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Macgregor, Daniel—A Panoramic Vision, 145:14

Macgregor, Daniel—Success for the Church Today, 157:12

Machart, Dale—Forgive Us, Lord, 139:3

Mackenzie, Stan—Christ’s Holy Day,  194:11

Madden, James Henry—How I Stopped Smoking, 54:25

Madden, Mrs. Cecil H.—Nothing So Wonderful, 72:27

Magargee, Byrdie—Acceptable in His Sight, 128:26

Manning, Debbie—Satan's Secret Combination, 31:9

Manning, Fran—Rob Was Led to the Gospel, 76:11

Manning, Sue—Do Not Look Back, 176:28

Mapes, Steve—Flesh Versus Spirit, 216:9

Markham, Kay—Baptized Through the Ice, 15:8

Marks, Ruth—No Half-Way Measures in Our Religion, 225:17

Marks, William—Opposition to Polygamy by the Prophet Joseph, 96:20

Marriage Testimony, A, 170:26

Marriott, Burton J.—I Was Healed, 34:11

Marriott, Burton J.—There Is Still Hope, 33:22

Marsh, Charles—The Spirit of My Religion, 144:8

Martens, Natalie—In All Thy Ways Acknowledge Him, 211:6

Martin, J. E.—The Value and Duties of Priesthood, 86:21

Martin, J. E.—Zion the Beautiful Beckons Us On! 117:15

Martin, John—Heed the Voice, 96:3

Martinko, John—A Double Blessing, 167:14

Martinko, John—Grandma's Time of Probation, 145:28

Martinko, Tina—“Please Don’t Throw Me,” 232:14

Martinko, Tina—An Instant Healing, 178:14

Martinko, Tina—In Everything Give Thanks, 209:24

Martinko, Tina—Putting God First, 212:3

Mason, Shirley—Are You Ready? 190:27

Mason, Shirley—Book of Mormon Testimony, 91:16

Mason, Shirley—Growing by Faith, 19:13

Mason, Shirley—How Readest Thou? 4:20

Mason, Shirley—The Wise Men, 116:4

Mason, Shirley—We Found the Glorious Gospel, 138:19

Masters, Goldie M.—Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken, 43:24

