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Fangboner, Jeanne—Chains of Darkness, 118:14

Fangboner, Jeanne—Needed: A Time to Rest, 141:14

Fangboner, Jeanne—Words Alive! 152:18

Fannon, E. S.—I Longed to Be Baptized, 121:11

Farley, David Matthew—Jesus Answers My Prayers, 17:18

Farley, India Margaret—The Kingdom in One Generation, 209:25

Farley, J. Robert—Painting Lehi Discovers the Liahona, 42:9

Farley, Margaret—The Church Is So Important, 208:12

Farmer, Mae E.—Wayne Finished His Chores, 69:24

Farnham, Mrs. Robert—I Share My Husband's Ministry, 170:27

Farrell, Ralph W.—The Water of Life, 117:21

Farrow, Percy E.—Giving Thanks Always for All Things 146:18

Farrow, Percy E.—The Gift and Power of the Holy Spirit, 116:27

Farthing, Laura E.—The Cross Is Not Greater than His Grace, 129:27

Faulds, Minnie B.—Healed through Obedience, 128:12

Faunce, Ruby C.—Mark H. Forscutt, 187:26

Fender, Retta—A Piece of Steel or Scrap Iron? 169:2

Ferdig, Vicki—My Vision of Zion, 175:5

Ferris, Deam H.—The Covenant and the Bow, 213:5

Fewell, Magzona—God's Healing Power, 116:3

Fishburn, E. Robert—Publishing the Book of Doctrine and Covenants, 178:28

Fishburn, Edwin Robert—Personal Fitness for Worship, 17:10

Fishburn, Edwin Robert—Why Should We Evangelize? 113:25

Fishel, Ruby—Why I Am a Latter Day Saint, 90:14

Fishwild, Megan—Thank You, Father! 229:7

Fleming, Gayle—Peace Which Only God Can Give, 216:18

Flenniken, V. S., Jr.—Finding the True Church, 217:14

Flowers, L. E.k—What Manner of Disciples Are We? 190:9

Fohrman, Viola—Cheer and Gratitude, 73:15

Ford, Ed, Sr.,—Faith to Move Mountains, 108:12

Forscutt, Mark H.—A Tribute to Emma, 155:4

Fountain, Jan Norris—Coming to Love the Book of Mormon, 121:30

Fountain, Jan—Quench Not the Spirit, 77:27

Fowler, George—New Eyes for Robert, 58:7

Francis, Melvin E.—The Great Awakening, 152:9

Frater, Alan S.—Called of God, As Was Aaron, 119:14

Frater, Nettie—Why I Believe in the Restored Church, 7:22

Freeman, Emma V.—Fern Believed, 33:18

Freeman, Emma V.—The Family Altar, 225:28

Freeman, Emma V.—The Fullness of the Gospel, 216:6

Freeman, Emma V.—The Songs of Zion,  189:28

Freeman, Emma V.—What Makes Prayer Service Worthwhile? 172:3

Freeman, Mrs. C. B.—A Covenant of Fasting, 220:18

Freeman, Mrs. C. B.—Blessings of Faith, 117:31

Freeman, Mrs. C. B.—Born of Water and the Spirit, 210:2

Freeman, Mrs. C. B.—Knowing God, 217:19

Freeman, Mrs. C. B.—Separation from Christ, 200:6

Freeman, Mrs. C. B.—The Gospel Seed Enlarges Our Understanding, 123:20

Freeman, Mrs. C. B.—Trust in the Lord, 47:26

Freeze, Susan—God Gives Us What We Need, 232:18

Freeze, Susan—Relying on His Spirit, 233:31

Frick, Clara M.—God's Celestial Love, 8:30

Friend, Dan—Brothers in Christ, 186:19

Friend, Glen L.—Shepherds of the Flock, 97:28

Friend, Glen—A Trophy or Love? 152:7

Friend, Lynda—Secret Combinations and Destruction in the Last Days, 79:22

Friend, Lynda—The Book of Mormon and Secular Humanism, 58:19

Friend, Myrtle—Another Witness, 54:25

Frinsthal, Paul—Do Not Procrastinate the Day of Repentance, 152:19

Frisbey, Dennis—Lost Sheep Guided Home, 17:19

Fry, Charles—An Illustration of the Law of Consecration, 164:24

Fry, Charles—Apostasy, 23:11

Fry, Charles—Appearances of Christ after His Resurrection, 190:2

Fry, Charles—Christ's Mission to All Men, 165:21; 166:21

Fry, Charles—Discernment of Spiritual Forces, 25:24

Fry, Charles—Divine and Satanic Healing, 205:9

Fry, Charles—Fifty Years Together, 215:3

Fry, Charles—Given of the Lord, 16:24

Fry, Charles—Joseph Smith vs. the Reformers, 39:23

Fry, Charles—Manifestations of the Spirit of God, 200:26

Fry, Charles—My Neighbor and I, 111:5

Fry, Charles—Qualifications for Service, 160:28

Fry, Charles—Sanctification, 195:14

Fry, Charles—The Book of Mormon’s Message to America, 203:9

Fry, Charles—The Inspired Version, 120:29

Fry, Charles—The Nature of the Sacrament, 102:26

Fry, Charles—The Patriarchal Blessing, 198:15

Fry, Charles—The Tribulation and Zion, 13/14:34

Fry, Charles—The Universal Church? 8:3

Fry, Charles—The Word of Wisdom, 206:9

Fry, Charles—Why We Practice Close Communion, 212:18

Fry, Evan A.—A Judgment on Work, 178:17

Fry, Evan A.—A More Excellent Way, 187:24

Fry, Evan A.—A Peculiar People, 10:12;

