Alexander H.—Leave the Results in God's Hands 151:27
Smith, Alexander Hale—God Sent a Complete Healing, 70:20
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Smith, Alexander Hale—Without Purse or Scrip, 100:15, 101:22
Smith, Colleen—My Miracle Child, 204:3
Smith, Connie—First Love, 194:12
Smith, David H.—“Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant,” 238:27
Smith, David H.—David Smith Writes Against Polygamy, 33:27
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Smith, David Hyrum—Woodland Path, 137:32
Smith, Delbert D.—The Translation of the Book of Mormon, 47:5
Smith, Doug—A Gift of Tongues, 157:14
Smith, Doug—Do We Need to Change Bosses? 196:15
Smith, Doug—God’s Amazing Love for Us, 242:15
Smith, Doug—I Told My Mother I No Longer Believed in God, 222:22
Smith, Doug—My Vision of Zion, 161:7
Smith, Doug—Rita's Faith, 174:11
Smith, Doug—Stand As Witnesses, 167:21
Smith, Doug—The Protection of Angels, 209:12
Smith, Doug—What Is It Going to Take to Have Zion? 241:9
Smith, Elbert A. and Smith, Israel A.—The Sacrament of Marriage 153:12
Smith, Elbert A.—A City Set on a Hill, 235:28
Smith, Elbert A.—A Little Sermon on Feet, 106:25
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Smith, Elbert A.—A New Spiritual Order, 202:3
Smith, Elbert A.—A Remarkable Healing, 21:2
Smith, Elbert A.—A Strong City, 31:8
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Smith, Elbert A.—America in Prophecy, 43:7
Smith, Elbert A.—An Ounce of Mother, 55:12
Smith, Elbert A.—And So They Went to Zion, 207:21
Smith, Elbert A.—Approaching a Patriarchal Blessing, 213:31
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Smith, Elbert A.—How Shall We Preach Jesus? 32:8
Smith, Elbert A.—How Shall We Save the Church? 66:9
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Smith, Elbert A.—I Will Preach! 117:3
Smith, Elbert A.—I'll Go Where You Want, 25:19
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Smith, Elbert A.—In the Valley of Decision, 11:19
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Smith, Elbert A.—Laying on of Hands, 36:26
Smith, Elbert A.—Live the Gospel, 67:27
Smith, Elbert A.—Love, 143:14
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Smith, Elbert A.—Put Your Hand to the Plow, 155:12
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Smith, Elbert A.—Remember Christ Always: Keep His Commandments, 95:19
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Smith, Elbert A.—The Lord Uses the Young as Well as the Old to Fulfill His Purposes, 154:2
Smith, Elbert A.—The Prodigal Son's Brother,122:5
Smith, Elbert A.—The Prophet's Warning to America, 13/14:43
Smith, Elbert A.—The Prophets Bore Witness of Christ, 88:8
Smith, Elbert A.—The Restoration Movement, 96:5
Smith, Elbert A.—The Resurrection and the Eternal Judgment, 12:24
Smith, Elbert A.—The Rock, the Builder, the Material, 127:14
Smith, Elbert A.—The Sacrament, 169:7
Smith, Elbert A.—The Stewardship of Priesthood, 43:3
Smith, Elbert A.—The Three Books, 138:28
Smith, Elbert A.—The Three Books of the Church, 167:6
Smith, Elbert A.—The Twenty-Third Psalm, 89:28
Smith, Elbert A.—The Unchangeability of God, 64:7
Smith, Elbert A.—The Vision of Zion, 65:9
Smith, Elbert A.—The War between Christ and Antichrist, 199:28
Smith, Elbert A.—The Word of the Lord, 37:5
Smith, Elbert A.—To Conference in a Covered Wagon, 168:5
Smith, Elbert A.—Tribute to the Smith Family 185:5
Smith, Elbert A.—Two Elect Ladies,125:5
Smith, Elbert A.—Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church, 183:9
Smith, Elbert A.—Use and Abuse of Spiritual Gifts, 6:10
Smith, Elbert A.—What Did Jesus Preach? 38:27
Smith, Elbert A.—What Good Thing Shall I Do? 172:5
Smith, Elbert A.—What We Expect from Priesthood, 185:12
Smith, Elbert A.—Witnesses for Jesus, 80:18
Smith, Elbert A.—Witnesses for the Restoration, 3:7
Smith, Elbert A.—Workers Together with God, 68:6
Smith, Elbert A.—Yesterday's Prophecy Is Today's History, 160:15
Smith, Elbert A.—Your Reasonable Service, 161:12
Smith, Elbert A.—Zion in Your Home, 74:12
Smith, Elbert A—I Have Many Forces at Work, 234:24
Smith, Flora—My Family's Conversion, 18:30
Smith, Frederick A.—A Missionary's Son in the Early Reorganization, 101:10