May, J. Charles—A Messenger from the Courts of Glory, 171:22

May, J. Charles—The Altar of Service, 203:19

May, J. Charles—The Gospel Ladder, 164:14

May, J. Charles—The Gospel Ladder, 21:14, 65:5

May, J. Charles—The Lord Will Provide, 159:6

May, J. Charles—What Do I Mean to the Church? 97:24

May, Mrs. Roderick—A Last Testament of Faith, 144:26

May, Mrs. Roderick—Baptized When the Light Shone on the Thames, 122:28

May, Sarah Jane—The Angel Visit, 5:28

Maynard, Helen E.—Communion, 65:8

McClain, D. Blair—The Burning Bush, 140:5

McClain, W. Blair—God Will Do His Part, 191:30

McConley, M. A.—Assurances for the New Year, 200:21

McConley, M. A.—Go Forward, 188:30

McConley, M. A.—Have Faith in God, 192:21

McConley, M. A.—Repentance—The Theme of the Restoration, 240:24

McConley, M. A.—Thoughts on Reunions, 171:27

McConley, M. A—What the World Needs, 221:19

McConley, Myron A.—Easter and the Resurrection, 117:11

McConley, Myron A.—God’s Hand Is at Work for Zion, 237:21

McConley, Myron A.—God’s Way Is the Best Way, 231:3

McConley, Myron L.—Repentance Is Essential, 127:19

McConnaughy, J. C.—Led to Join the Church, 62:25

McConnaughy, J. C.—Who Are the False Prophets? 186:24

McConnaughy, James C.—Stop at Orlando, 182:30

McCormack, Louise—All in God's Plan, 52:20

McCormick, Lorene Lloyd—Converted by the Gift of Tongues, 77:19

McCoy, John—Marvelous Work, A, 37:20

McCrosson, Irene—Possessed by Evil Spirits, 36:18

McCullough, Albert W.—Consecration, 58:13

McDonald, Mrs. Frank—The Wife Is a Help Meet, 227:7

McDowell, F. M.—Dedication to the Lord's Work, 158:3

McDowell, F. M.—The Church Must Teach, 223:30

McDowell, F. M.—The Way to the City, 152:15; 157:24

McDowell, Floyd M.—First Be Reconciled to Thy Brother, 183:3

McDowell, Floyd M.—It's Still There! 31:18

McDowell, Floyd M.—Remembering My Parents, 190:18

McEachern, Carolyn—Erin's Christmas Dinner, 155:8

McEachern, Carolyn—Everlasting Life! 174:26

McEachern, Carolyn—God Has Led Us to the Land of Zion, 141:26

McEachern, Everett—Sugar to Salt, 154:18

McElwain, Nellie Easterday—Our New Day, 220:2

McGurk, Harold G.—A Miracle in Australia, 37:14

McGurk, Harold G.—The Power of the Tongue, 143:19

McIntosh, Helen—Machu Picchu: A Voice from the Dust, 75:5

McKay, Patrick, Sr.—The Virgin Birth, 68:3

McKay, Patrick—Faith to Continue, 19:28

McKenzie, Mrs. A.—Led Step by Step, 97:31

McKenzie, Mrs. A.—My Conversion to the Faith, 96:10

McKeown, John J.—God Led Me into His Church, 135:15

McKeown, William C.—Was Christ Baptized in Vain? 43:9

McKiddie, Anita—A Testimony of God's Protection, 168:3

McLean, Holly—Tips on Teaching Children to Behave in Church, 240:5

McMillan, Marie—An Answer to Prayer, 15:3

McNamara, Bea—A Pair of Shoes for Frank, 88:16

McPherson, Muriel—I Love to Tell the Story, 70:14

Meeks, E. Earl—Genuine Religious Experience, 182:16

Mefferd, George—Life's Origins—By Chance or by God's Design? 160:12

Meggers, George J.—The Spirit’s Message, 224:5

Meier, Michael G., Jr.—God Is in Control, 154:11

Meikle, George—The Shirt off His Back, 28:13

Menzies, Jessie W.—My Mother's Prayer, 81:29

Menzies, John—All Good Comes from God 150:15

Meridith, Ralph—God’s Power Is Available, 217:17

Merrill, Herbert—Follow God—Not Men, 47:24

Merritt, Tara Booker and Opal Price—Living Proof, 82:24

Merva Bird “Retires” from the Board of Cumorah Books, 241:3

Mesley, Blanche—I Witness for Christ Through My Marriage, 175:12

Mesley, Blanche—In Order to Witness I Must Be Converted, 172:21

Mesley, Blanche—Personal Witnessing, 164:19

Metzger, Gary—I Want You to Go, 96:18

Metzger, Gary—Shine Forth the Book of Mormon, 73:9

Metzger, Gary—The Restored Gospel Prospers in Honduras, 94:5

Miasnikoff, Eveline—The Sign Followed, 68:8

Miasnikoff, Eveline—Who Was He? 47:3

Mickelson, Joe—Abide in His Love, 239:21

Mickelson, Joseph—The Bread of Life, 237:27

Middlebrook, Boyd A.—Addressing Book of Mormon Challenges, 87:13

Middlebrook, Boyd A.—Will We Save Our Souls—Or Our Earthly Possessions? 75:24

Middlebrook, Boyd—Witnessing on My Tour of Duty, 81:15

Miller, Barbie—By Study and Also by  Faith, 193:6

Miller, C. Ed.—Let This Desire Work in You, 6:8

Miller, Chuck—It’s Time to Finish the Work! 201:26

Miller, Chuck—Put on the Armor of Light, 207:15

Miller, Chuck—The Joy of the Gospel, 231:21

Miller, Robert J.—Baptism by Water, 139:12

Miller, Robert J.—No Provision for the Flesh, 88:24

Miller, Robert J.—What Price Zion? 11:26

Mills, Daniel S.—A Testimony of Tongues, 9:23

Mills, Daniel S.—Preach This Gospel, 21:11

Mills, Margaret—A Miracle in South Dakota, 170:19

Mine Eyes Have Seen Thy Salvation, 152:2

Minton, Eleanor and Veta—Harvey Minton's First Sermon, 118:26

Minton, Eleanor and Veta—Healed at Baptism, 119:22

Minton, J. F.—Beginning My Missionary Career, 133:14

Minton, J. F.—The Power of Prejudice, 132:30

Minton, Roy—An Admonition, 194:13

Minton, Roy—Endure to the End, 106:20

Minton, Roy—Heirs of the Kingdom, 213:26

Minton, Veta—Harvey Minton's Assignment, 130:22

Mintun, J. F.—The One Faith, 156:14

Mitchell, Mae—Safe in the Arms of Jesus, 111:29

Mitchell, Marilyn—In My Heart! 110:7

Mitchell, Meredith H.—The Rod of Iron, 38:21

Mitchell, Tom—Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, 92:25

Modders, Michael R.—Are You Going to Reunion? 226:5

Moerke, Roger—The Lord Carried Us to Zion, 65:14

Mogenson, Anna—Divine Power, 33:22

Moler, Hazel—Truly a God of Miracles, 122:3

Moler, James—How I Heard and Accepted the Latter-Day Message, 132:7

Montague, George—Early Reminiscences, 162:6

Montel, Donald J.—Another Pair of Hands, 102:13

Montel, Donald J.—If Only I Hadn't Smoked! 99:18

Montel, Don—I Did Not Know How to Pray, 78:19

Montel, Don—I Will Stand Up and Be Counted Among Men, 91:31

Montel, Don—Whatsoever Passeth Through the Paths of the Seas, 145:5

Montgomery, Jo—Good Seed, 214:14

Montgomery, Jo—On Giving Thanks, 218:3

Moore, Agnes—Christ's Widening Kingdom, 70:18

Moore, Charles B.—God Is the Greatest Security, 95:30

Moore, G. B.—Why I Am a Latter Day Saint, 127:17

Moore, Irene—An Angelic Presence, 97:18

Moorman, Erwin—"I Can Save It Now," 143:12

Morgan, Madock—Angels Have Charge, 43:28

Moriarity, Pearl W.—Book of Mormon Testimony, 157:6

Moriarty, Leta B.—Are We Converted? 171:12

Moriarty, Leta B.—How Are We Telling the Story? 184:8

Moriarty, Leta B.—On Following Jesus, 132:28

Moriarty, Leta B.—The Heritage W. W. Phelps Has Given Us, 225:3

Moriarty, Leta B.—The Lord Is My Shepherd, 48:28

Moriarty, Leta B—Guide Me, O My Savior, 84:30

Morris, Harley A.—The Common People of the Restoration, 156:30

Morris, Isaac A.—Experiences in the Early Church, 100:19

Morrison, Fannie I.—The Subject of Dancing, 224:7

Mortensen, Emma—An Experience in Conversion, 202:7

Mortimer, Mrs. Morris—Rest in the Lord, 172:25

Moses, John W.—An Angelic Messenger, 107:10

Moses, John—Born Again, 120:7

Muir, Joy—God Is in Control, 47:26

Mulheron, James—Which Road? 132:8

Mulheron, Jim—Finding the Gospel of Jesus Christ, 239:20

Muller, George—How I Ascertain the Will of God, 40:14