Fry, Evan A.—A Teacher That Needed Not to Be Taught 150:28

Fry, Evan A.—All Things unto Me Are Spiritual, 129:26

Fry, Evan A.—Authority to Represent God, 70:9

Fry, Evan A.—Be Not Tossed To and Fro, 191:21

Fry, Evan A.—Be Ye Also Ready, 161:15

Fry, Evan A.—Bearers of Christ's Authority, 99:15

Fry, Evan A.—Beware of False Prophets, 33:12

Fry, Evan A.—Bible Prophecy Foretells the Book of Mormon, 121:21

Fry, Evan A.—Come to the Feast, 103:17

Fry, Evan A.—Continue in My Word, 15:12

Fry, Evan A.—Differences That Identify, 190:15

Fry, Evan A.—Don't Court Danger! 127:23

Fry, Evan A.—Evidences of Apostasy, 26:10

Fry, Evan A.—Faith and Works, 156:21

Fry, Evan A.—Fences That Christians Straddle, 52:19

Fry, Evan A.—Forgetting the Past, 236:5

Fry, Evan A.—Go Out from Among Them, 54:30

Fry, Evan A.—God’s Payday, 222:5

Fry, Evan A.—Grieve Not the Holy Spirit, 201:12

Fry, Evan A.—Historicity of the Resurrection, 238:30

Fry, Evan A.—How to Know Christ’s Church, 189:24

Fry, Evan A.—How to Tell a Christian, 185:24

Fry, Evan A.—How Will the Kingdom Come? 235:25

Fry, Evan A.—I Am Not Ashamed, 110:24

Fry, Evan A.—Joseph Smith, Jr., Did Not Teach nor Practice Polygamy, 106:19

Fry, Evan A.—Joseph Smith Was a True Prophet, 66:19

Fry, Evan A.—Joseph’s Land, 179:28

Fry, Evan A.—Let Nothing Separate You, 223:13

Fry, Evan A.—Like a Father, 123:14

Fry, Evan A.—Man's Free Agency, 6:6

Fry, Evan A.—Mistakes in the King James Version, 240:15

Fry, Evan A.—My Belief Matters, 227:21

Fry, Evan A.—My Belief Does Matter, 64:9

Fry, Evan A.—Nauvoo—The City Beautiful, 139:28

Fry, Evan A.—None Other Name, 204:21

Fry, Evan A.—Our Belief about Priesthood, 144:8

Fry, Evan A.—Our Belief in the Resurrection, 124:7

Fry, Evan A.—Partaking of the Lord's Supper, 3:13

Fry, Evan A.—Priesthood or Priestcraft? 7:11, 53:25

Fry, Evan A.—Purposes of Zion, 48:21

Fry, Evan A.—Reconciling Offenses, 239:19

Fry, Evan A.—Results Follow  Obedience, 194:21

Fry, Evan A.—The Antiquity of the Gospel, 5:22

Fry, Evan A.—The Atonement, 22:13

Fry, Evan A.—The Bible and the Book of Mormon, 197:2

Fry, Evan A.—The Book of Mormon Clarifies Doctrine, 192:15

Fry, Evan A.—The Book of Mormon in Prophecy, 153:5

Fry, Evan A.—The Christ of the Old Testament, 62:27

Fry, Evan A.—The Deceitfulness of Sin, 67:19

Fry, Evan A.—The First Christmas in America, 110:27

Fry, Evan A.—The Forgiveness of Sin, 214:15

Fry, Evan A.—The Glorious Resurrection of Christ, 136:9

Fry, Evan A.—The Gospel of the Kingdom, 85:15

Fry, Evan A.—The Historicity of the Resurrection, 40:6

Fry, Evan A.—The Kingdom Within, 231:13

Fry, Evan A.—The Land of Zion, 1:10

Fry, Evan A.—The Leaven of the Kingdom, 207:25

Fry, Evan A.—The Millennial Reign, 226:21

Fry, Evan A.—The Millennium, 169:25

Fry, Evan A.—The Name of the Church, 13/14:12

Fry, Evan A.—The Prophecies of Joseph Smith, 213:12

Fry, Evan A.—The Restoration, 118:8

Fry, Evan A.—The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, 88:2

Fry, Evan A.—The Signs of the Times, 205:21

Fry, Evan A.—The Source of Spiritual Light, 137:8

Fry, Evan A.—The Teachings of the Book of Mormon, 218:27

Fry, Evan A.—The Unfruitful Fig Tree, 216:27

Fry, Evan A.—The Web of Affairs, 230:5

Fry, Evan A.—The Wheat and the Tares, 170:21

Fry, Evan A.—The Work of the Holy Spirit, 119:26

Fry, Evan A.—The World’s Most American Book, 208:21

Fry, Evan A.—There Is Life after Death, 84:18

Fry, Evan A.—There Was an Apostasy! 17:28

Fry, Evan A.—These Signs Shall Follow, 9:14

Fry, Evan A.—This One Thing I Do, 175:26

Fry, Evan A.—Three Levels of Happiness, 49:26

Fry, Evan A.—Up-to-Date Idolatry,  193:21

Fry, Evan A.—Was Joseph Smith a Prophet? 184:15

Fry, Evan A.—We Believe in the Holy Spirit, 141:15

Fry, Evan A.—We Believe in the Resurrection, 112:5

Fry, Evan A.—We Need the Book of Mormon, 209:21

Fry, Evan A.—What Are You Worth? 140:12

Fry, Evan A.—What Is Man? 202:24

Fry, Evan A.—What Is Priesthood Authority? 115:30

Fry, Evan A.—What Latter Day Saints Believe about Faith, 135:21

Fry, Evan A.—What Latter Day Saints Believe about Modern Revelation, 149:26

Fry, Evan A.—What Latter Day Saints Believe about the Apostasy, 109:21

Fry, Evan A.—What Was Lost in the Apostasy? 188:24

Fry, Evan A.—When Is a Good Man Bad? 65:24

Fry, Evan A.—Who Are Unsavable Souls? 242:24

Fry, Evan A.—Who Needs to Repent? 196:12

Fry, Evan A.—Why Did Joseph Smith Read James 1:5? 195:5

Fry, Evan A.—Why We Need the Book of Mormon, 12:8

Fry, Evan A.—Young Joseph Rebuilds the Church, 105:18

Fry, Frank A.—Our Father, 40:25

Frye, Abbie—I Will Not Leave You Comfortless, 141:8

Frye, Abbie—Prepared for His Gospel 149:14

Frye, Frank Evan—A Special Meeting after Many Years 148:9

Frye, Frank Evan—Creationism and the Gospel, 92:20

Frye, Frank Evan—Here I Stand, 65:9

Frye, Frank—Reasons to Read the Book of Mormon, 85:27

Frye, Mary Beth—Help in Time of Trouble, 77:25

Frye, Mary Beth—Keeping Our Eyes on Christ, 70:28

Frye, Mary Beth—Zion Will Be! 58:20

Frye, Sariah—What Will Happen to America? 88:10

Frye, Virginia—Survivors of an Explosion, 144:4

Fuller, Mrs. D. A.—God's Power, 32:24

Fuller, Tom—In Kirtland Temple, 24:22

Fyrando, Alma M.—Ever Faithful, 91:21

Gabriel, Gerald—In the Protection of His Grace, 135:13

Galbraith, Madelyn—We Are Building Landmarks, 101:21

Galway, Desma H.—What I Believe about Religion, 198:2

Galway, Desma—Tests of Discipleship, 202:19

Gamble, Beth—Satan Could Not Tempt Them, 15:14

Gamble, Ron—A Confirmation of My Dream, 190:3

Gamble, Ron—Counsel from on High, 165:14

Gamble, Ron—Hearken to the Voice of the Good Shepherd, 174:28

Gamet, Mrs. Lillian—Walking in the Light, 170:14

Gardner, J. A.—Achievements of the Church, 127:12

Gardner, J. A.—The Spirit of the Restoration, 20:18

Gardner, Vera—God Stilled My Fears, 88:25

Gargus, James H.—I Will Teach the Gospel, 45:9

Garn, Hannah—My Testimony, 223:15

Garrison, Bette J.—Meditations on the Twenty-third Psalm, 123:28

Garver, J. F.—Righteousness Exalteth a Nation, 232:19

Garver, John F.—Called to Be Shepherds, 30:30

Garver, John F.—Christ's Coming in Glory, 82:26

Gatrost, Archie—Testimony of the Ring, 198:13

Gatrost, Ben—A Living Sacrifice, 231:24

Gatrost, Ben—The Whole Armor of God, 220:9

Gatrost, Floyd A.—The Gospel Is a Source of Joy, 102:28

Gatrost, Julie—The Power of Confirmation, 73:19

Geno, Kendal—A Call to Arms! 162:26

George, Mary—The Sabbath, 139:13

George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation, 134:5

Gibbs, Arthur F.—“We Have Not Followed Cunningly Devised Fables,” 178:9

Gibbs, Arthur F.—God Answered My Prayer, 124:20

Gibbs, Arthur F.—Our Convictions of Jesus Christ, 42:21

Gibbs, Arthur F.—Salvation's Door, 22:26

Gibbs, Arthur F.—The Only New Year Worth Having, 20:11

Gibbs, Arthur F.—The Voice of the Waves of the Sea, 182:15

Gibbs, Verla—Four Generations Attend Reunion Together, 96:9

Gibson, Margaret W.—I Have Power to Take It up Again, 76:27

Gibson, Margaret W.—Joseph Smith's Innocence, 41:9

Gibson, Margaret W.—Protestant Unity—A Death Warrant, 34:30

Gibson, Margaret W.—The True Significance of Fasting, 99:21

Gibson, Margaret W.—There Is a Way, 77:12

Gibson, Margaret W.—Zion—Now or Never? 7:25

Gibson, Margaret—Baptism for the Eight Year Old? 2:19

Gibson, Margaret—God Moves in a Mysterious Way, 122:26

Giertz, Bob—Willingness to Forgive, 137:21

Giertz, Robert E., Jr.—Repentance Brought Fulfillment, 51:12

Giertz, Robert E., Jr.—The Ministry of Women, 54:21

Gilberts, Elliott—Miracle in the Foyer, 172:23

Gillard, Geoffrey—An Adventurous Religion, 112:3

Gillard, Geoffrey—As a Burning Fire! 101:28

Gilmore, David—Emmanuel, God with Us, 237:7

Gilmore, David—For My Holy Name’s Sake, 199:15

Gilmore, David—The Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon, 158:9

Gilmore, David—The Hope That Is Within Us, 224:19

Gilmore, David—We Are Undeniably Accountable, 207:8

Gilstrap, W. H.—In the Light of the Gospel, 173:24

Glamstad, E. Roy—And Be Ye Thankful 146:24

Glaser, Edward A.—Am I Worthy to Partake? 128:6

Gleazer, E. J., Jr.—A Day for Boldness, 3:24

Gleazer, E. J., Sr.—Building the Walls of Zion, 13/14:18

Gleazer, E. J., Sr.—Called to Build the Kingdom of God, 4:10

Gleazer, E. J., Sr.—Let Nothing  Separate You, 193:7

Gleazer, E. J., Sr.—Save Us, Lord, 42:30

Gleazer, E. J., Sr.—The Truth Shall Make You Free, 233:27

Gleazer, E. J., Sr.—This Church Have I Established, 11:11

Gleazer, E. J., Sr.—Zion Will Be Produced by Those of Faith, 226:9

Gleazer, E. J.—A Church for These Times, 186:6

Gleazer, E. J.—As the Spirit Gave Them Utterance, 116:14

Gleazer, E. J.—I Received It Not of Man, 210:14

Gleazer, E. J.—The Hope of the World, 180:9

Gleazer, E. J.—The Kingdom Waits for People, 139:5

Gleazer, E. J.—The Meaning of Eternal Life, 203:24