Smith, Frederick A.—Be a Light to the World, 233:7
Smith, Frederick A.—Direct from God, 10:28, 215:15
Smith, Frederick A.—Experience in Eternity, 24:6
Smith, Frederick A.—Gifts of the Everlasting Gospel, 7:30
Smith, Frederick A.—Saved at Sea, 74:12
Smith, Frederick A.—The Restoration's Second Century, 100:21
Smith, Frederick A.—We Must Be a Peculiar People, 125:14
Smith, Frederick M.—In Harmony with Past Revelation, 44:3
Smith, Frederick M.—In His Own Way, 164:3
Smith, Frederick M.—Priesthood Responsibilities, 197:14
Smith, Frederick M.—Service—A Basic Principle of Christianity, 85:28
Smith, Frederick M.—Some Things a Member of the Priesthood Should Know, 167:24
Smith, Frederick M.—The Gathering, 19:3
Smith, Frederick M.—The Location of Zion, 27:5
Smith, Frederick M.—Tribute to the Smith Family, 185:5
Smith, Glaude A.—Christ, the Sure Foundation, 153:21
Smith, Glaude A.—Share the Glad Tidings, 43:26
Smith, Glaude A.—The Worth of Souls, 103:16
Smith, H. Alan—Glad Tidings of Great Joy, 134:9
Smith, H. Alan—How Are You Known? 167:2
Smith, H. Alan—Needed: A Changed Heart, 142:18
Smith, H. Alan—Surprised by the Truth, 182:3
Smith, H. Alan—The Power of Giving Thanks, 129:14
Smith, H. Alan—Your Ark of Testimony, 157:15
Smith, H. H.—The Testimony of David Whitmer, 104:27
Smith, Heman C.—Blots, 224:3
Smith, Hyrum O. The Stewardship of Behavior, 175:21
Smith, Hyrum O.—Preaching Christ, 234:26
Smith, Hyrum O.—The Stewardship of Behavior, 231:9
Smith, I. M.—The Book of Mormon Vindicated, 81:5
Smith, Inez—Confirmation of the Call, 169:3
Smith, Irene A.—Kirtland Temple—The Place of Endowment, 6:4
Smith, Israel A. and Elbert A. Smith—The Sacrament of Marriage 153:12
Smith, Israel A.—A Special Witness, 47:27
Smith, Israel A.—A Sealed Book, 62:21
Smith, Israel A.—A Tribute to My Fathers, 89:24
Smith, Israel A.—An Inquiry into Facts, 180:21
Smith, Israel A.—Authority: Its Use and Abuse, 59:7
Smith, Israel A.—Authority—Its Use and Abuse, 9:3
Smith, Israel A.—Book of Mormon Editorship, 46:9
Smith, Israel A.—Book of Mormon Credibility, 215:28
Smith, Israel A.—David Whitmer and the Whitmer Heirlooms, 80:26
Smith, Israel A.—God Set the Pattern, 13/14:32
Smith, Israel A.—No Proof of Polygamy, 135:19
Smith, Israel A.—The Acceptable Year of the Lord, 128:3
Smith, Israel A.—The Book of Mormon Language, 132:19
Smith, Israel A.—The Communion Covenant, 9:8
Smith, Israel A.—The Inspired Version, 167:15
Smith, Israel A.—The Return, 158:21
Smith, Janie—God Helps Through Trials, 28:2
Smith, Jared—Justification and Sanctification, 195:15
Smith, Joseph III—Article on Marriage Missing from Utah Book of Covenants, 143:26
Smith, Joseph III—"Bearding the Lion," 143:24
Smith, Joseph III—A Dream Regarding the Plano Church, 237:24
Smith, Joseph III—A Godly Walk, 71:18
Smith, Joseph III—Abuse of Priesthood, 24:26
Smith, Joseph III—Are We Close Communionists? 103:21
Smith, Joseph III—Authority of the Elders, 41:3
Smith, Joseph III—Be Ye Steadfast, 86:14
Smith, Joseph III—Better Manners in Worship Services, 154:3
Smith, Joseph III—Counsel to the Remnant, 39:9
Smith, Joseph III—Crossing the Mississippi, 141:5
Smith, Joseph III—Do Your Best for Christ, 32:20
Smith, Joseph III—Gift of Tongues, 6:12
Smith, Joseph III—God Works Through Dreams, 13/14:35
Smith, Joseph III—God's People Are Sovereign, 57:8
Smith, Joseph III—Know the Truth, 4:24
Smith, Joseph III—Last Testimony of Sister Emma, 96:12
Smith, Joseph III—Laying on Hands for Ordination, 83:12
Smith, Joseph III—Leave the Results in God's Hands 151:26
Smith, Joseph III—Meeting Together Often, 82:21
Smith, Joseph III—Not My Will, but Thine, 54:18
Smith, Joseph III—Priesthood 147:2
Smith, Joseph III—Priesthood Rights and Duties, 125:9
Smith, Joseph III—Remember Nauvoo, 70:5
Smith, Joseph III—Revelation, 165:18
Smith, Joseph III—Testimony of the Inspired Version, 137:26
Smith, Joseph III—The 1884 Reunion, 102:5
Smith, Joseph III—The Book of Mormon Manuscript, 50:27
Smith, Joseph III—The Church at Plano, 59:28
Smith, Joseph III—The First General Epistle of the President of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 130:5
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Smith, Joseph, Jr.—Many Called—Few Chosen, 163:6