Mundy, Brian—Fullness of Joy, 203:7

Mundy, Brian—In His Hands, 229:5

Mundy, John L.—Going the Wrong Way 150:18

Mundy, John—God’s Purposes First, 204:24

Munro, C.L.—Go Forward, 139:8

Munsterman, Delana—Tabs and Tape, 216:5

Munsterman, Junior—He Restoreth My Soul, 229:21

Munsterman, Junior—Seek First for Zion, 234:12

Munsterman, Kevin—My Time of Hesitation Was Through, 180:24

Murdock, Robert W.—My Experience with God, 20:18

Murdock, Samuel—The Character of Joseph Smith, Jr., 163:5

Murnieks, Deanne—A Mega-Church and the Book of Mormon, 198:19

Mussell, F. T.—Directed by the Spirit, 64:25

Myers, Jan—The Day of March Has Come, 223:19

Nagel, Sadi Moon—The Ministry of Swen Swenson, 236:15

Nagel, Sadi Moon—The Ministry of Swen Swenson, 235:15

Napier, Hazel—God Will Never Fail Us, 177:24

Napier, Hazel—My Peace I Give unto You, 176:12

Napier, Hazel—Why Must We Suffer? 30:24

Neill, Richard—Going the Extra Mile, 199:27

Neill, Richard—Slothfulness, 216:3

Neill, Richard—The Book of Mormon Is True 148:12

Nelson, Bertha Mildred—The Promise of My Faith, 144:24

Nelson, Gussie—An Angel Brought Rain, 70:24

Nelson, Melody—Take a Stand Against Abortion, 85:3

Nelson, Norman—By Our Own Choice, 133:12

Nephew, Robert L.—A Divinely-Called Priesthood, 5:3

Newcombe, L. W.—Assurance from the Lord, 229:26

Newman, Betty Lou—Feast Upon the Words of Christ! 110:12

Newman, C. R.—The Value of Time, 83:27

Newton, Bertha—Witnessing Through the Doctrine and Covenants, 212:19

Newton, William—Converted by the Power of God, 32:12

Nichols, Jeanette—She Talked with God, 116:26

Nichols, Kathryn—Time, 219:6

Nichols, Mrs. William M.—Have Ye Received His Image in Your Countenances? 178:24

Nichols, Mrs. William—I Will Be Aware of My Kinship with God, 181:24

Nicholson, Minnie Blair—Elizabeth Blair—A Daughter of the Covenant, 226:18

Nickell, John—Something Happened, 159:11

Nielsen, LaVonne—They Found the Gospel, 44:23

Nielsen, LaVonne—Words of Wisdom, 54:9

Nielsen, Paul S.—A Call to Arms, 234:17

Nixon, Daniel—A Call to Steadfastness, 202:15

Nixon, Daniel—A Heavenly City, 197:3

Nixon, Lenora—Look Within, 179:18

Nixon, Scott—Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, 238:12

Nixon, Scott—The Author and Finisher of Our Faith, 221:15

Nixon, Scott—The Words of Eternal Life, 233:14

Nixon, Scott—What God Has in Store for Us, 214:12

Nixon, Scott—When Men Shall Keep All My Commandments, 219:12

Njeim, George A.—Another Purpose for the Book of Mormon, 156:5

Njeim, George A.—Behold: An Element of Spiritual Power, 182:21

Njeim, George A.—In Anticipation, 202:14

Njeim, George A.—Listening: An Element of Spiritual Power, 180:18

Njeim, George A.—Service, Self-Denial, and Sacrifice, 204:15

Njeim, George—The Night My Fears Vanished, 167:12

Noland, Bonnie—An Answer to Prayer, 220:14

Noland, Bonnie—Truly Christ's Church, 163:11

Norcross, David—The Lord Knows What Is Real, 123:3

Norcross, Tammy—“Results Not Typical,” 203:5

Norcross, Tammy—A Package Deal, 108:24

Norcross, Tammy—Big Sins...and Little Sins, 106:31

Norcross, Tammy—Decideth, 104:19

Norcross, Tammy—Freedom, Rebellion, and Revolution, 119:28

Norcross, Tammy—Halloween—A Trick, Not a Treat, 109:14

Norcross, Tammy—Learning from Gary, 118:18

Norcross, Tammy—My Conversion Experience, 125:18

Norcross, Tammy—Procrastinators’ Meeting Coming Soon, 198:26

Norcross, Tammy—The Arm of Flesh, 200:18

Norcross, Tammy—What Is Our Comfort Zone? 202:27

Nordeen, Ardyce J.—Songs of Everlasting Joy, 112:28

Nordeen, Dori—Behold! The Bridegroom Cometh! 117:26

Norman, Debbie—I Want to See the Master, 115:17

Norman, Debbie—Perfect Peace, 175:19

Norman, Eldon—Kirtland Experience, 25:9

Norman, Virginia—Go to My Son, 15:4

Northrup, Joseph A.—Chippewa Legends Confirm the Book of Mormon, 51:8

Northrup, Joseph A.—Indian Legends and the Book of Mormon, 49:24

O'Dell, W. R.—Apostasy Foretold, 37:18

O'Dell, W. R.—In the Land of Zarahemla, 55:13

O'Dell, W. R.—This Church Shall Remain, 130:3

Oakman, Arthur A.—An Explanation, 30:7

Oakman, Arthur A.—As It Was in the Days of Noah, 9:30

Oakman, Arthur A.—Creation and Destiny, 237:9

Oakman, Arthur A.—Delivery from the Dilemma, 160:9

Oakman, Arthur A.—Faith, Hope, and Charity, 181:15

Oakman, Arthur A.—Fulfilling of the Covenants, 222:18

Oakman, Arthur A.—Fulfillment of the Covenants, 27:9

Oakman, Arthur A.—God Covenants through Ordinances and Priesthood, 85:21

Oakman, Arthur A.—I Believe in the Gathering, 15:2

Oakman, Arthur A.—Into the Bosom of Eternity, 144:9

Oakman, Arthur A.—Jesus and Prophecy, 242:21

Oakman, Arthur A.—John Worth—a Son of God, 172:9

Oakman, Arthur A.—Let Your Minds Become Single to God, 192:18

Oakman, Arthur A.—My People Will I Preserve, 18:19

Oakman, Arthur A.—Peace: The Need of This Age, 223:9

Oakman, Arthur A.—Reflections at Eastertide, 238:14

Oakman, Arthur A.—Repentance—for Zion’s Sake, 227:9

Oakman, Arthur A.—Requirements of the Kingdom, 240:18

Oakman, Arthur A.—Resurrection, 202:5

Oakman, Arthur A.—Say Nothing but Repentance, 6:26

Oakman, Arthur A.—Section One of the Doctrine and Covenants, 153:15

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Cause of Zion, 161:21

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Cause of Zion, 12:10

Oakman, Arthur A.—The City with Foundations, 170:9

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Converted Man, 225:18

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Day of Endowment, 241:15

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Divine Fulfillment, 162:15

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Everlasting Covenant, 41:6

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Everlasting Covenant, 188:15

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Faith of the Church, 166:28

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Foundation of Ministry, 131:9

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Future Tribulation Period, 112:21

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Gospel Rests on Facts, 125:24

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Gospel Rests on Facts, 121:9

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Great Restoration, 220:5

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Hour of God's Judgment, 8:27

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Incarnation Is the True Meaning of Christmas, 86:24

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Incarnation of the Son of God, 178:15

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Latter-Day Prophet, 168:27

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Light of Faith, 169:18

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Message of the Book of Mormon, 175:28

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Ministry of Preparation, 196:28

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Mysterious Stranger, 154:21

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Place of Jesus Christ, 239:15

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Power of the Scriptures, 47:22

