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Monday, May 7, 2012

Restoration Voice #202, March/April 2012

A New Spiritual Order by Elbert A. Smith 3
Resurrection by Arthur A. Oakman 5
An Experience in Conversion by Emma Mortensen 7
Immortality by Paul M. Hanson 9
Are We Not All Beggars? by Beverly Watson 12
In Anticipation by George A. Njeim 14
A Call to Steadfastness by Daniel Nixon 15
Blessed through Administration by Eddie C. Burns 18
Our Words of Faith by Regan Thomas 18
Tests of Discipleship by Desma Galway 19
Purifying and Yielding Our Hearts by Steve Ruoff 21
Put Your Homes in Order—for the Bridegroom Cometh by Jim Bailey 22
What Is Man? by Evan A. Fry 24
Unceasing Revelation by Leonard J. Lea 26
What Is Our Comfort Zone? by Tammy Norcross 27
The Joy of Music by Diane Anderson Ludy 30