Smith, Joseph, Jr.—Remember Thy Church, O Lord, 27:21

Smith, Joseph, Jr.—Seeing the Book of Mormon Plates, 157:5

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Smith, Joseph, Jr.—The Book of Mormon Comes Forth, 3:4

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Smith, Lucy Mack—An Exciting Journey to Kirtland, 135:27

Smith, Lucy Mack—I Saw Joseph and Hyrum in Vision, 104:12

Smith, Lucy Mack—Joseph Smith Moves to Kirtland, 99:12

Smith, Lucy Mack—The Printing of the Book of Mormon, 69:5

Smith, Lucy Mack—The Smiths at Palmyra, 47:28

Smith, Lucy Mack—The Whitmer Home: A Cradle of the Restoration, 66:3

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Smith, Lyle—Suffering Leads to Perfection, 76:12

Smith, Lynn E.—Testimonies of the Fathers, 2:9

Smith, Lynn E.—Tribute to the Smith Family 185:5

Smith, Lynn E.—What Did Joseph Smith Teach? 57:28

Smith, Mildred Nelson—Angels Carried the Bus, 102:9

Smith, Mildred Nelson—Flight of Joy, 168:26

Smith, Mildred Nelson—Not by Commandment...but by Revelation, 131:26

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Smith, Mildred—My Vision of Zion, 161:8