Gleazer, E. J.—The Means of Survival, 133:21

Gleazer, E. J.—The Principle of Resurrection, 136:5

Gleazer, E. J.—Together We Build the Kingdom, 178:21

Gleazer, E. J.—Your Redemption Draweth Nigh, 140:15

Glomstad, E. Roy—A Thankful People, 181:27

Glomstad, E. Roy—The Magnificent Invitation, 241:27

Glomstad, E. Roy—The Shepherds’ Pattern, 183:12

Glomstad, Florence—Beware of False Spirits, 65:6

Glomstad, Roy—The Hunger of Our Times, 173:27

Glomstead, Florence—Study the Scriptures, 45:22

Goddard, Mrs. Mona—The Dish Was Never Empty, 38:18

Goddard, Virginia—A Compassionate Healing, 171:13

Godfrey, Charlotte Sherman—In the Hollow of His Hand, 70:19

Godfrey, Charlotte Sherman—Keep the Sabbath Holy, 71:5

Godfrey, Charlotte Sherman—The Spirit of Repentance, 53:18

Godfrey, Charlotte—Dan's Healing, 42:15

Godfrey, Charlotte—Fasting and Prayer, 56:25

Godfrey, Charlotte—The New Bike, 55:20

Godfrey, Dale—Can Forgiven Sins Be Returned? 176:19

Godfrey, Dale—Perilous Times Have Come! 151:12

Godfrey, Leona—The Term Paper, 47:11

Godfrey, Leona—What Would Mary Say? 62:5

Godfrey, Margery, and Erma Bach—A Sunbeam for the Lord, 54:31

Godfrey, Margery—The Straight and Narrow Path, 61:11

Godfrey, Marvin L.—Called to Do the Master's Will, 113:20

Godfrey, Marvin—Am I My Brother's Keeper? 95:3

Godfrey, Marvin—Believing Is Not Enough, 72:24

Godfrey, Marvin—God Prepared the Way 147:20

Godfrey, Marvin—God's Promises Are Sure, 93:14

Godfrey, Marvin—Let Us Have Faith, 84:27

Godfrey, Marvin—Living the Book of Mormon, 49:8

Godfrey, Marvin—Look to the Lord and Live! 103:15

Godfrey, Marvin—Making Disciples, 69:18

Godfrey, Marvin—Righteous Works Will Help Preserve Our Nation, 88:3

Godfrey, Marvin—Salvation Only through Christ, 77:11

Godfrey, Marvin—The Lost Gift, 54:28

Goold, Hugh—This Is the Work of God, 237:14

Goold, William H.—God's Protecting Hand, 81:27

Goold, William—An Instant Healing, 26:17

Gosling, Marylyn—Go Ye Out of Babylon, 106:21

Gosling, Reginald G.—All His Children, 91:6

Gosling, Reginald G.—Dreams about Priesthood, 90:31

Gosling, Reginald—“You Don’t Really Know Me,” 236:12

Gould, William—Word of Wisdom Experiences, 38:23

Gouldsmith, Maxine White—A Cowboy Angel, 199:18

Gouldsmith, Maxine—Tell How Much I Love Them, 180:3

Gowan, Chip—My Book of Mormon Testimony, 177:3

Graham, Charles V.—A Still, Small Voice, 166:6

Graham, Karen—The Lord Knew, 160:18

Graham, Karen—The Miracle of the Keys, 163:3

Grant, Mary Helen—Healing Through the Prophet Joseph, 9:22

Grapes, Myrtle—Praying in Song, 218:26

Graybill, Levi—My Blessing and Benediction, 136:21

Graybill, Mrs. J. R.—Because Ye Ask Amiss, 241:5

Grayden, G. D.—Angels Deliver the Saints, 79:7

Grayden, G. D.—Blessings from Right Choices, 152:3

Grayden, G. D.—God Wants Us to Have the Best, 138:14

Grayden, G. D.—Hands, 133:20

Grayden, G. D.—Organized As in Days of Old, 137:5

Grayden, G. D.—The Unchangeable God, 88:13

Grayden, G. D.—We Are Latter-Day Israel, 108:25

Grayden, G. D.—Your Most Holy Faith, 188:8

Grayden, Geoffrey—The Great Invitation, 81:11

Green, Hervey—Coming into the Church, 175:15

Green, Hervey—With the Harness On, 177:19

Greene, U. W.—In Remembrance of Me, 233:16

Greene, U. W.—Joseph Smith Is My Servant, 97:3

Greene, U. W.—My Early Church Life, 197:28

Greene, U. W.—My First Meeting with  Joseph Smith, 193:28

Greene, U. W.—Nine Learned Through Prayer, 36:12

Greene, U. W.—They Crucified Him! 232:5

Greenwood, W. H.—God Gave New Legs, 121:20

Gregson, Albert W.—-A Vision Concerning Zion, 93:5

Gregson, Albert W.—Seek to Establish Zion, 103:22

Gregson, Albert W.—Zion the Beautiful, 99:28

Gregson, Albert—The Code for Christian Living, 106:6

Gregson, Albert—The Great Rebellion, 110:21

Gregson, Louise Clark—Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child, 1:9

Gregson, Louise Clark—Teach These Things Freely, 5:19

Gregson, Louise—A Blessing unto Thee, 106:15

Gregson, Louise—A Miracle Stopped the Snowstorm, 99:26

Gregson, Louise—God Is in Charge, 152:18

Gregson, Louise—Joseph's Severe Suffering, 68:24

Grice, John R.—Angel Hands, 100:13

Grice, John R.—Everything to Gain, 57:25

Grice, John R.—God Multiplied the Bread, 103:28

Grice, John R.—God's Investment in Us, 121:2

Grice, John R.—My First Missionary Journey, 237:18

Grice, John R.—Our Dream of Zion, 5:21

Grice, John R.—Prayer Changes Things, 123:18

Grice, John R.—The Miracle of the Thanksgiving Feast, 2:8, 56:9, 164:18

Griffin, Deana—God’s Love and Goodness, 190:21

Griffith, Raymond—The Significance of the Resurrection, 195:2

Griffiths, Gomer T.—Apostle Josiah Ells, 218:19

Griffiths, Gomer T.—Christ's Church Will Triumph! 22:7

Griffiths, Gomer T.—Jealousy, 191:18

Griffiths, Gomer T.—Jesus Will Pilot His Church, 63:7

Griffiths, Gomer T.—Let Us Press Forward, 120:8

Griffiths, Gomer T.—Memories of Joseph Smith III, 138:5

Griffiths, Gomer T.—My Father's Prayer, 170:20

Griffiths, Mary McGowan—An Impelling Power, 48:19

Groseth, M. Layne—The Gospel Message Must Be Heard, 82:30

Groseth, M. Layne—We Must Spread the Gospel, 94:27

Gross, George—A Powerful Man unto God, 100:8

Gross, George—For Such a Time as This, 123:8

Gross, George—God Protected Sister Weldon, 99:25

Gross, George—The Conversion of George Knowlton, 137:23

Gross, George—Why Didn't You Tell Me? 89:20

Grover, Merle B.—The Source of Power, 144:6

Grygo, Edith L.—A Vision Heralded My Dear Mum's Death, 122:12

Guerrero Sotres, Maria Magdalena—A Special Meeting after Many Years 148:9

Guilliams, Lorraine—Mary's Healing, 10:26

Guin, Loretta—Faithfulness Rewarded, 15:31

Guin, Marlin—Born of the Spirit, 145:30

Guin, Marlin—God Will Reveal Himself from Heaven, 224:12

Guin, Marlin—Our Miracles, 222:3

Guin, Marlin—The Importance of the Book of Mormon for Our Day, 206:5

Guin, Marlin—The Strait Gate and the  Narrow Path, 194:4

Guinand, Charles A.—Joy and Peace of Mind, 181:10

Gulick, Gary—God's Still, Small Voice, 117:23

Gunderson, Walter E., Jr.—The Rod of Iron, 3:9

Gunsolley, J. A.—A Word Fitly Spoken, 131:21

Gunsolley, J. A.—Know the Doctrine, 64:13

Gunsolley, J. A.—Led into the Church, 47:10

Gunsolley, J. A.—Lifted Up in the Spirit, 22:12

Gunsolley, J. A.—My Testimony of the Book of Mormon, 121:17

Gunsolley, J. A.—Places in the Church's Development, 95:11

Gunsolley, J. A.—Salvation Through Obedience, 232:27

Gunsolley, J. A.—Spiritual Power, 29:14

Gunsolley, J. A.—The Best Gift, 163:24

Gunsolley, J. A.—The Holy Spirit Bears Testimony of the Book of Mormon, 136:12

Gunsolley,  J. A.—The Spirit of Light Led My Life, 228:21

Gunsolley, J. A.—The Spirit Bears Witness, 19:8

Gunsolley, J. A.—Witnesses for Christ, 169:24

Gurley, Zenas H., Sr.—The Successor of Joseph Smith, 103:19

Guthrie, William P.—Prayer of Blessing, 75:32

Guthrie, William T.—The Spirit of Truth, 69:9

Guthrie, William—And I Knew It Not, 125:30

Guthrie, William—The Good Shepherd 149:5

Hacker, Opal—Make Me Glad!  242:8

Haden, Dona Clark—The Small Child and Religious Education, 187:29

Haden, R.—All We Like Sheep, 176:5

Hadley, Lloyd L.—A Temple Meet for Thee, 211:4

Hadley, Lloyd L.—The Rich Young Ruler, 121:28

Hagensen, Jack—Born Again! 151:8

Hagensen, Jack—I'll See You in Zion! 150:20

Hagensen, Jack—Lord, Forgive Me, 203:6

Hagensen, Jack—My Vision of Zion, 175:9

Hagensen, Jack—This Is His Church, 162:5

Hagensen, Jack—What Time Is It? 7:8

Hagensen, Leslie—The Spirit of God like a Fire Is Burning! 21:15

Hagensen, Lois—He Longed to Share the Gospel, 57:14

Hairabedian, Tom—Russian Language Books of Mormon Destroyed by Fire 150:23

Haley, Kathleen—A Child's Prayer Is Answered, 111:18

Haley, Kathleen—Life on the Other Side, 83:23

Haley, Kathleen—The Power of Children's Prayers, 81:18, 109:7

Hall, Abel—God Knew the Number of My Door, 215:25

Hall, Bill—My Call to the Priesthood, 47:31

Hall, Shirley—Word of Wisdom Experiences, 38:22

Hamar, Sandy—Light in the Darkness, 145:18

Hamm, May Richards—Begin Now to Teach the Children, 89:1 1

Hammond, E. Guy—The Deep Things of God, 58:21

Hancock, Gary—Grandpa's Spiritual Guidance, 91:26

Hands, Leona—A Special Visitor, 98:18

Handy, Mabel—Hang On to the Rod of Iron, 102:25

Hannah, Charles—The Word of Wisdom—a Stepping Stone to Zion, 208:26

Hansen, H. N.—Joseph Smith III, a  Friend of Missionaries, 193:30

Hansen, Hans—A Memento to My Children, 102:21

Hanson, Paul M.—A Conquistador's Testimony, 23:29

Hanson, Paul M.—A Day of Opportunity, 203:17

Hanson, Paul M.—A Knowledge of God, 13/14:15

Hanson, Paul M.—An Apostolic Epistle, 20:12

Hanson, Paul M.—An Interpretation of the Present Age, 1:7

Hanson, Paul M.—Book of Mormon Evidences, 84:28

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Harlacher, Larry—The Moment of Resurrection, 34:5