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Progress of Apostasy, 10:30

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Resurrection, 4:3

Oakman, Arthur A.—The Spirit Giveth Life 150:3

Oakman, Arthur A.—Thoughts on Spiritual Gifts, 204:19

Oakman, Arthur A.—Thy Kingdom Come, 215:14

Oakman, Arthur A.—Wartime Missionary, 110:19

Oakman, Arthur A.—What I Believe about the Book of Mormon, 155:15

Oakman, Arthur A.—What Is Revelation? 182:7

Oakman, Arthur A.—What the Church Must Stand For, 179:15

Oakman, Arthur A.—Worship through the Ordinances, 198:18

Oakman, Arthur A.—You Shall Know the Course, 164:15

Oakman, Arthur—Joseph Luff—Man of God! 105:24

Oakman, Arthur—The Old Testament Prophets Prepared the Way, 97:5

Oakman, David A.—He That Endureth, 176:18

Oakman, Elva—Christmas Truth Quiz, 2:18

Oakman, Elva—The Task He Gave, 143:27

Oakman, Elva—The Task He Gave, 1:19

Oakman, Elva—Zion, 114:25

Oakman, Elva—Zion the Beautiful, 84:20

Oakman, Lily—An Affirmative Answer, 166:5

Oakman, Roy D.—Prayer and Fasting, 180:28

Oatman, Sara—Singing of the Scriptures, 69:21

Odida, Pamela—A Priceless Gift, 204:14

Oldham, Mary—Bearing the Name of Christ, 100:17

Oliver, Lee—For Such an Hour as This, 10:22

Olsen, Dollie Rodger—Glaud Rodger's Little Book, 96:31

Omans, Mrs. William—A Testimony of Faith, 174:3

Ortlieb, Esther—The Spiritual Value of Song, 219:27

Ostertag, Louis J.—A Faithful Servant—Nephi Thomas Chapman, 93:30

Ourth, Florence Sanford—Walking in Obedience, 211:7

Owens, Donald B.—Restoration Scriptures vs. the New Age, 29:26

Padilla, Dalia—With Us Every Second, 154:12

Palmer, H. R.—Master, the Tempest Is Raging, 41:12

Palmer, Sherri—Stand as Witnesses of God, 192:7

Parker, Barbara Johnson—The Authority of Priesthood, 104:9

Parker, Emma Carrow—God Knoweth All, 51:13

Parker, Howard—Complete Surrender, 189:21

Parker, Howard—"Now You Know," 161:3

Parker, Howard—God's Gift of Repentance, 134:7

Parker, Howard—My Promise to Serve, 166:12

Parker, Howard—Preparing for Eternity, 218:21

Parker, Howard—The Parable of the Prodigal Son, 165:9

Parker, Mary Mussell—Establish Your Family Altar, 236:19

Parsons, A. H.—Indian Legends Substantiate the Book of Mormon, 99:24

Parsons, A. H.—Miracles in My Life, 97:14

Parsons, A. H.—The Apostasy and Restoration, 89:22

Parsons, A. H.—The Epitome of Our Faith, 98:21

Parsons, A. H.—The Reformers Foretold the Restoration, 94:26

Parsons, Martha B.—Church of God, Lift Up Thine Head, 53:26

Patterson, Fred L.—My Prayer, 20:27

Patterson, William—A Temporary Endowment, 120:17

Patterson, William—A Vision of the Future, 113:3

Patterson, William—As Others Hear Us, 155:14

Patterson, William—Except a Man Be Humble, 195:19

Patterson, William—God Will Give You Deliverance, 10:21

Patterson, William—God Will Give You Deliverance, 119:20

Patterson, William—Righteous Home Life, 182:26

Patterson, William—Sacrifices for the Gospel, 96:30

Patterson, William—The Standard of Authority 151:18

Pearl, Bernard—His Mighty Blessings, 180:31

Peckem, Velma—The Unfinished Pictures, 189:14

Pedersen, Benjamin—Charity, the Pure Love of Christ, 212:21

Pedersen, Chari and Kent—The Kirtland Temple: An Eternal Design, 61:9

Peisker, Hermann—Desire of All Ages, 39:28

Peisker, Hermann—Perilous Times, 40:19

Peisker, Hermann—Sanctification:  The Law of Life, 233:19

Peisker, Hermann—The Condition of the Church, 29:21

Peisker, Hermann—The Fruit of the Spirit, 25:10

Peisker, Hermann—The Ministry of the Church, 203:27

Peisker, Hermann—Zion the Beautiful, 211:18

Pendleton, S. T.—Strong in the Faith, 134:12

Pendleton, Samuel T.—From Card Player to Missionary, 169:15

Perry, Charles—Christ—The Bearded White God, 31:28

Perry, Chuck—Sowing the Seeds of Zion, 118:24

Peters, Thelma—My Beautiful Dream, 186:3

Peterson, Anton J.—I Have Seen the Savior, 171:14

Peterson, J. W.—An Intolerable Clergy, 173:11

Peterson, Mrs. R. Bernice—An Amazing Event, 83:20

Pettingill, Catherine—Divine Direction, 181:20

Pfannenstiel, Paul—He Touched Me! 114:20

Phelps, Myrtle—Witnessing for Christ, 242:7

Phelps, W. W.—Beware of False Prophets, 74:9

Phelps, W. W.—Now Let Us Rejoice, 40:32

Phillips, A. B.—God Lives and Speaks Today, 158:16

Phillips, A. B.—Predestination and Free Moral Will, 117:19

Phillips, A. B.—Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, 35:2

Phillips, A. B.—The Building of Zion, 36:19

Phillips, A. B.—The Christian Doctrine of Forgiveness, 68:10

Phillips, A. B.—The Doctrine of Forgiveness, 208:24

Phillips, A. B.—The Doctrine of Divine Revelation 151:28

Phillips, A. B.—The Meaning of Our Message, 184:28

Phillips, A. B.—The Restoration and Problems of Today, 123:30

Phillips, A. B.—Why We Observe Close Communion, 95:9

Phillips, Emma M.—A Missionary Book of Mormon, 34:23

Phillips, Emma M.—Verbal Faith, 105:23

Phillips, Seth—The Power to Read and Write, 40:14

Phillips, Virginia L.—God Works in Mysterious Ways His Wonders to Perform 149:9

Phillips, Virginia L.—The Great Gifts of God 148:21

Phipps, Cheryl—The Creston Experience, 179:6

Phipps, Dorthy—Learning to Count on God, 205:20

Phipps, Sherman—The Master's Insurance Plan, 171:24

Phipps, Sr., Sherman—An Angel Taught Me, 179:26

Piepergerdes, Mrs. Kenneth—Parental Responsibility to the Prebaptismal Child, 3:22