Smith, Nathan—Love Ye Me and Love All People, 233:11

Smith, Ron—George Didn't Speak English, 157:11

Smith, Ron—The Kingdom Is Yours, 163:21

Smith, Rosamond—A Personal Knowledge of the Restoration Movement, 88:14, 113:10

Smith, Ruth Thompson—My Old, Old Path 147:11

Smith, S. S.—Our Need for Spiritual Life, 8:9

Smith, S. S.—Stand Up for Righteousness, 76:24

Smith, Sherrie D.—Thy Kingdom Come, 36:19

Smith, Sherrie Kline—Debunking the DNA Question, 152:5

Smith, Sherrie Kline—Naught Can Harm, 50:12

Smith, Sherrie Kline—Wanted: Converted Minds, 54:6

Smith, Sherrie—Look for the Beautiful, 173:13

Smith, Steven—Serve in Sincerity and Truth, 181:19

Smith, Steve—Centered on Jesus Christ, 227:19

Smith, T. W.—Authority to Lay on Hands 147:9

Smith, T. W.—Rewarded for Her Sacrifice, 180:6

Smith, Todd—This Is My True Church, 3:18

Smith, Vida E.—Alexander Hale Smith—Son of the Prophet, 98:24

Smith, Walter W.—God Came to the Rescue, 152:21

Smythe, Sharon—The Love of Christ, 135:26

Snively, Clarence—Divine Intervention, 56:15

Snively, D. P.—A Vision of Zion, 16:9

Snively, H. N.—Converted by a Dream, 31:30

Snively, Kathy—Lead Us, O Lord, We Pray, 50:19

Snively, Kathy—Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled, 38:24

Snively, Kathy—Repent! 24:18

Snively, Kathy—The Blessing of the Little Children, 53:32

Snively, Kathy—The Lord's Hands, 29:18

Snively, Kathy—Train Up a Child, 41:23

Snively, Kathy—When the Cup of Iniquity Is Full, 35:9

Snively, Mrs. Clarence—God Blessed Us Richly, 68:13

Snively, Vance G.—Embrace The Truth, 43:10

Snyder, DeEtta Lafferty—A Healing for Karen, 103:8

Somers, Brian—As in the Days of Noah, 77:3

Sommerfield, Mrs. M. A.—A Testimony of Conversion, 207:10

Sooter, O. R.—How I Became a Latter Day Saint, 144:3

Sorden, D. B.—The Businessman As a Christian, 128:28

Sorden, D. B—Plenty of Speckled Axes, 209:19

Sorden, Dan B.—Christian Giving, 66:14

Sorden, Dan B.—Convictions—Not Opinions, 226:26

Sorden, Dan B.—Demands and Supplies, 221:2

Sorden, Dan B.—Our Weeping Savior, 106:30

Sorden, Dan B.—Spiritual Treason, 48:3

Sorden, Dan B.—The Everlasting Gospel, 224:27

Sorden, Dan B.—Walking with God, 229:3

Sorden, Dan B.—Why Men Fail, 225:11

Sorden, Irene Butler—The Healing of Dan Sorden, 141:7

Sorensen, G. D.—Keep the Commandments, 34:2

Sorensen, Gwen—God Chose My Husband, 93:24

Sorensen, S. K.—Apostasy and Priestcraft, 60:5

Sorensen, Vivian C.—Go Back to Marshalltown! 120:18

Sorensen, Vivian C.—That's Your Boy! 117:8

Sorensen, Vivian—A Spiritual Witness of the Book of Mormon, 187:5

Sorensen, Vivian—An Apparition to the Arabs, 161:14

Sorensen, Vivian—His Arm Is Not Shortened, 72:28

Sorensen, Vivian—Inspired Message, 165:2

Sorensen, Vivian—Miracles in Australia, 76:28

Sorensen, Vivian—Spiritual Treasures in the Restoration, 7:13

Sorensen, Vivian—The Lord's Hand Is Not Shortened, 21:22

Sorensen, Vivian—What Would Jesus Say? 99:3

Spargo, Edwin—Take No Offense, 206:8

Spargo, Edwin—The Solemnities of Eternity, 199:7

Speer, Ruby R.—With Power and Much Assurance, 139:26

Spencer, Everett D.—For the Last Time, 139:9

Sperry, Chuck—The Lord Has Been So Good to Us, 154:15

Sperry, Margaret Farley—I Was Invited to Church, 171:21

Spessard, Jennifer—God's Help in School, 34:3

Spicer, Lew—The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, 185:3

Spiritual Strategy, A, 194:20

Sprague, Ray—Live for the Cause of Christ, 59:11

Squire, Mrs. LeRoy—Emotional Balance in the Home, 174:9

Stafford, Dale—Abiding in Charity, 229:12

Standards for Sainthood, 176:26

Stanistreet, A. E.—Be Ye Doers of the Word, 135:14

Stark, Helena—A Message of Reassurance, 33:15

Stark, Helena—God Brought Me into the Fold, 185:30

Stark, Kathe—I Listened and Obeyed, 76:14

Stayton, Jim—His Voice, 6:18

Stayton, Manley D., Sr.—The Light Turned On, 16:14

Stead, J. D.—Purposes of the Book of Mormon, 41:26

Stead, J. D.—The Book of Mormon, 133:9

Stebbins, H. A.—Caught Up to the King’s City, 186:30

Stebbins, H. A.—The Lord Directs His Work, 33:11

Stebbins, Henry A.—In the Dark and Cloudy Day, 130:9

Stebel, John—Spared to Preach Again, 132:17

Stenseth, June V.—The Faith of a Child, 49:15

Stephenson, Mike—A Wise and Faithful Steward, 184:9

Stephenson, Mike—Anger:  Its Causes and Cures, 211:24

Stephenson, Mike—Moving from Faith  to Charity, 193:9

Stephenson, Mike—Obstacles in Our Search for Zion, 223:21

Stephenson, Mike—Preparation Is a Lifestyle—Not an Event, 200:14

Stephenson, Mike—Repent and Turn unto God, 206:15

Stephenson, Mike—Standing Fast in Liberty, 199:19

Stevens, Karen—A Reasonable  Service, 193:5

Stevens, Thelona D.—After the Many Testimonies, I Testify, 190:19

Stevens, Thelona D.—Danger—Beware of Pride 146:9

Stevens, Thelona D.—Do Not Answer in Kind, 60:13

Stevens, Thelona D.—Do We Bow with the Storms? 57:3

Stevens, Thelona D.—Fasting: Who? How? Why? 142:14