Harlacher, Larry—Where is the Warning Voice? 35:21

Harlacher, Nancy—Behold Your Little Ones, 53:1

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Harper, Francis—Bearing a Testimony of Jesus Christ, 236:14

Harper, Francis—Cramping Our Style, 232:3

Harper, Francis—Godly Conversation, 229:18

Harper, Francis—Loving Another As Thyself, 161:26

Harper, Francis—No More Sorrow, No More Tears, 233:6

Harper, Francis—The Harvest of Souls, 230:6

Harper, Francis—The Hourglass Is Almost Empty, 227:14

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Haworth, W. J.—Let Us Go On unto Perfection, 200:9

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Haworth, W. J.—The Kingdom of God within You, 114:9

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Haworth, W. J.—We Must Endure to the End, 128:25

Haworth, Walter J.—Speed the Plow, 116:12

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Heide, Joyce—Shall We Remain Under Condemnation? 125:3

Hellengreen, Edward—Great Blessings, 78:25

Henderson, Dennis—The Mercy of God, 106:17

Henderson, Dennis—Whom Do You Choose to Serve? 90:18

Henderson, Jennifer—Blow the Trumpets! Sound the Horn! 104:6, 104:32

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Hensley, Richard—My Experience in the Kirtland Temple, 160:4

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Hield, Charles R.—Why the Kingdom Has Not Been Built, 208:28

Hield, Charles R.—Zion—God's Challenge for Us, 11:3

Hield, Effie—A Little Child Shall Lead Them, 32:2

Higdon, Amos T.—An Authorized Ministry, 23:19

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Hight, Danny—This Is My Church, 97:16

Hight, Dan—Gustav and the Golden Plates, 117:14

Hight, Sue—Faith to Continue, 62:26

Hileman, Sara—Portrait of a Saint, 41:19

Hill, Ida Mae—Why My Family Came to America, 172:14

Hill, Jim—God Answers Prayers Today, 136:18

Hills, Mrs. L. E.—Prophetic Promises of the Book of Mormon, 78:5

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Hinton, Herbert—Uniting Our Faith, 117:20

Hinton, Romla—Thrilled to Be Baptized! 135:2

Hinton, Romla—You Have Something for Me, 91:16

Hintz, H. A.—The Necessity of Doctrine, 127:31

Hirning, Debbie—The Master's Hand, 17:15

Hitch, Alberta—Marvelous Blessings, 167:19

Hodges, Nancy R.—No Procrastination, 71:19

Hoffman, Darwin—Saved from a Rattlesnake, 95:20

Hofmann, Beverly A.—Many Years of God's Blessings, 138:13

Holcomb, Paul—The Wrath of God, 107:21

Holder, Brenda Marie—Saved from the River, 76:25

Holik, Norma Anne—Church Alive! 9:26

Holik, Norma Anne—Follow No Man, 45:3

Holik, Norma Anne—I Love You, 15:18

Holik, Norma Anne—Life of Christ Wordsearch, 26:20

Holik, Norma Anne—No Middle Ground, 41:18

Holik, Norma Anne—Saved from Pain, 87:24

Holik, Norma Anne—Thou Shalt Do None Other Thing, 8:24

Holik, Norma Anne—Tongues: True or False? 13/14:39

Holik, Thomas M.—Baptism unto Christ, 54:12

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Holloway, L. G.—A Visit by the Three Nephites, 48:9