Piepergerdes, Vernell—We Need Zion! 18:7

Pillsbury, Edgar—"On Course!" 175:31

Pillsbury, Edgar—A Story about Salt, 108:23

Pillsbury, Edgar—Abiding a Celestial Law, 182:8

Pillsbury, Edgar—Abiding in the Field, 122:18

Pillsbury, Edgar—All That Glitters, 145:24

Pillsbury, Edgar—Almost Persuaded, 116:10

Pillsbury, Edgar—Are You Really Jesus? 147:3

Pillsbury, Edgar—Are You Reaping? 81:3

Pillsbury, Edgar—Can You Hear Me Now? 153:14

Pillsbury, Edgar—Christ at Our Side, 11 8:3

Pillsbury, Edgar—Christmas—Lost and Found 146:7

Pillsbury, Edgar—Christmas—Not a Season for Doubt, 104:8

Pillsbury, Edgar—Come Back to Christ! 60:28

Pillsbury, Edgar—Enduring to the End, 82:20

Pillsbury, Edgar—Expressions of God's Love, 71:8

Pillsbury, Edgar—Forgive As We Forgive, 157:31

Pillsbury, Edgar—Free Salvation? 162:21

Pillsbury, Edgar—God in a Thimble? 119:11

Pillsbury, Edgar—God Supplied the Food, 49:23

Pillsbury, Edgar—God's Unchangeability, 53:20

Pillsbury, Edgar—Good Tidings of Great Joy, 140:3

Pillsbury, Edgar—Hearken to the Herald Angels! 110:5

Pillsbury, Edgar—Hold High the Standard, 114:5

Pillsbury, Edgar—Hosanna to the King of Kings, 107:3

Pillsbury, Edgar—Idols, 156:12

Pillsbury, Edgar—If I Had Only Been There! 69:3

Pillsbury, Edgar—In the Eye of the Storm, 77:24

Pillsbury, Edgar—Influencing Future Generations, 72:14

Pillsbury, Edgar—Jesus, a Man Dispised and Rejected, 165:25

Pillsbury, Edgar—Keeping the Sabbath, 65:12

Pillsbury, Edgar—Let Us Follow Him, 141:6

Pillsbury, Edgar—Made-Up Minds, 158:19

Pillsbury, Edgar—Must Jesus Do It All? 66:25

Pillsbury, Edgar—No Second Chance, 115:14

Pillsbury, Edgar—On the Morrow Come I into the World, 80:12

Pillsbury, Edgar—Our Father's Business 149:20

Pillsbury, Edgar—Our Gift to Christ, 56:3

Pillsbury, Edgar—Our Nails in His Hands, 58:18

Pillsbury, Edgar—Put Away Strange Gods, 73:18

Pillsbury, Edgar—Recognition, 143:13

Pillsbury, Edgar—Remove the Rubble, 142:3

Pillsbury, Edgar—Room for More, 166:8

Pillsbury, Edgar—Spiritual Eyesight, 101:20

Pillsbury, Edgar—Spiritual Giants or Spiritual Dwarfs? 131:13

Pillsbury, Edgar—The Destroying Angel Shall Pass Them, 161:26

Pillsbury, Edgar—The Greatest Commandment, 102:31

Pillsbury, Edgar—The Highway to Heaven,127:3

Pillsbury, Edgar—The Man Who Didn't Know Jesus, 152:8

Pillsbury, Edgar—The Road Less Traveled, 103:3

Pillsbury, Edgar—The Worth of Souls, 111:28

Pillsbury, Edgar—The Worth of Souls, 171:3

Pillsbury, Edgar—The Worth of Your Soul, 70:26

Pillsbury, Edgar—Thou Shalt Declare Repentance, 63:7

Pillsbury, Edgar—Truth of the Book of Mormon, 113:19

Pillsbury, Edgar—Two Kinds of People 148:25

Pillsbury, Edgar—Unchangeable, 160:26

Pillsbury, Edgar—Watch with Me! 64:18

Pillsbury, Edgar—What Am I Doing Here? 181:3

Pillsbury, Edgar—What Greater Gift? 62:3

Pillsbury, Edgar—Whose Helpers Are We? 136:3

Pillsbury, Edgar—Wise Men Still Seek Him, 74:5

Pillsbury, Edgar—You and the Great Eternal Judge, 163:18

Pitt, F. G.—Meeting Infidelity, 83:24

Pitt, F. G.—Some Personal Reminiscences of Joseph Smith III, 126:24

Pitt, F. G.—Spiritual Rebirth, 127:28

Pitt, F. G—Proof That the Kingdom of God Is Here, 181:9

Pitt, Frederick G.—Fifty Years in the Church, 168:9

Pitt, Frederick G.—The Joys of Eternity, 49:21

Plowman, Mary Leu—You Are Being Measured, 2:18

Plumb, Billie—Saved From Disaster, 38:20

Poe, Sarah E.—The Highway of God, 232:8

Post, Eula Veale—Opportunities for Women, 46:27

Postlethwait, Mary L.—Mothers Who Made a Difference, 111:27

Postlethwait, Mary—Embrace the Truth! 109:6

Postlethwait, Mary—A Tithing Testimony, 201:25

Postlethwait, Mary—An Attitude Adjustment, 153:18

Postlethwait, Mary—Don't Forget to Pray, 65:11

Postlethwait, Mary—Encouragement to Gather, 141:20

Postlethwait, Mary—Just Five Minutes for Me, 67:25

Postlethwait, Mary—Making the Right Choices, 66:8

Postlethwait, Mary—No Room for Doubt, 82:31

Postlethwait, Mary—Our Gathering Experience, 108:26

Postlethwait, Mary—Schools in Zion, 79:8

Postlethwait, Mary—To Be the Salt of the Earth, 107:9

Postlethwait, Mary—Zion and the Whole Armor of God, 104:21

Potter, E. E.—The Virgin Birth, 2:23

Potter, E. E.—The Virgin Birth, 212:4

Potter, Floyd—Retaining a Remission of Our Sins, 210:27

Powell, Jerry—Give It Up! 229:23

Power, Irene—God Heard My Cry, 68:9

Prater, Michael—Missing the Mark in Our Priesthood Callings 147:6

Prather, Roland G.—These Are My Disciples, 191:12

Pratt, Parley P.—Joseph Smith and Divine Revelation, 1:24

Pratt, Parley P.—Literal Fulfillment of Prophecy 151:15

Pratt, Parley P.—The Mission to the Lamanites, 9:4

Pratt, Parley P.—The Restored Church's First Mission, 8:12

Premoe, Adam—Receiving a Testimony, 129:25

Prentice, J. L.—Called to Be a Peculiar People, 89:25

Presler, Sallie Gross—God Saved Dane From the Fire, 74:5

Presler, Viola Velt—A Boy's Question, 85:18

Prettyman, C. W.—God Sustains His Humble Servant, 127:25

Price, Lila—The Temple Generation, 7:18

Price, Opal and Tara Booker Merritt—Living Proof, 82:24

Price, Opal M.—An Elect Lady, 66:15

Price, Opal M.—Assurance through Hymns, 76:30

Price, Opal M.—The Sabbath: Time Out for God, 74:19

Price, Opal M.—Walking on Holy Ground, 79:21

Price, Pamela—A Blessing at Confirmation, 4:18

Price, Pamela—A Christmas Gift for God, 13/14:26

Price, Pamela—A Christmas Rose, 80:16

Price, Pamela—A Fond Farewell to Little Fella, 82:28

Price, Pamela—A Home of Prayer, 56:7

Price, Pamela—A Miracle at Reunion, 59:16

Price, Pamela—A New Branch Begins, 4:16

Price, Pamela—A New Church, 7:16

Price, Pamela—A Special Thanksgiving and Christmas, 68:16