Stevens, Thelona D.—Freedom for All People, 110:25

Stevens, Thelona D.—Fulfillment for Israel, 6:28

Stevens, Thelona D.—Let There Be Light, 115:18

Stevens, Thelona D.—One in Mine Hand, 154:24

Stevens, Thelona D.—One in Mine Hand, 9:24

Stevens, Thelona D.—The Cleansing Power of Christ 147:24

Stevens, Thelona D.—The Inspired Version, 113:21

Stevens, Thelona D.—The Language of the Book of Mormon, 122:15

Stevens, Thelona D.—The Most Ancient Scriptures, 10:19

Stevens, Thelona D.—The Word of Wisdom Works, 2:14

Stevens, Thelona D.—We Teach Our Children, 12:19

Stevens, Thelona D.—Word of Wisdom Heights, 20:6

Stevens, Thelona—Evil Spirits, 210:24

Stevens, Thelona—The Background of the Inspired Version, 93:15

Stevens, Thelona—The Valley Will Bloom Again, 77:28

Stevens, Thelona—White Shoes 150:25

Stevenson, Brett—God Seeks a Humble People, 130:15

Stevenson, Charlotte J.—Emma Smith Bidamon—An Exceptional Woman, 159:18

Stiegel, Winifred—A Godly Walk and Conversation, 103:25

Stiegel, Winifred—A Prayer at Dawn, 89:12

Stiegel, Winifred—A Special Blessing, 96:19

Stiegel, Winifred—An Angel's Commands, 95:14;

Stiegel, Winifred—Come unto Zion, 191:29

Stiegel, Winifred—The Great Commandment, 90:8

Stiegel, Winifred—What Do You Mean When You Take the Sacrament? 155:30

Stobaugh, Charles R.—God Took Away My Tobacco Habit! 105:31

Stoddard, Linda—Feed My Sheep, 187:32

Stoft, Arthur E.—Repentance, 22:6

Stone, Ernie—Purpose of Life and Belief in God, 118:21

Stoner, Betty—Why Tarriest Thou? 235:6

Stoner, Shirley—The Beemer Family Accepts the Gospel, 131:12

Storm, Gary—God Will Take Care, 95:17

Story, Ed—Heed the Master’s Voice or Suffer, 218:24

Stowell, Addie Spaulding—Enter into His Rest, 184:18

Stowell, Addie—A Child's Heritage, 168:7

Strain, J. S.—God Gives the Power to  Comprehend the Truth, 194:2

Strand, Ruby—Christ, the Perfect Teacher, 114:30;

Strand, Ruby—Our Need of Each Other, 122:9

Strand, Ruby—Peaceable Followers of Christ, 110:11

Stranger in Your Midst, The, 132:24

Struzick, Tom—How Committed Are We? 205:5

Stuart, Sue—God Had His Arm Around Dad, 206:17

Stubbart, J. M.—Incurable Girl Healed, 79:31

Stubbart, John H.—Victory Through Christ, 29:15

Stuve, Oskar—The Working of the Holy Ghost, 141:21

Suiter, Connie—I Know Who Holds the Future, 162:3

Swackhamer, Elijah—The Church in Maine—1844, 188:2

Sweet, G. L.—Working Together in Faith and Love, 214:18

Tandy, Cheri Lee—God's Hand, 55:8

Tandy, Jon—Always Remember 147:21

Tandy, Jon—Jonathan Edwards and the Restoration of the Church, 76:18

Tandy, Jon—The Restoration Scriptures Three-in-One, 220:19

Tandy, Jon—To Establish the Truth, 87:17

Tandy, Phil—A Bible for Verne James, 84:11

Tappan, William B.—'Tis Midnight, 64:32

Tary, O. J.—Are You Narrow-Minded? 215:22

Tary, O. J.—Feeding the Church, 81:24

Tary, O. J.—Is One Church Better? 26:23

Tary, O. J.—Latter-Day Leaders, 114:6

Tary, O. J.—No Compromise No Appeasement, 41:30

Tary, O. J.—Obedience to God's Word, 67:18

Tary, O. J.—Power in the Gospel Principles, 42:12

Tary, O. J.—Power of the Written Word, 48:23

Tary, O. J.—Prophecy and Revelation, 32:9

Tary, O. J.—Questions and Answers about Baptism, 36:30

Tary, O. J.—Teamwork of Faith and Works, 224:6

Tary, O. J.—The Book of Mormon, 195:7

Tary, O. J.—The Church and Her Foundation, 52:24

Tary, O. J.—The Divine Judgment, 187:21

Tary, O. J.—The Gospel—The Power of God, 212:21

Tary, O. J.—The House Divided, 66:24

Tate, Nahum—While Humble Shepherds Watched, 44:32

Taylor, Amie—Asking a Question Can Change Your Life, 110:23

Taylor, Arthur B.—The Man of Galilee, 30:5

Taylor, Bessie—A Spiritual Voice, 1 13:18

Taylor, Bessie—Peace in the Home, 101:7

Taylor, Bessie—The Book of Mormon Message, 204:7

Taylor, Ida Scott—We'll Scatter Good Seed, 103:28

Taylor, Madelyn—The Blood of Christ, 50:14

Teal, Rhoda—The Joy of Conversion, 60:12

Teeple, David—If Not You, Who?  If Not Now, When?  240:21

Terry, Mike—One with Christ Jesus, 227:3

Terry, Mollie—Break the Bread, 11:14

The Only Living Witness in 1881, 163:27

The Whitmer Family, 154:26

Think Not When You Gather to Zion, 149:2

This is Restoration Voice—for 40 Years!  240:3

Thomas, Clara—A Broken Jaw, 122:23

Thomas, Clara—A Confirming Testimony, 51:26

Thomas, Clara—A Gift for Everyone, 44:15

Thomas, Clara—A Wicked and Foolish Man, 90:26

Thomas, Clara—Christ in Us, 174:27

Thomas, Clara—Developing Godly Love, 92:12

Thomas, Clara—God Will Supply What We Lack, 117:25

Thomas, Clara—Healing Hands, 42:15

Thomas, Clara—Healings Through Prayer, 59:14

Thomas, Clara—It Was My Spirit, 83:17

Thomas, Clara—Mighty Prayer for Zion, 126:19

Thomas, Clara—Results of a Broken Promise, 88:8

Thomas, Clara—Thanks to Prayer, 29:3

Thomas, Clara—The Mysterious Minister, 39:26

Thomas, E. H.—South American Names Establish the Truth of the Book of Mor mon, 101:5