Holloway, L. G.—Becoming a Missionary, 81:30

Holloway, L. G.—Complying with God's Plan, 85:9

Holloway, L. G.—Concerning the Hereafter, 116:20

Holloway, L. G.—Defending the Church in Debates, 92:19

Holloway, L. G.—Fellowship with God, 127:6

Holloway, L. G.—Gifts of the Gospel, 11 8:27

Holloway, L. G.—Gifts of the Spirit, 44:21

Holloway, L. G.—Healed of Cancer, 39:27

Holloway, L. G.—Hundreds of Healings, 86:13

Holloway, L. G.—Let Us Pray for One Another, 94:23

Holloway, L. G.—Memories of Old Nauvoo, 120:5

Holloway, L. G.—Missionary Experiences, 83:26

Holloway, L. G.—Reflections on Glaud Rodger, 102:3

Holloway, L. G.—Spiritual Experiences of a Missionary, 103:12

Holloway, L. G.—The Challenge of a Debate, 111:13

Holloway, L. G.—The Value of Conducting Debates, 108:9

Holloway, L. G.—The Voice of God, 121:26

Holloway, L. G.—Thousands Will Accept, 18:30

Holman, Ruth Lewis—Crisis on a Nebraska Homestead, 93:21

Holman, Ruth Lewis—For a Divine Purpose, 2:27

Holman, Ruth Lewis—In Calmness There Is Strength, 144:30

Holman, Ruth Lewis—Sarah Brown Kemp, 154:19

Holmes, Harold—Isabel's Miracle, 89:21

Holmes, Jim—I Will Go in His Stead, 100:2

Holsworth, J. A.—Get Out of Debt, 28:25

Holsworth, J. A.—My Testimony of Seeing Our Savior Jesus Christ, 157:28

Holt, Hiram L.—Indian Legends Confirm the Book of Mormon, 101:30

Hood, Esheron—Reproof 149:30

Hood, Nancy—An Incredible Yield, 157:2

Hoover, Carolyn—Master, the Tempest Is Raging, 41:12

Hoover, Cleo and Velma—The Word of Wisdom Improved Our Health, 91:11

Hoover, Esther—Finding Faith in Australia, 171:7

Hopkins, R. V.—Praying in Public, 237:17

Hopkins, Roy V.—An Angel Told Me, 215:11

Hopkins, Roy V.—Spiritual Gifts, 194:19

Hopkins, Roy V.—Spiritual Gifts Fulfilled, 16:13

Hopkins, Roy V.—The Spirit Bears Record, 47:18

Hopkins, Roy V.—Zion, 10:29

Horn, Vim—With the Bonds of Charity, 99:19

Horn, William “Vim”—My Cup Runneth Over, 234:9

Hostetler, Clara—A Vision of the Urim and Thummim, 104:25

Hougas, Ward A.—A Faith that Functions, 197:21

Hougas, Ward A.—A New World, 239:12

Hougas, Ward A.—Admonition 149:3

Hougas, Ward A.—An Admonition, 74:3

Hougas, Ward A.—Eternal Life Can’t Be Bought, 198:21

Hougas, Ward A.—Godly Liberty, 11:8

Hougas, Ward A.—My Kingdom, 219:3

Hougas, Ward A.—The Depth of My Faith, 166:19

Hougas, Ward A.—The Man Who Died While Yet Alive, 213:7

Hougas, Ward—Complete Salvation, 39:7

Hougas, Ward—Our Place in Service, 135:24

Hougas, Ward—You Can’t Have a Private Religion, 221:12

Houston, Alma—Success in Spite of a Handicap, 83:14

Howard, Dennis—Invited to Do Good, 175:20

Howard, Jason—Husbands and Wives, 218:13

Howard, Merle—Living Water and Bread of Life, 206:26

Howard, W. B.—Behold the Savior at Your Door, 67:3

Howery, Stella—Guardian Angel, A, 26:29

Howlett, Julie—Focus on Jesus, 134:6

Hubbard, Olive—All the Way, 19:15

Hubbard, Olive—I Want to be Baptized, 20:15

Hubbard, Olive—I Will See You, 18:18

Hubbard, Olive—Pray Without Ceasing, 178:26

Hudson, Sarah M.—A Divine Healing, 111:31

Huffman, Gail—God Protected Me, 46:18

Huffman, Jay—Entertaining a Stranger,  194:14

Huffman, Jay—God Is a God of Miracles, 197:26

Huffman, Jay—The Baptism of Fire and the Holy Ghost, 205:24

Huggett, Raymond W.—Clouds Over Zion, 162:12

Hull, E. B.—A Branch Remained True, 27:14

Hull, E. B.—Signs of the Times, 77:5

Humphrey, Paula—A Miracle, 44:14

Hunker, E. Y.—Agency, 193:19

Hunker, E. Y.—An Exceptional Experience, 200:23

Hunker, E. Y.—Baptism with the Holy Ghost and Fire, 227:17

Hunker, E. Y.—Forgiveness, 198:24

Hunker, E. Y.—Hope—A Key to Spiritual Power, 85:25

Hunker, E. Y.—Just a Book on the Table, 213:25

Hunker, E. Y.—Missionary Preaching 148:27

Hunker, E. Y.—Our Ministry of Spiritual Power, 137:15

Hunker, E. Y.—Reconciliation and Spiritual Power, 124:26

Hunker, E. Y.—Repentance, 201:7

Hunker, E. Y.—Temptation, 199:24

Hunker, E. Y.—The Divinity of the Book, 36:6

Hunker, E. Y.—The Gospel of the Kingdom, 6:24

Hunker, E. Y.—The Spirit of Truth, 21:10

Hunker, E. Y.—Where He Leads, 171:9

Hunt, C. J.—A Tribute to David Whitmer, 170:5

Hunt, C. J.—Columbus and the Three Nephites, 55:5

Hunt, C. J.—Martin Harris: A Great Soul, 76:30

Hunt, C. J.—Oliver Cowdery, 95:21

Hunt, C. J.—The Book of Mormon Manuscript, 92:13

Hunt, C. J.—The Book of Mormon Is Not Another Gospel, 107:19

Hunter, Rhoda Sherman—One of God's Noblemen, 128:9

Hunter, Tom—Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God, 100:26

Huntley, Jimmy—Protected All My Life, 143:3

Huntley, Lillian—Jimmy's Blessings 147:4

Hurshman, Jewell—Inspired by Kirtland Temple, 77:26

Hutchinson, Marilyn Rice—A Sign of War, 142:13

Hyde, Orson—1841 Prayer over Jerusalem, 239:3

Ilgenfritz, Linda—How Effectual Are Our Prayers? 120:12

Immer, Beryle—Keep Your Eyes Upon Jesus, 123:7

Immer, Beryle—Look Up!, 108:24

Immer, Beryle—Protected from Harm,124:13

Immer, Beryle—The Water Was Warm! 109:23

Immer, Bob—A Tried People 146:28

Immer, Bob—Cultivate the Spirit, 142:21

Ingham, Edward—The Endowment, 69:14

Jackson, Rena A.—Frontier Faith, 155:19

James, Belle Robinson—In Remembrance of Joseph Smith III, 173:9

James, Curtis R.—Are We Ready for Zion? 63:19

James, Curtis R.—Marriage Is Important, 74:18

James, Curtis R.—To Strengthen the Faith, 143:6

James, Curtis—What Can I Do? 97:8

Jarvis, Edith Lilian—A Healing Experience, 37:25

Jenkins, George—Early Experiences of a Missionary, 138:15

Jenkins, George—Early Missionary Experiences, 139:15

Jenkins, Kathy—To Share the Gospel in Greece, 98:25

Jenkins, Mrs. L. A.—Our Son Was Healed by Faith, 112:15

Jennings, Alpha H.—An Archaeological Tool, 43:23

Jennings, Alpha—The Touch of the Master's Hand, 79:2

Jennings, E. E.—A Visit That Worked 148:3

Jennings, Emery E.—All Kingdoms Have a Law, 43:21

Jennings, Emery E.—He Was Seen of Me, 16:5

Jennings, J. H.—Bible Wordsearch, 27:18

Jennings, Lillie—The Life of Christ, 24:18

Jennings, Zealia C.—He Is Risen! 118:19

Jennings, Zealia C.—Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord! 119:31

Jennings, Zealia C.—Songs My Mother Sang, 81:13

Jensen, Bessie—Visited by Nephites, 191:13

Jensen, Blair—A Straddling Disciple, 50:10

Jensen, Blair—God at the Center, 33:3

Jensen, Blair—God Gives the Increase 151:9

Jensen, Bob—I Have Need of You, 19:2

Jensen, D. Blair—An Apostle's Testimony, 1:27

Jensen, D. Blair—Limitations We Place on God, 135:18

Jensen, Dale—Enter into His Kingdom, 214:21

Jensen, Janelle—Never Lose Hope, 174:13

Jobe, Patricia Bowerman—My Inspiring Grandmother, 52:13

Johansen, Vinita—My Book of Mormon Heritage, 79:28

Johansen, Vinita—The Power of Prayer, 39:8

John Landers' Book of Mormon Vision, 172:17

John, Matthew—Seek God Through Faith, 112:14

Johnson, Bertha Garver—What Are We Living For? 174:24

Johnson, Cheryl Emma—Teach Me to Pray, 153:23

Johnson, Cheryl—A Mother's Precious Calling, 47:21

Johnson, Grace Elizabeth—The Missing Bach Invention, 228:3

Johnson, Joan F.—God Touched Our Lives, 70:8

Johnson, Jr., Ronald L.—Baptism Is Necessary for Salvation, 116:18

Johnson, Jr., Ronald L.—He Wholly Followed the Lord God of Israel,127:29

Johnson, Jr., Ronald L.—Independence Day, 126:3

Johnson, Marie—Ask, and Ye Shall Receive, 121:16

Johnson, Marji—The Redemption of Zion, 65:28

Johnson, Paula—The Parable of the Buried Purse, 136:17

Johnson, Sherri—A Foundation for Faith, 182:19

Johnson, William J.—George Washington, the Christian, 75:30

Johnston, Mrs. J. H.—Healed of Pneumonia, 128:17

Johnston, Will—He Is a God of Love, 228:18

Jones, Bill—Our Appraisal of the Kingdom, 213:3

Jones, J. H. N.—“This Is Your Last Chance,” 181:18

Jones, J. H. N.—Send Out Thy Light and Thy Truth, 182:12

Jones, Leolla—Reflections on Reunions, 190:28

Jones, Linda D.—My Out-of-the-World Experience, 121:5

Jones, Linda Newcom—The Lord Will Go Before Us, 89:9

Jones, Lonzo—The Spirit of the Messenger, 155:26

Jones, Violet—Solemn Warning to Those Who Tamper with God's Sacred Word, 155:11

Jordan, John—Why I Am a Latter Day Saint, 199:12

Jordan, William—Strong Reasons Why I Am a Latter Day Saint 149:12

Judd, William—Instantly Restored, 211:2

Juliana, Guy, Sr.—God, the Great Provider, 86:8

Juliana, Larry—Taught by an Angel, 130:25

Juliana, Lou Ann—God Blessed Our Marriage, 87:12

Juliana, Lou Ann—My Blinders Were Removed, 82:3

Juliana, Lou Ann—True Love, True Gospel, and True Church, 130:24

Kaiser, Paul—A Modern Prodigal, 191:27

Kaler, Elmer A.—The Word of Wisdom from a Chef's Viewpoint, 159 9

Kaler, Elmer, Sr.,—Tell the Gospel Story, 130:11

Kaler, John—Come to a Higher Standard 148:15

Kaler, John—What Shall the Harvest Be?, 183:24

Katschkowsky, Sayde Butler—“Zion the Beautiful Beckons Us On,” 207:22

Katschkowsky, Sayde Butler—Have You Taken Christ's Name Upon You? 87:14

Katschkowsky, Sayde Butler—He Shall Give You Another Comforter 146:2

Katschkowsky, Sayde Butler—Is Your House Built upon a Rock? 78:12

Katschkowsky, Sayde Butler—Lord, Teach Us to Pray, 101:19

Katschkowsky, Sayde Butler—Putting First Things First, 238:19

Katschkowsky, Sayde Butler—The Kingdom of Heaven Is at Hand, 223:26

Katschkowsky, Sayde Butler—The Standard of Perfection, 212:7

Katschkowsky, Sayde Butler—Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole, 26:12