Price, Pamela—A Testimony of God's Creation, 53:16

Price, Pamela—A Word of Wisdom, 55:16

Price, Pamela—Alice and Effie are Baptized! 21:16

Price, Pamela—Amy Gives of Herself, 44:16

Price, Pamela—Amy Learns Not to Boast, 29:16

Price, Pamela—Amy Testifies of the Book of Mormon, 28:16

Price, Pamela—Ask Only of God, 64:16

Price, Pamela—Assurances from the Comforter, 61:19

Price, Pamela—Being Brave for the Kingdom's Sake, 41:16

Price, Pamela—Boomer Feels the Saints' Love, 27:16

Price, Pamela—Boomer Is Stumped, 52:16

Price, Pamela—Boomer's Christmas Gift, 56:16

Price, Pamela—Cathy Is Baptized, 58:16

Price, Pamela—Choosing Christ's Yoke, 67:16

Price, Pamela—Christ in the Christmas Program, 74:16

Price, Pamela—Christ the Redeemer Lives,100:20

Price, Pamela—Converted to Christ, 51:16

Price, Pamela—Don't Scatter the Flock, 45:16

Price, Pamela—Elder Riley Shares the Gospel, 2:16

Price, Pamela—Faith for the New Year, 20:16

Price, Pamela—Faithful in Spite of Persecution, 91:9

Price, Pamela—Feathers in the Wind, 17:16

Price, Pamela—Fishers of Men, 22:16

Price, Pamela—Fishers of Men, 72:16

Price, Pamela—Follow God in All Things, 46:16

Price, Pamela—Fruit of the Spirit, 23:16

Price, Pamela—God Heals Through Administration, 9:16

Price, Pamela—God Will Take Care of You, 12:16

Price, Pamela—Helping Aunt Lola Find the Answer, 81:16

Price, Pamela—Hunting the Kingdom, 49:16

Price, Pamela—I Witnessed a Miracle, 96:25

Price, Pamela—I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go, 16:16

Price, Pamela—It Is Well with My Soul, 93:12

Price, Pamela—Keeping God's Word Sacred, 15:16

Price, Pamela—Learning to Pray Always, 65:16

Price, Pamela—Learning to Pray and Obey, 76:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella and the Book of Mormon, 25:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella and the Beast! 30:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella Forgives, 13/14:22

Price, Pamela—Little Fella Goes to Reunion, 18:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella Hides, 24:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella Is Finally Baptized, 63:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella Learns about Repentance, 6:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella Learns about the Gathering of Israel, 37:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella Learns about the Rock of Christ, 40:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella Learns about Prudence, 71:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella Learns to Lean on God, 43:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella Learns to be Strong, 26:18

Price, Pamela—Little Fella Learns to Wait on the Lord, 36:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella Learns about Angels, 35:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella Looks toward Zion, 78:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella Overcomes Persecution, 31:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella Teaches about Christmas, 62:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella, The Peacemaker, 33:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella Witnesses a Miracle, 79:16

Price, Pamela—Little Fella Witnesses for Christ, 66:16

Price, Pamela—More Precious Than Gold,101:17

Price, Pamela—Never Lost to God, 47:16

Price, Pamela—Patience In Tribulation, 42:16

Price, Pamela—Prophecies for Our Times, 61:27

Price, Pamela—Remember Now Thy Creator, 75:16

Price, Pamela—Seeing Tomorrow's Light, 90:24

Price, Pamela—Strength in Time of Need, 57:16

Price, Pamela—Strength to Say No, 77:16

Price, Pamela—Sunshine Follows the Storm, 70:16

Price, Pamela—Testimonies of Joseph's Land, 107:27

Price, Pamela—Thankful for His Watch Care, 11:16

Price, Pamela—The Ark of Zion, 34:16

Price, Pamela—The Best Thanksgiving, 61:16

Price, Pamela—The Christmas Doll, 50:16

Price, Pamela—The Christmas Stranger, 32:16

Price, Pamela—The Christmas Wood, 8:16

Price, Pamela—The First Missionary in Town, 1:16

Price, Pamela—The Fourth of July Picnic, 60:16

Price, Pamela—The July Fourth Contest, 48:16

Price, Pamela—The Land of Liberty, 54:16

Price, Pamela—The Light on the Cross, 34:3

Price, Pamela—The Most Precious Gift of All, 140:24

Price, Pamela—The Real Purpose of Christmas, 38:16

Price, Pamela—The Saints Make a Choice, 5:16;

Price, Pamela—The Summer Is Ended, 25:28

Price, Pamela—The Trial of Our Faith, 10:16

Price, Pamela—Thou Shalt Not Steal, 19:16

Price, Pamela—Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness, 73:16

Price, Pamela—Victory over Temptation, 69:16

Price, Pamela—Who Wins the First Debate? 3:16

Price, Pamela—Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, 39:16

Price, Richard and Pamela—Completing the Church's Structure, 23:21

Price, Richard and Pamela—Exodus from Zion, 13/14:44

Price, Richard and Pamela—Far West, 29:28

Price, Richard and Pamela—Growth of the Church at Kirtland, 19:25

Price, Richard and Pamela—Haun's Mill Massacre, 31:24

Price, Richard and Pamela—Inspiration in Liberty Jail, 33:4

Price, Richard and Pamela—Joseph Smith's Successor, 17:5

Price, Richard and Pamela—Life in Nauvoo, 38:9

Price, Richard and Pamela—Life in the Frontier Zion, 12:29

Price, Richard and Pamela—Missionary Successes, 1836—1844, 26:14

Price, Richard and Pamela—Nauvoo the Beautiful, 1839-1844, 35:27

Price, Richard and Pamela—Purposes of the Temple in Zion, 36:23

Price, Richard and Pamela—Spiritual Manifestations in the Kirtland Temple, 136:26