Thomas, J. Floyd—Build a Foundation, 38:5

Thomas, Mrs. J. H.—Blessings of Healing, 145:3

Thomas, Regan—Our Words of Faith, 202:18

Thomas, Riane—Increasing My Faith, 186:14

Thomas, Sylvia—Intifada and the Prince of Peace, 70:12

Thomas, Sylvia—Stop Defiling the House of the Lord, 56:26

Thomas, Tommy—It’s in the Book!, 220:12

Thompson, Gertrude Ludy—My Prayer Is Answered, 228:23

Thompson, Gertrude Ludy—Repentance after Death, 44:13

Thompson, Gertrude—A Mighty Man of Faith, 117:9

Thompson, Gertrude—Divine Protection, 82:27

Thompson, Gertrude—The Faith of Enos, 120:14

Thompson, Mildred—A Lesson in Honesty, 13/14:24

Thompson, Mildred—A Missionary's Bravery, 57:24

Thompson, Mildred—A Pioneer Family's Faith, 38:12

Thompson, Mildred—Amanda's Bravery, 44:12

Thompson, Mildred—God Heard My Prayer, 21:18

Thompson, Mildred—God Provided, 27:15

Thompson, Mildred—New Missionary Shoes, 6:21

Thompson, Mildred—Passing on Our Heritage, 29:15

Thompson, Mona—Four Generations Attend Reunion Together, 96:9

Thompson, Pauline—A Vision of the Father and Son, 42:26

Thornton, F. E.—Prayer—A Way of Life, 180:26

Three Great Reasons to Read the Book of Mormon, 162:32

Tiffey, Rick—In Everything Gives Thanks, 219:15

Tinkham, Ruby—Faith Hungry, 1:21

Tinkham, Ruby—Faith Hungry, 213:18

Tinkham, Ruby—What I Expect of My Religion, 174:19

Tinkham, Ruby—Zionic Materials, 178:18

Tipton, Mae—106 Years of Growth, 118:25

Toliver, Steve—To Go or Not to Go, 160:14

Tompkin, Della—It Was Not My Time, 124:3

Toon, Ruby—The Valley of Indecision, 215:8

Torsch, Lena—I Was a Good Lutheran, 192:26

Trask, Paul—The Parable of the Ten Virgins, 43:28

Treat, Mary Lee—Another Wise Purpose, 25:30

Treat, Mary Lee—No Erasers, 21:8

Treat, Mya L.—Older Youth/Young Adults Make Trip to Nauvoo, 81:28

Treat, Raymond C.—Chiasms Help Prove the Book of Mormon, 27:12

Treat, Raymond C.—Eleven Unique Events, 35:14

Treat, Raymond C.—Jaredite Influence on the Chinese Language, 55:18

Treat, Raymond C.—Mesoamerican Archaeology and the Book of Mormon, 11:28

Treat, Raymond C.—Our Key to the Future, 50:21

Treat, Raymond C.—Wordprints, 39:21

Trembath, W. J.—Preaching the Gospel, 153:19; 154:22

Tripp, Lloyd—ln Defense of Joseph, 113:28

Troth, Lawrence H.—The Worth of Souls, 59:27

Troth, Lawrence—Spiritual Experiences, 26:20

Tucker, John—Evidences of God’s Promises, 181:31

Turley, Anson—She Helped Build a Branch, 40:31

Turner, Ed—Bring Forth Fruit for the Harvest, 242:26

Turner, Michelle—A Sign of God’s Love, 183:11

Turner, Ronald M.—The Lord Shall Fulfill His Promises, 129:28

Turner, Stephanie—God’s Divine Protection, 216:14

Ullom, Lorenzo D.—The Early Church in Wheeling, 179:19

Ulrey, Shirley—God Forgave Me, 11:13

Ultican, Helen Lundeen—Hebraisms in the Doctrine and Covenants, 45:10

Ultican, Helen R.—God Turns Trials into Testimonies, 115:6

Ultican, Helen R.—His Words Shall Not Pass Away, 111:7

Ultican, Helen R.—Salvation Can Come Only Through Christ, 108:3

Ultican, Helen—Sharing the Book of Mormon, 121:18

Ultican, Helen—Spiritual Power in Music, 84:6

Ultican, Helen—Thanks in All Things, 142:8

Ultican, Helen—What in the World Are You? 131:20

Ultican, Tom—They Shall Cast Out Devils, 43:20

Van Biber, Terry—I Was Given a Choice! 206:18

Vance, Mrs. Margaret—Real Homes, 29:20

VanCleave, Fred—The Lord Carried Me to Safety 148:14

Vander Zwaag, Mike—The Gift of Life, 139:19

Vanderwood, J. E.—Am I My Brother's Keeper? 177:25

Vanderwood, J. E.—The Challenge of Sharing the Gospel, 122:10

Vanderwood, J. E.—The Gospel of Progress, 188:18

Vanderwood, J. E.—The Gospel of Courage, 115:25

Vanderwood, J. E.—The Handicap of Tradition, 173:19

Vanderwood, J. E.—The Missionary Message, 129:24

Vanderwood, J. E.—The Renewing of Life, 187:19

Vanderwood, John E.—The Righteous Are Not Forsaken, 59:12

VanSyve, Addie C.—Our Resolve, 212:8

Varner, Linda—Saved from the Sea, 24:15

Vaughn, George W.—No Book to Take Lightly, 103:9

Velt, Harold I.—The Use of the Book of Mormon in Missionary Work, 180:5

Velt, Harold I.—A Healing in Australia, 161:17

Velt, Harold I.—America As Revealed by the Book of Mormon, 108:5

Velt, Harold I.—Ancient America and the Islands of the Sea, 143:21

Velt, Harold I.—Eternal Living Today, 92:15

Velt, Harold I.—Fasting in the Larger Sense, 185:22

Velt, Harold I.—For This I Am Truly Thankful, 128:15

Velt, Harold I.—For What Should We Fast? 179:21

Velt, Harold I.—In Contrast, 208:10

Velt, Harold I.—Living Faith, 232:12

Velt, Harold I.—More Vocal Prayer, 24:30

Velt, Harold I.—Praying Vocally, 215:9

Velt, Harold I.—Reunion Experiences, 217:30

Velt, Harold I.—The Book of Mormon in Missionary Work, 183:21, 184:26

Velt, Harold I.—The Place of Fasting, 177:4

Velt, Harold I.—The Work of the Spirit in Transforming Lives, 234:14

Velt, Harold I.—Trust in My Strength Alone, 238:6

Velt, Harold I.—When Was Jesus Born?  214:2

Velt, Harold I.—Your Redemption Draws Nigh, 7:26

Velt, Mrs. H. I.—A Good Example, 119:15

Vick, Barbara—Come, Ye Thankful People, Come, 110:6

Vick, Barbara—The Precious Angel Message, 111:12

Vick, Randy—Blessed Are the Peacemakers, 136:24

Vickerman, Thanna—A Testimony of Song, 13/14:24

Vickers, Beverly—It Was God Who.... 115:23

Vickers, Beverly—Truth, 145:25

Vickery, Mrs. Lewis—May We Keep Our Tongues Consecrated, 209:7

Vogel, Lawrence—Putting First Things First, 228:6

Volskay, Dale—Obeying the Lord's Voice, 138:26

Volskay, Dale—The Faith of a Five-Year-Old Boy, 139:14

Vreeland, Glenn—I Just Want to Be with You, 89:18

Vun Cannon, Joan—I See the Scriptures Brought to Life, 159:31

VunCannon, Carl, Jr.—The Declaration of Independence and the Kingdom of God, 84:5