Kearney, Martha Eleanor Waldorf—Angelic Ministration, 168:24

Kearney, Willis W.—Come, Let Us Anew, 131:17

Kearney, Willis W.—Heavenly Comfort, 79:9

Keek, C. B.—A Visit to the Birthplace of Joseph Smith, 63:5

Keiper, Theol E.—A Miracle of Healing, 144:2

Keir, James F.—Be Wise in Rendering Judgment, 126:15

Keir, James F.—Compensating Joys, 111:11

Keir, James F.—God Is Still Working, 13/14:14

Keir, James F.—Is It True? 4:8

Keir, James F.—Saved by Grace, 132:15

Keir, James F.—Spiritual Gifts in the Church Today, 113:12

Keir, James F.—The Book of Mormon Is True! 59:21

Keir, James F.—Why Close Communion? 51:22

Keller, Lee—He Could Never Forsake This Gospel, 91:8

Kelley, E. L.—Have Faith in God, 74:20

Kelley, T. C.—Speak Sound Doctrine, 21:9

Kelley, W. H.—A Visit with David Whitmer, 129:21

Kellinger, Beth—Obey at a Moment's Notice, 138:27

Kelsey, Paul F.—Why Tarriest Thou? 6:9

Kemp, James N.—Convert Me—Tomorrow! 75:18

Kemp, James N.—Lord, Convert Me—Tomorrow, 219:26

Kemp, James—The Path of the Pioneers, 203:21

Kemple, Charlene—The Ripple Effect, 237:26

Kemple, William—How I Found the True Church, 83:10

Kennedy, Emma Smith—A Lesson from Church History, 72:3

Kennedy, Emma Smith—Changes That Try Your Souls, 51:26

Kennedy, Emma Smith—The Experience of Mary Collins, 156:26

Kennedy, Emma Smith—Worthy to Live in Zion? 51:27

Kennedy, Emma Smith—Zion Will Be! 157:19

Kent, Vernon—The Things Not Seen, 208:9

Kerns, Sheri—God Orchestrates the Smallest Details, 216:21

Kester, Thelma—A Type for Our Day, 58:14

Kester, Thelma—And It Came to Pass, 51:2

Kester, Thelma—Be Ye Ready, 91:14

Kester, Thelma—Eyes on the Savior, 54:20

Kester, Thelma—God's Rewards, 67:12

Kester, Thelma—Living in the Joy of the Lord, 82:14

Kester, Thelma—The Floods, 93:7

Kester, Thelma—The Mysterious Visitor, 116:11

Kester, Thelma—What America Means to Me, 53:12

Kettlewell, J. A.—Parents Should Teach, 90:5

Kidd, William E.—His Spirit with Me, 64:23

King, Earl—Protected Throughout My Life, 36:15

King, Virginia—A Miracle of Healing, 41:10

King, Virginia—Spiritual Life, 38:14

Kinnaman, David—I Boast of My God, 219:21

Kinnaman, David—The Sweetest Sound, 210:17

Kinney, Bertha—An Instant Healing, 60:27

Kinney, Inez—Sufferings of the Handcart Saints, 124:9; 125:21

Kirby, Ruth—Forgive Us Our Sins, 174:22

Kirk, Jewel—Peace of Mind, 126:8

Kirkendall, Ethel—One Hundred Years of Miracles, 94:19

Kirkendall, Ethel—Saved from Pain, 87:24

Kirkendall, Ethel—The Prophecy Came True, 86:27

Kirksey, Carolyn G.—Church Tract Found in Antarctica, 132:3

Kirksey, Carolyn Manley—Jesus Is Waiting, 109:28

Kirksey, Nathan P.—Why Churches Grow! 25:3

Kirksey, Nathan P.—Baptism by Authority, 12:3

Kirksey, Nathan P.—God's Healing Power, 7:19

Kirksey, Nathan P.—God's Unchangeable Priesthood, 136:15

Kirksey, Nathan P.—I Have No Doubts, 15:3

Kirksey, Nathan P.—I Was Born Again, 1:25

Kirksey, Nathan P.—Identifying the Antichrist, 134:19

Kirksey, Nathan P.—Now I Am Not Afraid to Die, 77:8

Kirksey, Nathan Paul—The Rapture Theory—True or False? 124:15

Kirksey, Nathan Paul—Who Is Jesus Christ? 109:24

Kirksey, Nathan—Be Valiant in Your Testimony, 140:26

Kirksey, Nathan—Delivered from a Watery Grave, 78:26

Kirksey, Nathan—Fight a Good Fight, 55:3

Kirksey, Nathan—God the Father and God the Son, 54:14

Kirksey, Nathan—Latter-Day Babylon, 128:21

Kirksey, Nathan—The Carnival and the Cross, 84:14

Kirksey, Nathan—The Great Beast, 35:24

Kirksey, Nathan—The Weak and the Simple, 100:25

Kirksey, Nathan—The Zion Temple, 61:9

Kirksey, Nathan—Unable to Say No to Witnessing, 61:18

Kissack, H. H.—A Book of Mormon Vision, 73:13

Klar, A. B.—A Debtor to God, 42:18

Klar, A. B.—Divine Experiences 146:3

Klar, A. B.—God Speaks, 37:26

Klar, A. B.—My First Vision, 176:30

Klein, Elaine—A Perfect Gift of Tongues, 29:19

Knapp, Paul V.—Where Is Our Security 87:3

Koehler, J. A.—In Spirit and in Truth, 13/14:31

Koehler, J. A.—Kingdom Prophets, 5:7

Krahl, Grace L.—Are We Palm-waving or Cross-bearing Followers? 238:7

Krahl, Grace L.—Enduring Trials, 41:8

Krahl, Grace L.—The Heart of Us, 215:5

Kramer, Annando—In Kirtland Temple, 24:22

Kropp, Shirley—Nothing Too Small, 142:12

Kropp, Steve—Forgiveness Leads to Perfection, 213:15

Kropp, Steve—Get Out of the Wagon! 120:9

Kropp, Steve—Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones, 177:9

Kropp, Steve—The Call of Christ in Our Age of Dilemma, 217:9

Kropp, Steve—The Lord Is Not Slack, 204:9

Kropp, Steve—What Seed Is Growing in Our Hearts? 200:7

Krueger, William Edward—"This Is My Church," 164:17

Kucifer, M. Selena—An Inspired Dream, 126:7

Kucifer, Margaret (Maggie)—Divine Protection in the Hurricane, 15:26

Kucifer, Margaret—The Dangers of Smoking, 80:21

Kuntz, Gary L.—Called of God, 5:31

L'Hommedieu, Beverly—Thrilled to Find Old Books, 159:20

Lair, Brian—The Spirit of Truth, 214:10

Lair, Gary R.—God Brought Us Together in Vietnam, 100:30

Lake, John—A Voice of Warning, 104:13

LaLone, Violet—According to God's Grace, 113:14

LaLone, Violet—As the Angels of God, 112:9

Lamb, David—The Meaning Behind Moroni’s Title of Liberty, 217:12

Lambert, J. R.—The True Test Is Merit, 80:14

Lambert, Joseph R.—Salvation through Knowledge and Righteousness, 115:3

Lambert, Joseph R.—The Way of Salvation, 78:9

Lambert, Richard J.—Angels Are Guiding Your Hands, 113:26

Lambert, Richard J.—Authority from God, 63:28

Lamp, Ann L.—Bible Quotation Puzzler, 35:18

Land, Harlan P.—What Are We Doing for the Master? 46:3

Land, Helmut—The Book of Mormon Is True, 69:13

Land, J.—Healed at Baptism, 46:25

Land, Marjorie and Clarence—God's Blessings, 51:18

Landers, John—Spiritual Experiences, 94:12

Lane, Doris—The Importance of the Book of Mormon, 191:5

Langfield, Lynn S., Jr.—The Greatest Miracle, 113:24, 116:13

Langford, Marcella—A Good Lesson from a Bad Example, 215:13

Lant, C. J.—A Wake-Up Call, 220:3

LaPointe, Myron F.—The Light of Life, 128:7

Larson, Dorothy—God Sent the Elders, 32:13

Larson, Dorothy—He Rescued Joanie, 28:25

Larson, Dorothy—Portrait of a Saint, 41:19

Larson, Dorothy—That Was Not Luck, 37:26

Larson, John—How about Now? 180:27

Lassen, Evelyn—The Faith of a Child, 113:18

Launius, Ardie—My Belief in the Book of Mormon, 160:27

Laverty, Frank H.—An Immediate Answer to Prayer, 199:26

Laverty, Frank H.—God Blesses His People, 187:18

Lawn, J. H.—How I Heard and Accepted the Latter-Day Message, 145:21

Lawn, Rhoda A.—Bear a Faithful Testimony, 158:11

Lazarus and the Rich Man, 140:28

Lea, Leonard J.—A Bit of Rebellion, 160:3

Lea, Leonard J.—After the Depression—What?, 183:26

Lea, Leonard J.—An Island Kingdom, 188:7

Lea, Leonard J.—An Understanding Heart, 178:3

Lea, Leonard J.—Anger Is Our Enemy, 203:12

Lea, Leonard J.—Are We Going with God? 199:20

Lea, Leonard J.—Are Your Hands Clean? 125:11

Lea, Leonard J.—Asking the Way to Zion, 18:14, 119:10

Lea, Leonard J.—Be a Friendly Church, 131:23

Lea, Leonard J.—Be Ready, 180:30

Lea, Leonard J.—Be Strong in the Lord, 45:7

Lea, Leonard J.—Beside the Still Waters, 22:23

Lea, Leonard J.—Better Than a Sheep, 58:3

Lea, Leonard J.—Bread of Life vs. Stones,122:24

Lea, Leonard J.—By My Spirit, 48:11

Lea, Leonard J.—Choose the Better Things, 196:14

Lea, Leonard J.—Days of Preparation, 137:14

Lea, Leonard J.—Don't Stop Me! 107:11

Lea, Leonard J.—First Things First, 201:18

Lea, Leonard J.—Focus on the Kingdom of God, 152:22

Lea, Leonard J.—Follow Me, 185:28

Lea, Leonard J.—Get Back to God, 192:12

Lea, Leonard J.—Going Apart to Pray, 241:14

Lea, Leonard J.—Have Faith in God, 190:30

Lea, Leonard J.—Help Wanted—Witnesses, 182:14

Lea, Leonard J.—Keep My Commandments, 212:26

Lea, Leonard J.—Let Us Tell of Christ, 31:14

Lea, Leonard J.—Let Your Light So Shine, 214:8

Lea, Leonard J.—Let’s Make a Resolution, 195:3

Lea, Leonard J.—Living Testimonies, 133:8