Price, Richard and Pamela—The School of the Prophets, 24:23

Price, Richard and Pamela—The Saints in Exile, 16:28

Price, Richard and Pamela—The Expulsion from Missouri, 32:21

Price, Richard and Pamela—The True Temple Location, 52:28

Price, Richard and Pamela—The Endowment of 1836, 25:5

Price, Richard and Pamela—The Consecrated Spot, 42:4

Price, Richard and Pamela—The Bennett Crisis at Nauvoo, 37:27

Price, Richard and Pamela—The Building of Kirtland Temple, 20:22

Price, Richard and Pamela—The Day of Wrath! 28:12

Price, Richard and Pamela—The Church Moves to Kirtland, 18:26

Price, Richard and Pamela—The Kirtland Crisis, 28:21

Price, Richard and Pamela—Troubles at Far West, 30:26

Price, Richard—1978 Restoration Festival, 2:28

Price, Richard—A Book Brought Peace, 125:28

Price, Richard—A Milestone for Restoration Voice, 100:18

Price, Richard—Adam and Eve Repented and Returned to God, 126:5

Price, Richard—Avoid Strange Doctrines, 59:18

Price, Richard—Born of a Virgin, 50:8

Price, Richard—By the Finger of the Lord, 57:4

Price, Richard—Christ Raised the Daughter of Jairus, 117:28

Price, Richard—Christ—The Light of Galilee, 30:3

Price, Richard—Converted by the Restoration Story, 105:27

Price, Richard—Democracy—The Offspring of Enlightened Religion, 54:2

Price, Richard—Elephants Help Prove the Book of Mormon, 33:28

Price, Richard—Emma's Fight against Polygamy, 32:25

Price, Richard—Exciting Events at Harmony, 55:26

Price, Richard—Financial Support Is Needed, 2:3

Price, Richard—God Gives the Increase, 91:17

Price, Richard—Grandmother Sent a Quarterly, 140:13

Price, Richard—Independent Branches, 40:9

Price, Richard—Joseph Smith: Innocent of Polygamy, 31:5

Price, Richard—Kirtland Temple—The Place of Endowment, 6:5

Price, Richard—Let Us Rise Up and Build, 99:5

Price, Richard—Let Your Hearts Be Perfect, 135:5

Price, Richard—Loyalty to the True Church, 51:3

Price, Richard—Precious Seed, 9:7

Price, Richard—Radar Helps Prove the Book of Mormon Is True, 29:13

Price, Richard—Return to the Restoration, 36:2

Price, Richard—Stalwart Saints Survived the Dark and Cloudy Day, 34:26

Price, Richard—Sustaining the House of Israel, 109:5

Price, Richard—The Answers Are in the Scriptures, 93:20

Price, Richard—The Center of the Land of Zion, 27:4

Price, Richard—The Dedication of the Temple Site, 11:5

Price, Richard—The Desire to Proclaim the Gospel, 61:20

Price, Richard—The Fiery Pillar, 73:5

Price, Richard—The Land of Zion, 10:5

Price, Richard—The Nativity, 104:5

Price, Richard—The Opportunity to Build Zion, 61:5

Price, Richard—The Son of God Must Shortly Appear, 26:5

Price, Richard—They Dreamed of the Restoration, 16:10

Price, Richard—They That Remain, 35:7

Price, Richard—Times of Refreshing, 25:3

Prior, Samuel A.—A Visit to Nauvoo 150:21

Proud, Lilian J.—The Efficacy of Prayer, 187:12

Purcell, Cecil L.—How I Found the Restored Church, 86:15

Purcell, Cecil L.—The Way of the Lord Is Wonderful, 89:8

Purpose of Zion, The, 213:24

Quick, Lee–Missionary Memories, 119:12

Quick, Virginia—A Blessing at Reunion, 102:14

Quincy, Josiah—The Character of Joseph Smith, Jr., 163:5

Quinley, J. W.—The Full Light of the Gospel, 225:26

Raffety, Jennifer—Converted by a Sunburn, 68:10

Raffety, Jennifer—Dealing with Our Children, 90:12

Raffety, Jennifer—Powerful Witnesses, 82:15

Ragan, Patricia—He Died for Me, 162:20

Ragan, Patricia—Testimonies, 109:18

Rannie, Edward—Local Missionary Work, 224:20

Rannie, Edward—Our Present Troubles, 52:14

Rao, James—By Small and Simple Things, 199:21

Rao, James—The Truth Was Confirmed to Me, 216:13

Ratliff, Dale—All Shall Be Fulfilled, 23:9

Ratliff, Dale—Deception, 34:12

Ratliff, Dale—The Great Day of the Lord, 15:21

Ratliff, Dale—Truth vs. Falsehood, 40:3

Rauh, Ernest—Marvelous Are the Works of Our Lord, 71:26

Raveill, Kenneth—The Law of the Celestial Kingdom, 10:10

Reams, A. A.—“I Will Lead Thee Aright,” 209:9

Reed, LaMearl—In the World but Not of It, 141:19

Reeves, Richard V.—Come unto Christ 146:15

Reeves, Richard V.—If You Talk the Talk, Then Walk the Walk, 159:12

Reid, Almeda E.—Come Hear This Man, 39:24

Reid, Almeda E.—Hearken, O Ye People, 40:15

Reid, Almeda E.—The Christmas Sacrifice, 38:15

Renfroe, Z. Z.—A Special Witness for Christ, 6:27

Renfroe, Z. Z.—Blessings from Above, 222:9

Renfroe, Z. Z.—Christ Will Be with You Always, 203:3

Renfroe, Z. Z.—God Is in This Work, 96:24

Renfroe, Z. Z.—Man Shall Not Add or Diminish, 160:7

Renfroe, Z. Z.—The Power of Healing, 162:2

Renfroe, Z. Z.—The Testimony of Jesus, 163:15

Renfroe, Z. Z.—Winning Ways of Hubert Case, 108:19

Response to The Stranger in Your Midst, 134:3

Restoration Voice at 25! 151:2

Restoration Voice Continues to Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, 141:3