VunCannon, Carl, Jr.—Thy Will Be Done, 78:14

Wakeman, W. E.—Observing the Sabbath Day, 215:24

Wakeman, W. E.—What Is Truth? 155:24

Wakeman, Wilfred E.—What I Believe, 223:24

Walker, Beverly—God's Protection and Comfort, 139:18

Walker, Brenda—Hitting Bottom and Overcoming, 138:3

Walker, Marietta—Safety with the Lord, 158:7

Walker, Marietta—Trust in the Living God, 156:24

Walker, Marietta—Who May Answer? 165:15

Walker, Mark—A Prodigal Son, 186:12

Wallar, Alice Montague—Recipe for Happiness, 220:23

Wallis, C. B.—The Narrow Path That Leads to the Top, 42:25

Walton, Margaret—He Walks with Us Still, 34:28

Wandell, Charles W.—Called of God, 5:30

Ward, Charles Edgar—Convert Your Companion, 106:27

Warner, Sharon—A Computer Found Joshua's Missing Day, 90:22

Warner, Sharon—Be Ready When God Calls You into Service, 242:3

Warner, Sharon—Blessings Require Accountability, 103:14

Warner, Sharon—Great Are God’s Blessings, 222:12

Warner, Sharon—The Ancient City of Ubar, 91:20

Warner, Sharon—The Two Great Commandments, 117:24

Warner, Sharon—Thin Metal Foil Found in Peru, 133:24

Warner, Sharon—When I Survey the Wondrous Cross, 124:5

Warnock, Jennifer—The Power of God's Love 150:8

Washington, George—"My Country, 'Tis of Thee" 159:3

Watson, Beverly—A Parable of the Bottles, 209:8

Watson, Beverly—Are We Not All Beggars? 202:12

Watson, Tikva—Discovering Hope, 239:9

Watts, Mary—We Should Be Shocked! 136:14

Watts, Tom—Being Set Up for Success, 230:15

Watts, Tom—Let Go of the Controls! 150:14

Watts, Tom—Ordinary People in an Extraordinary Situation, 228:15

Waylett, Harry K.—Memories of Joseph Sandige, 142:20

Webb, Lillie—This Is My Church, 97:16

Weddle, Donna—The Cost of a White Robe, 165:26

Weddle, Donna—The Mutuality of Marriage, 166:9

Weiss, William—Blessings from the Lord, 223:20

Weldon, Jeanette—Be Comforted, 48:18

Weldon, Roy E.—A Look to the Future, 23:24

Weldon, Roy E.—Abide the Day of My Judgment, 164:22

Weldon, Roy E.—All-outs and Hold-outs, 6:3

Weldon, Roy E.—An Admonition, 181:12

Weldon, Roy E.—Archaeology Points to the Restoration, 3:26

Weldon, Roy E.—Becoming Spiritually Fit, 4:6

Weldon, Roy E.—Biblical Evidences Pointing Toward the Book of Mormon, 13/14:38

Weldon, Roy E.—Climbing the Mountain, 196:24

Weldon, Roy E.—Climbing the High Hill to Zion, 111:15

Weldon, Roy E.—Fasting, 197:9

Weldon, Roy E.—God's Concern, 19:18

Weldon, Roy E.—Higher Ground, 138:12

Weldon, Roy E.—I Am a Witness, 131:15

Weldon, Roy E.—Joseph's Land and the Flock of Joseph, 103:5

Weldon, Roy E.—My Well Is Deep, 177:14

Weldon, Roy E.—Out of Weakness, 189:26

Weldon, Roy E.—Study Your Contract, 59:19

Weldon, Roy E.—Sunrise or Sunset? 18:29

Weldon, Roy E.—The Book of Mormon and the Restoration Movement, 123:21

Weldon, Roy E.—The Book of Mormon and the Restoration of Israel 151:5

Weldon, Roy E.—The Book of Mormon Proves Joseph Smith a Prophet, 97:21

Weldon, Roy E.—The Call to Preach, 187:14

Weldon, Roy E.—The Golden City, 50:26, 116:5

Weldon, Roy E.—The Highway to Zion, 5:9

Weldon, Roy E.—The Mountain Utters Speech, 128:27

Weldon, Roy E.—The Need for Scripture Study, 11:22

Weldon, Roy E.—The Peruvian Pottery Blessing, 48:27

Weldon, Roy E.—The Purposes of God,  194:24

Weldon, Roy E.—The Shepherd's Staff in Ancient America, 105:5

Weldon, Roy E.—The Word of Wisdom and the Mountain of the Lord's House, 49:9

Weldon, Roy E.—Time Is Running Out! 12:5

Weldon, Roy E.—Too Little, Too Late, 118:15, 119:18

Weldon, Roy—Clothing for the Soul, 91:30

Weldon, Roy—God Courts the Souls of Men, 222:26

Weldon, Roy—Our Need for Prayer, 231:27

Weldon, Roy—Spiritual Gold, 56:21, 145:9

Weldon, Roy—The Bird with the Broken Wing, 226:27

Weldon, Roy—The Book of Mormon Is True, 82:5

Weldon, Roy—The Book of Mormon and the Restoration, 223:27

Weldon, Roy—The Power of Prayer, 233:9

Weldon, Roy—Three Levels of Living—Three Levels of Reward, 230:21

Weldon, Roy—Time Is Running Out! 227:15

Weldon, Walter—Things to Come, 26:21

Wellman, W. T.—A Testimony, 5:19

Wellman, W. T.—What Are Your Intentions? 5:19

Wells, Dorothy May—Why Do Ye Wander? 30:7

Wells, Gomer R.—Can Truth Be Refuted? 223:7

Wells, Gomer R.—Good News: The Gospel of Restoration, 16:3

Wells, Gomer R.—He Is Risen, 106:3

Wells, Gomer R.—The Truth of the Resurrection, 214:4

Wells, Gomer R.—They Saw a Light and Heard a Voice, 71:20

Wells, Nancy—Scrambled Books of the Book of Mormon, 9:18

Wettengel, Elsie G.—Converted to the True Church, 78:27

What Did Nephi See? 234:20

What Is a Reunion? 171:28

Wheatley, Virginia—God Blesses in Spite of Suffering, 78:13

Wheatley, Warren—God Will Redeem His Church, 138:9

Wheeler, Carl F.—The Book of Mormon Versus Polygamy, 144:27

Wheeler, Clara M.—Line upon Line, Precept upon Precept, 124:21

Wheeler, Gary—God's Ways Are Higher, 9:19

Wheeler, Preston, M.—The Lord's Supper, 19:4

Whenham, William S.—The Inspired Version—A Guidepost of the Kingdom, 55:9

Whipple, Harry—Meditations on Zion, 196:3

Whipple, T. G.—Instantly Healed! 136:8

Whipple, Thomas G.—The Exact Amount, 99:14

White, Alfred—The Lord's Purpose, 31:3

White, Alfred—Zion's Redemption, 9:10; 160:19

White, Ammon—Both Hands in His, 209:20

White, Ammon—Both of Your Hands in Mine, 105:13

White, Delores—Thy Will Be Done, 66:26

White, I. N.—A Merciful Preparation, 60:19

White, I. N.—Fall into Line! 78:6

White, I. N.—This Church Will Triumph, 237:12

White, Isaac N.—Sent Forth to Minister, 18:25

White, Jeanette—A Wonderful Memory 42:3

White, Jeanette—An Inspired Dream, 48:15

White, Leland—An Immediate Healing, 169:6

White, Leonard N.—A Vision of the Endowment, 23:28

White, Mrs. William G.—Having Reunion All the Time, 216:12

White, Mrs. William S.—The More Abundant Life, 236:6

Whitehead, James—Never Deny the Work of God 147:15

Whitehead, Louis—Walk in the Light, 210:5

Whiting, Evlyn—Have You Ever Heard the Master? 49:13

Whiting, Evlyn—The Troubled Waters, 53:28

Whiting, Evlyn—The Victory Is Won, 189:12

Whiting, Gary R.—Blessing of Children, 59:5

Whiting, Gary R.—The Sea of Galilee, 119:2

Whiting, Gary—The Flashlight, 176:6

Whiting, Lloyd A.—God's Intervention, 22:24

Whiting, Ray—An Evidence of Divine Protection, 121:19

Whiting, Ray—Faith Toward God, 190:22

Whiting, Ray—Firstly, the Rich, 106:26

Whiting, Ray—Make Jesus Our Lord, 140:14

Whiting, Ray—My Friend Time, 108:14

Whiting, Ray—Repentance from Dead Works, 198:4

Whiting, Ray—Serving Others, 234:7

Whiting, Ray—The Doctrine of Baptisms, 184:19

Whiting, Ray—The Religious Significance of the Depression, 187:27

Whitmer, David—The Three Witnesses, 45:6

Whitney, Maud Preston—Blessed with Healing, 117:5

Whittemore, Flo—Our Hope of Zion, 210:21

Who Is the Most Important? 54:24

Wight, C.E.—The Power of Pentecost, 53:5

Wight, J. W.—A Prophecy at Reunion, 153:3

Wight, J. W.—Admonition and Promise, 186:20

Wight, L. S.—Preach Christ! 192:9

Wilcox, O. R.—His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful, 218:12