Lea, Leonard J.—Look to Your Foundations, 99:8

Lea, Leonard J.—Make Use of the  Interlude, 194:3

Lea, Leonard J.—Our Homes, 26:26

Lea, Leonard J.—Preach by the Spirit, 207:3

Lea, Leonard J.—Preaching the Gospel with Power, 47:27

Lea, Leonard J.—Prophetic Promise—The Story of a Tract, 19:14

Lea, Leonard J.—Remember! 124:28

Lea, Leonard J.—Repent Ye, 123:12

Lea, Leonard J.—Sharing the Gospel, 7:21

Lea, Leonard J.—Tell the Story, 136:20

Lea, Leonard J.—Tempted to Quit? 211:14

Lea, Leonard J.—Ten Words to Change the World, 155:3

Lea, Leonard J.—That Awful Temper and How to Control It, 217:18

Lea, Leonard J.—The Changeless God, 3:6

Lea, Leonard J.—The City of Truth, 179:3

Lea, Leonard J.—The Continuous Task of the Church, 187:3

Lea, Leonard J.—The Greater Blessings of God, 144:14

Lea, Leonard J.—The Harvest Is Now, 92:19

Lea, Leonard J.—The Loving Heart, 177:6

Lea, Leonard J.—The Man without a Home, 141:18

Lea, Leonard J.—The Mission of the Church, 17:13

Lea, Leonard J.—The Missionary Spirit, 170:18

Lea, Leonard J.—The Nature of Testimony, 215:12

Lea, Leonard J.—The Rediscovery of Jesus, 134:14

Lea, Leonard J.—The Role of the Church, 127:24

Lea, Leonard J.—The Shadow of the Cross, 106:5

Lea, Leonard J.—The Unity of the Church, 200:19

Lea, Leonard J.—The Whole Duty of Man, 121:8

Lea, Leonard J.—Time to Get Back to God! 126:26

Lea, Leonard J.—Unceasing Revelation, 202:26

Lea, Leonard J.—We Do Not Have to Worry about God, 186:4

Lea, Leonard J.—Why I Go to Church, 238:11

Lea, Leonard—A Seat by the Post of the Temple, 96:27

Lea, Leonard—Nothing Can Hurt You, 82:26

Lea, Leonard—Our Need for Salvation 150:24

Lea, Leonard—Ready to Build Zion? 148:24

Lea, Leonard—Serve Where You Are, 143:18

Lea, Leonard—So This Is Christmas! 86:28

Lea, Leonard—The Mission of Christ's Church, 72:21

Lea, Leonard—The Supremacy of Christ, 51:5

Lea, Leonard—What Thinkest Thou? 165:5

LeBaron, Dr. Glenn C.—Let Us Pray Often, 216:25

LeBaron, Jessie Ward—Beyond the Tribulation, 31;20

LeBaron, Jessie Ward—Concerning The Call at Evening, 29:9

LeBaron, Jessie Ward—The Church Never Changes, 15:29

Lee, Debra K.—Keeping Our Testimony of Zion, 133:26

Lee, Debra K.—The Rod of Iron, 22:15

Lee, Debra K.—Victory through Christ! 30:12

Leggott, George W.—A Remarkable Experience at Manchester, England , 171:26

Lehr, Lida B.—How I Became a Latter Day Saint, 114:31

Leutzinger, Verne—“Put on Thy Strength, O Zion,” 241:18

Leutzinger, Verne—A View of the Kingdom of God, 236:24

Leutzinger, Verne—Find the Old, Old Path, 233:3

Leutzinger, Verne—The Revelation of Jesus Christ: A Sure Foundation, 201:9

Levengood,  Kreg—“The Chaplain,” 228:14

Levengood, Kreg—Temples of the Living God, 205:7

Levengood, Kreg—The Great Commandment, 208:19

Levengood, Kreg—The Hope That Is within Us, 201:15

Levengood, Kreg—The Importance of Little Fingers, 129:18

Levengood, Kreg—The Measure of the Fullness of Christ, 219:14

Levengood, Kreg—The Strait and Narrow Path, 206:14

Levengood, Kreg—Turning from Darkness into Light, 187:9

Levengood, Kreg—What Desirest Thou?, 195:21

Levengood, Kreg—Wisdom, Mercy, Truth, Justice, and Judgment, 227:24

Lewis, G. G.—Jesus, the Light of the World, 215:21

Lewis, G. G.—Let Us Go Forward in the New Year, 206:3

Lewis, G. G.—The Purpose and Power of the Gospel, 203:15

Lewis, George G.—Exercising Faith, 40:11

Lewis, Jennie—A Rich Heritage, 11:7

Lewis, Mrs. Daniel—Experiences of a Missionary’s Wife, 231:19

Lewis, Ronald E.—America—Its Blessings and Cursings, 92:5

Lewis, Ronald E.—Six Purposes for Suffering, 108:15

Lewis, Ronald E.—You Must Be Born Again to Enter the Kingdom, 93:9

Lewis, William—A Tract Given Through a Dream, 169:23

Lewis, William—Born of the Spirit, 53:30

Lewis, William—Miracles of God's Power, 52:12

Lewis, William—Spiritual Manifestations. 196:21

Li, Chen Yi—A Shining Baby Girl, 165:6

Lidberg, Carianne Bohall—My Name Wasn't There! 165:17

Lidberg, Carianne—A Merry Heart, 191:8

Lidberg, Carianne—God Is Keenly Aware, 217:28

Lidberg, Carianne—Never Too Busy, 210:3

Lidberg, Carianne—So We Could  Share, 194:13

Lidberg, Jeremy—Confessing His Hand, 189:15

Lidberg, Jeremy—The $100 Question, 165:17

Lidberg, Jeremy—The Consequences of Pride, 219:9

Lidberg, Mike—Feasting and Fasting, 232:13

Lightner, Ruth Curry—In the Shadow of the Temple, 20:9

Lincoln, Abraham—"My Country, 'Tis of Thee" 159:3

Lincoln, Abraham—A Day of Thanksgiving, 116:3 

Lincoln, George S.—A Modern Parable, 113:15

Lincoln, George S.—The Wonderful Power of Prayer, 87:22

Linthicum, Barbara—A Leap of Faith, 241:30

Livingston, Henry L.—My Favorite Scripture, 20:3

Livingston, Henry L.—The Meaning of Priesthood, 168:15

Lockard, Emma and Olive Lapp—An Unusual Blessing, 48:14

Long, E. E.—Manifestations of God's Will in Dreams, 133:18

Long, Jacquelin—A Blessing at My Baptism, 79:15

Long Life of Missionary Service, A, 193:2

Longmore, Mrs. Ernest—My Conversion Brought Happiness, 187:31

Look, Leon—Healed of Cancer, 9:22

Lotz, Arthur C.—Praise the Lord, 43:25

Lotz, David H.—God Is Not Dead,  193:13

Loving, Albert L.—"In the Name of Jesus, Arise!" 162:18

Loving, Albert L.—Missionary Work in the Homes, 166:26

Lowman, Blanche Gatrost—Healed by God's Love, 31:15

Loyd, Gladys Barr—Come Out of Her, My People, 21:30

Loyd, Gladys Barr—Prophecies and Warnings, 24:12

Loyd, Gladys Barr—She Saw a Book, 11:10

Loyd, Gladys Barr—The Fall of the Gentiles, 19:11

Loyd, Gladys Barr—The Gentiles' Final Hour, 47:12

Ludovico, Sallie L.—Praying Vocally, 160:21 

Ludovico, Sallie—“Fear Thou Not, for I Am with Thee," 167:20

Ludovico, Sallie—"I Will Never Leave Thee, Nor Forsake Thee, " 162:7

Ludovico, Sallie—A Wonderful Healing 151:14

Ludovico, Sallie—Praise Him, Trust the Father's Word, 141:24

Ludovico, Sallie—The Whole Armor of God, 113:4

Ludovico, Sallie—Thou Soon Shalt Be Fitted for Service Above, 130:7

Ludy, Diana R.—A Step in Faith, 100:10

Ludy, Diana R.—And It Came to Pass, 51:19

Ludy, Diana R.—Being One with Christ, 128:11

Ludy, Diana R.—Blessings for Our Children, 53:14;

Ludy, Diana R.—David Hyrum Smith, 137:28

Ludy, Diana R.—Destruction of the Church's Printing Press, 132:5

Ludy, Diana R.—Divine Protection on the Turnpike, 152:26

Ludy, Diana R.—Don't Consider It Luck 111:31

Ludy, Diana R.—Faith-Booking, 181:5

Ludy, Diana R.—God Helps Joseph, 88:22

Ludy, Diana R.—God Speaks Today, 69:20

Ludy, Diana R.—Is His Image in Your Countenance? 163:9

Ludy, Diana R.—Joseph Learns to Obey God, 87:8

Ludy, Diana R.—Joseph Meets Newel K. Whitney, 99:12

Ludy, Diana R.—Journey to a Land of Promise 148:5

Ludy, Diana R.—Miracles! 169:12

Ludy, Diana R.—Nauvoo Memories, 115:27

Ludy, Diana R.—Nauvoo Revisited, 71:28

Ludy, Diana R.—Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear, 125:12

Ludy, Diana R.—Seeking to Bring Forth His Zion, 61:21

Ludy, Diana R.—Sharing Our Testimonies, 190:6

Ludy, Diana R.—Special Witnesses of the Book of Mormon, 89:26

Ludy, Diana R.—The Angel Moroni Showed Joseph the Golden Plates, 86:26

Ludy, Diana R.—The Book of Mormon Is Published, 90:27

Ludy, Diana R.—The Celebration of Christmas, 74:7

Ludy, Diana R.—The Choice Is Ours, 140:21

Ludy, Diana R.—The Judgments of God, 90:9

Ludy, Diana R.—The Messiah Has Come! 44:25

Ludy, Diana R.—The Power of Prayer, 79:10

Ludy, Diana R.—The Spiraling Towers of Sin, 61:12

Ludy, Diana R.—They Chose to Return, 126:28

Ludy, Diana R.—Truth Is Eternal, 109:8, 110:15; 111:19; 112:23; 114:12, 120:19

Ludy, Diana R.—Zion Will Be! 176:21

Ludy, Diana—Choose Ye This Day! 34:7

Ludy, Diana—Christmas at the Mansion House, 32:3

Ludy, Diana—Commanded to Repent 41:18

Ludy, Diana—FRAA Promotes the Book of Mormon, 43:5

Ludy, Diana—God Prepared the Way, 35:4

Ludy, Diana—I Believe, 1:15; 2:15; 3:15; 4:15; 5:15; 7:15; 8:15; 9:15; 10:15; 11:15; 12:15; 15:15; 16:15; 18:15