Rexroad, O. A.—God Answers Prayer in His Own Way, 191:31

Reynolds, G.—It Is Written, 29:24

Rheumatic Arm Made Whole, 203:8

Rhoades, Ike—Pearls of Great Price, 179:4

Richards I, Donald P.—God Still Speaks Today 145:2

Rideout, Ann—Divine Assistance on the Stairs, 183:23

Rideout, Steve—Thank the Lord in All Things, 73:12

Rieger, Ed—The Lord Worked with Me, 42:14

Rigdon, Sidney—He Lives—For We Saw Him, 33:14

Rimmer, J. C.—The Book of Mormon, An Inspired Book, 85:11

Rinehart, Pansy—A Special Star Award, 73:21

Rinehart, Pansy—Welcomed Home to Paradise, 75:19

Ritchie, Wilson—Family Worship and the Child, 106:12

Ritchie, Wilson—The Light of the World, 26:22

Rizer, James L.—I Surrendered to God, 124:12

Robbins, James—The Principle of Repentance, 47:14

Robinett, Dawn—Even the Wind Obeys, 185:14

Robinett, Dawn—Putting Our Homes in Order, 188:27

Robinett, Steve—In Time of Need, 182:18

Robinson, George—The Joy of Receiving the True Gospel, 114:21

Robinson, Mrs. Ruby—Now Is the Time, 208:20

Robinson, Shane—When You Are Converted. 65:3

Robison, Harold "Skip"—We Are All in His Care, 156:18

Robison, Jean—Step Up to the Plate! 177:7

Rock, Arthur J.—Change Not the Ordinances, 178:19

Rock, Arthur J.—How's Your Tune-Up? 165:8

Rock, Arthur J.—Love Finds the Way, 109:30

Rock, Arthur J.—Rejoicing Together, 157:30

Rock, Arthur J.—Send Me Forth, 107:24

Roden, Royl—In the Cockpit, 211:3

Rogers, Israel L.—The Lord's Will Be Done, 152:12

Rogers, Jim—The Trial of Our Faith, 60:9

Rogers, V. F.—Evidence of This Great Work, 123:23

Rolfe, Rob—Avoiding Salvation, 218:5

Rolfe, Rob—Busy As a Bee? Beware! 133:11

Rolfe, Rob—Global Warming or Global Warning? 237:15

Rolfe, Rob—Hidden Things Shall Be Revealed, 158:14

Rolfe, Rob—Put on Thy Strength, O Zion, 163:12

Rolfe, Rob—Rely upon the Lord, 129:3

Rook, Maxcean V.—My People, 17:3

Rooney, Berde—Cheerful in Our Warfare, 221:26

Rose, Bonnie—Of Such Is the Kingdom, 123:20

Rose, Edna—My First Lesson in Sharing, 32:11

Rose, Edna—The Book Is True! 30:19

Rose, Pat—Witnesses at All Times, 210:31

Ross, Ila—Saved by an Angel, Ila 191:25

Roth, J. S.—The Gospel Message,  194:27

Rotzien, John F.—Now She Is Alive! 181:30

Rowland, Kristin—That You Might Have Charity, 70:3

Rowland, Linda—The Manner of Happiness, 58:26

Rowland, Rich—Cleaning Our Tables of Truth, 225:6

Rowland, Rich—I Knew What I Had to Do, 216:19

Rowland, Rich—Jesus Christ—The Light of the World, 192:24

Rowland, Rich—The Restoration Crisis, 227:28

Rowland, Rich—Will We Yield to the Hand of the Master? 199:9

Rowlett, Jerry—God Knows Our Needs, 173:4

Ruch, Mick—Be Still, and Know that I Am God, 235:9

Ruch, Mick—Feed My Sheep, 238:9

Ruch, Mick—Never Forget! 228:27

Ruch, Mick—Rejoice in the Lord Always, 217:4

Ruch, Mick—Vision to See, Passion to Act, 221:9

Ruch, Mrs. V. D.—At the Close of Reunion, 167:26

Ruch, Mrs. V.D.—Carols All Year, 13/14:3

Ruch, Mrs. V.D.—What Does April 6 Mean? 40:28

Ruch, Robert H.—Every Step of the Way, 137:31

Ruch, Shawn—A Healing of My Sharp Tongue, 223:17

Ruch, V. D.—A Voice of Warning, 11:20, 66:21

Ruch, V. D.—Bearing Fruit for Jesus, 229:28

Ruch, V. D.—Christ Atoned for Our Sins, 201:5

Ruch, V. D.—God Is Unchangeable, 48:24

Ruch, V. D.—He Will Know of the Doctrine, 230:18

Ruch, V. D.—How Shall We Escape, if We Neglect So Great Salvation? 69:26

Ruch, V. D.—How Shall We Escape? 12:26

Ruch, V. D.—In God We Trust, 70:21

Ruch, V. D.—Jesus Is Coming to Earth Again, 92:26

Ruch, V. D.—Meeting Life’s Experience with Christ, 210:6

Ruch, V. D.—My Ways Are Not Your Ways, 168:19

Ruch, V. D.—Shall He Find Faith? 182:9

Ruch, V. D.—The Book of Mormon Is Necessary, 64:19

Ruch, V. D.—Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant 147:18

Ruch, V. D.—Why I Am a Latter Day Saint, 3:10; 4:22; 5:10

Ruhlman, Diane—An Anxiety Attack Survivor, 168:21

Rules for Fruitful Worship, 182:20

Ruoff, Bill—The Gift of Tongues Manifested, 155:10

Ruoff, Steve—A Perfect Brightness of Hope, 174:5

Ruoff, Steve—Are We All In or Not In at All? 226:15

Ruoff, Steve—Be Ye Purified, 194:15

Ruoff, Steve—Learning to Prefer Another, 72:18

Ruoff, Steve—Matched Against This Hour, 165:12

Ruoff, Steve—Prepare for the Coming of the Lord, 205:27

Ruoff, Steve—Purifying and Yielding Our Hearts, 202:21

Ruoff, Steve—The Latter-Day Light, 196:9

Ruoff, Steve—The Sacrifice of All Earthly Things, 198:9

Ruoff, Vernon J.—Converted People, 177:31

Rush, Richard—The Way of Wise Parents, 55:24

Rushton, John W.—The Nature and Quality of the Power, 130:21

Rushton, John W.—The Transforming Power of the Gospel, 173:30

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