Wilcox, Orrin R.—In Patience Possess Your Souls, 105:30

Wilcox, Pearl—Buying the Stone Church Site, 29:2

Wilcox, Pearl—Joseph Luff—He Trusted God, 129:9

Wilcox, Pearl—Joseph Smith III: A Study in Integrity, 126:9

Wilder, Edna J.—Planned Purpose and Action, 219:28

Wildermuth, J. E.—Be Ye Perfect, 129:5

Wildermuth, J. E.—What Is the Gospel? 175:24

Wildermuth, Jerome E.—Why Should  We Be Religious? 193:12

Wildermuth, Ruth—The Stone Church at Plano, 118:29

Wiley, Glen—God's Power, 12:14

Wilkinson, Barbara Smith—Doers of the Word, 68:23

Wilkinson, Barbara Smith—Keep Your Repentance Fresh, 64:14

Wilkinson, Barbara Smith—Opportunity to Assist Will Have Passed, 99:7

Wilkinson, Barbara Smith—Regular Attendance, 85:24

Wilkinson, Barbara Smith—The Lord Provides, 97:12

Wilkinson, Barbara Smith—Your Bosom Shall Burn, 60:21

Wilkinson, Max—The Frog and the Snake, 226:25

Williams, D. J.—The Sacrament—Life or Death, 49:4

Williams, D. T.—God's Divine Plan vs. Satan's Scheme, 72:9

Williams, D. T.—Gog and Communism, 18:12

Williams, D. T.—I Will Build My Church, 12:6

Williams, D. T.—Mother's Testimony of the Book of Mormon, 2:21

Williams, D. T.—The Church's One Foundation 150:9

Williams, D. T.—The Deity of Jesus, 16:25

Williams, D. T.—The Enemy of Constitutional Government, 96:15

Williams, D. T.—The Latter-Day Kingdom, 49:28

Williams, D. T.—The Organization of the Church, 64:4

Williams, D. T.—Two Honest Men, 107:12

Williams, D. T.—What Is My Destiny? 137:12

Williams, E. Merton J.—Fulfillment of a Divine Promise, 224:14

Williams, J. R.—Take Up the Mighty Weapons of God! 112:18

Williams, J. W.—Why I Became a Latter Day Saint, 99:9

Williams, Joe—Being One in Christ, 214:6

Williams, Josephine—Life’s Journey, 213:20

Williams, Kay—Aided an Angel, 234:19

Williams, Kay—Thy Will Be Done, 186:31

Williams, T. W.—Natives Need the Gospel, 51:9

Wilson, Gary—It Could Not Be Explained, 156:19

Wilson, Gary—My Vision of Zion, 161:18

Wilson, Linda J.—I Wonder, 98:16

Wilson, Pat—To Be Her Husband's Strength, 20:26

Wilson, Samuel D.—The Faith of a Little Child, 136:23

Winegar, Donald—In the Service of God 146:26

Wineteer, E. Jane—Be Ye Perfect, 72:6

Wineteer, E. Jane—Beloved Saints,126:18

Wineteer, E. Jane—I Will Give Away All My Sins to Know Thee, 90:21

Wineteer, E. Jane—Jesus Is the Word, 75:26

Wineteer, E. Jane—Lay Hold upon Every Good Gift, 93:18

Wineteer, E. Jane—Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room, 74:8

Wineteer, E. Jane—Let the Little Ones Come unto Me, 86:12

Wineteer, E. Jane—My Grandmother's Gift, 77:23

Wineteer, E. Jane—Nephi's Psalm Carries a Message of Joy, 80:22

Wineteer, E. Jane—This Is Zion, the Pure in Heart, 85:19

Wineteer, E. Jane—Ye Are Clean but Not All,127:26

Winkler, Gordon—God's Great Homecoming, 152:24

Winkler, Gordon—The Power Within Us, 164:9

Winkler, Gordon—The Wisdom of Solomon, 159:21

Winslow, Wanda—He Is Coming! 25:21

Winslow, Wanda—To Glorify My Loving Father, 7:12

Wiseman, Christopher—Carrying Unneeded Baggage, 234:28

Wiseman, Rick—Coming into Christ’s Church, 222:14

Witt, Betsy—God Caught My Attention, 87:16

Witt, Elmer—God’s Healing Power, 240:27

Wixom, G. H.—The True Gospel Can Be Defended, 185:27

Wolfe, Mrs. Ray A.—How I Found Christ’s Church, 209:14

Wonsey, Pearl—He Is a Rewarder, 97:20

Wood, Florence E.—God's Healing Power, 74:22

Wood, Mrs. Fred—Spiritual Hunger Satisfied, 31:18

Woodell, Ruby—Truth of the Book of Mormon, 38:19

Woodward, Edna—Restored from a Stroke, 75:15

Woolery, Eric—Moments that Define, 235:7

Worden, Marie—A Blessing in Mexico, 131:5

Worth, John W.—A Vision of Christ, 13/14:37

Worth, William, Jr.—Are We Ashamed of Jesus Christ? 209:13

Worth, William, Jr.—Eternal Judgment, 225:24

Worth, William, Sr.—The Restoration, 227:16

Woslum,  Lulu B.—I Rejoice over God’s Blessing, 204:25

Wright, Charles H.—The Power of Prayer, 173:26

Wright, Janice C.—Secure in His Loving Hands, 141:12

Wyand, Ruberta—God Is Ever Caring, 85:8

Wyatt, Geraldine—George Washington—Servant of God, 63:26

Wyatt, Geraldine—Unity, 213:30

Wyatt, Geraldine—Washington—A Man of God, 93:3

Wyatt, Roy A.—A Recovery Through Faith, 98:20

Yager, Floyd—The Lord Is in Control, 120:11

Yale, Alfred—The Way to Salvation, 218:30

Yates, Vida E. Smith—The Old, Old Path, 32:14

Yates, Vida E. Smith—Writing “The Old, Old Path,” 233:5

York, Mrs. Jessie—A Precious Experience, 229:14

Young, Betty—God Performed a Miracle on Me, 144:7

Young, Fred L.—Christ Brought Hope, 188:5

Young, Fred L.—Family Prayers, 239:24

Zerr, Byrna S.—Behold Your King! 38:6

Zerr, Byrna S—True to His Promise, 113:4

Zerr, Byrna—The Tree of Life, 55:25

Zerr, Mrs. C. M.—God’s Blueprint for Wives, 214:26

Zerr, Mrs. C. M.—God's Blueprint for Wives, 176:24

Zerr, Mrs. C. M.—Is Your Inspired Version on a Shelf? 16:22

Zinser, Raymond D.—How Much Love? 210:15

Zinser, Raymond D.—Zion: By Our Total Obedience, 173:7


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