Ludy, Diana—In Memory of Diana Ludy, 183:5

Ludy, Diana—The Privilege of Loving Support, 6:19

Ludy, Diane Anderson—A Lesson from Two Giraffes, 241:12

Ludy, Diane Anderson—A Lesson in Compassion, 235:3

Ludy, Diane Anderson—A Lesson by the Mississippi, 216:26

Ludy, Diane Anderson—A Spiritual Spring Cleaning, 214:9

Ludy, Diane Anderson—All Things Work Together for Good, 213:9

Ludy, Diane Anderson—Are We in “Snooze Mode”?  197:6

Ludy, Diane Anderson—Getting Our “Second Wind,” 234:6

Ludy, Diane Anderson—I Ought to Be Content, 220:27

Ludy, Diane Anderson—No Man Is an Island, 225:12

Ludy, Diane Anderson—The Joy of Music, 202:30

Ludy, Diane Anderson—The Rod of Iron in Our Hands, 208:6

Ludy, Michele—Guided Back to God, 71:14

Ludy, Michele—When in Scenes of Glory, 173:18

Ludy, Michele—Zion, 12:18

Ludy, Paul V.—A Lesson from the Wild Geese 148:2

Ludy, Paul V.—A Penny Saved! 117:27

Ludy, Paul V.—A Prosperous New Year, 189:3

Ludy, Paul V.—A Solution for Our Day, 183:29

Ludy, Paul V.—A Time for Boldness, 142:7

Ludy, Paul V.—Be Not Conformed but Be Ye Transformed, 205:19

Ludy, Paul V.—Christ in America, 203:18

Ludy, Paul V.—Do unto Others, 166:7

Ludy, Paul V.—Dos Pilas: Added Book of Mormon Support, 146:5

Ludy, Paul V.—Everyone Discovered America, 44:7

Ludy, Paul V.—Foot-High Pies Can Be a Blessing! 125:13

Ludy, Paul V.—Freedom and Endurance, 78:28

Ludy, Paul V.—Freedom to Worship God, 56:5

Ludy, Paul V.—Gold Plates Support the Book of Mormon, 153:7

Ludy, Paul V.—Golden Plates! 161:2

Ludy, Paul V.—Grandpa's Faith, 9:12, 217:6

Ludy, Paul V.—Higher Ground, 191:24

Ludy, Paul V.—Hurricane Sandy—A Wake-Up Call! 206:19

Ludy, Paul V.—I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel, 61:19

Ludy, Paul V.—I Believe, 6:15

Ludy, Paul V.—I Have Written the Truth, 24:3

Ludy, Paul V.—I Stand at the Door and Knock, 141:2

Ludy, Paul V.—In God We Trust, 90:20

Ludy, Paul V.—Is It Time for a Car Wash? 190:14

Ludy, Paul V.—Jesus and the Woman at the Well, 114:28

Ludy, Paul V.—Jesus Is Coming! 198:28

Ludy, Paul V.—Keeping the Second Commandment, 196:26

Ludy, Paul V.—Keys of the Kingdom, 100:12

Ludy, Paul V.—Last Words—Our Last Testament, 207:13

Ludy, Paul V.—Let There Be Peace on Earth, 110:9

Ludy, Paul V.—Love As I Have Loved You, 184:5

Ludy, Paul V.—Nephi Had a Vision, 68:2

Ludy, Paul V.—Newly-Found Letter Confirms Testimony, 25:12

Ludy, Paul V.—Out of the Best Books, 174:31

Ludy, Paul V.—Planting More Seeds, 179:2

Ludy, Paul V.—Planting Seeds, 162:22

Ludy, Paul V.—Pray for the Kingdom, 200:12

Ludy, Paul V.—Preparing to Meet God, 224:21

Ludy, Paul V.—Promises through Baptism, 66:12

Ludy, Paul V.—Promoting Prayer in Public Places, 140:19

Ludy, Paul V.—Quetzalcoatl, 18:3

Ludy, Paul V.—Repression of Unnecessary Wants, 211:9

Ludy, Paul V.—Restoration Voice Continues, 3:3

Ludy, Paul V.—Samuel Prophesies of Christ, 32:18

Ludy, Paul V.—Sands of Time and Winds of Change, 165:3

Ludy, Paul V.—Satellites Help Find Maya Ruins, 178:5

Ludy, Paul V.—School of Saints Serves, 16:20

Ludy, Paul V.—Seek Ye First, 30:21

Ludy, Paul V.—Send It In! 195:2

Ludy, Paul V.—Shall He Find Faith?  193:15

Ludy, Paul V.—Should We Celebrate Halloween? 43:11

Ludy, Paul V.—Stand Up for the Truth, 34:19

Ludy, Paul V.—Thanks for Your Response, 2:3

Ludy, Paul V.—The 5/8-Mile Club, 215:19

Ludy, Paul V.—The Angel Knew Her Secret, 49:2

Ludy, Paul V.—The Blessing of Children, 106:28

Ludy, Paul V.—The Cycle of Human Nature, 53:10

Ludy, Paul V.—The High Road and the Low, 237:19

Ludy, Paul V.—The Inspired Version—Printing the First Edition, 236:21

Ludy, Paul V.—The Inspired Version—Producing the Manuscripts, 235:19

Ludy, Paul V.—The Restoration Scriptures Three-in-One, 219:24

Ludy, Paul V.—The Restoration Scriptures Three-in-One, 222:24

Ludy, Paul V.—The Sower, the Seed, and the Soil, 103:26

Ludy, Paul V.—The Summer Is Ended, 115:15

Ludy, Paul V.—The Watchman, 227:12

Ludy, Paul V.—The Whole Armor of God, 122:11

Ludy, Paul V.—Third Book of Mormon Day, 54:7

Ludy, Paul V.—This Is Restoration Voice, 1:3

Ludy, Paul V.—Thy Will Be Done, 234:21

Ludy, Paul V.—Tobacco Is Not for the Body, 213:2

Ludy, Paul V.—Twenty Categories of Evidence, 45:27

Ludy, Paul V.—We Reap What We Sow, 216:24

Ludy, Paul V.—We Sing Our Faith, 1:26

Ludy, Paul V.—We Would See Jesus! 123:5

Ludy, Paul V.—Well Done! 98:19

Ludy, Paul V.—What Are We Willing to Sacrifice for the Lord and His Kingdom? 131:3

Ludy, Paul V.—What Difference Does It Make? 177:15

Ludy, Paul V.—What Is a Testimony? 221:28

Ludy, Paul V.—What Message Am I Conveying? 168:2

Ludy, Paul V.—Your Favorite Sins, 186:21

Lueck, Sally—God Said It, 65:18

Luff, Carrie E.—The Church's 1901 General Conference, 98:16

Luff, Elbert P.—God Works in His Own Way, 112:10

Luff, Elbert P.—Obedient to the Spirit, 111:26

Luff, Elbert P.—Saved by a Heavenly Voice, 99:14

Luff, Joseph—A Confirmation, 98:20

Luff, Joseph—A Special Conversion, 41:13

Luff, Joseph—Admonition, 1:26

Luff, Joseph—Divinity in It All, 42:24

Luff, Joseph—Do Not Change Doctrines and Ordinances, 61:8

Luff, Joseph—Go, and God Go with You, 45:25

Luff, Joseph—God Foretold the San Francisco Earthquake, 65:30

Luff, Joseph—I Change Not, 126:21

Luff, Joseph—Judging Spiritual Manifestations, 40:26

Luff, Joseph—Love's Response, 108:18

Luff, Joseph—My Covenant Is Not Forgotten, 30:8

Luff, Joseph—My Love for the Gospel, 4:9; 159:32

Luff, Joseph—My Prayer Was Answered, 97:26

Luff, Joseph—My Word Shall Not Fail, 5:12

Luff, Joseph—No Doctrine, No Christ, 52:21

Luff, Joseph—Prophecy and Warning, 12:32

Luff, Joseph—Resurrection of the Dead, 87:28

Luff, Joseph—Sing in Truth, 31:12

Luff, Joseph—Song in the Spirit, 103:32

Luff, Joseph—Song of Interrogation, 1908, 132:2

Luff, Joseph—The Conversion of Joseph Luff, 39:12

Luff, Joseph—The Lord Spoke Yesterday for Today, 63:14

Luff, Joseph—The Speaking Blood, 76:20

Luff, Joseph—To Your Knees, O Israel! 156:9

Luff, Joseph—When Will Christ Return? 53:19

Luff, Joseph—Why I Became a Latter Day Saint, 162:27

Luff, Marilyn—Redeeming Characteristics, 111:17

Lukehart, M. A.—Conviction and Courage, 179:24

Lumley, Frances A. Ernst—Healed of Blindness, 76:14

Lund, Joyce—Becoming His Sheep, 73:23

Lund, Joyce—God Will Take Care of You, 81:26

Lund, Joyce—My Work Shall Go Forth, 70:30

Lund, Joyce—The Great Atonement, 77:6

Lundeen, A. W.—Who Wrote upon the Sticks? 23:12

Lundeen, Adolph—Zion Song, 97:32

Lundeen, Charles—How the Gospel Light Came to Me, 154:14

Luther, L. Bea—Jericho, 67:28

Luther, L. Bea—I Walked Where Prophets Walked, 66:28

Luther, L. Bea—I Walked Where Jesus Walked, 64:29

Luther, Marilyn Shoemaker—The Guidance of the Holy Spirit, 138:18

Lyons, Greg—A Vision of the Tabernacle, 214:28

Lyons, Greg—Illegal Immigrants in the Kingdom? 210:26

Lyons, Greg—Seek the Highest Ground, 208:15

Lyons, Greg—The Gospel Is Life, 233:26

Lyons, Greg—Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus, 242:12

Lysinger, Lucy Smith—Joseph Smith in the Home, 126:12

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