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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Restoration Voice #203
May/June, 2012

Christ Will Be with You Always by Z. Z. Renfroe 3

"Results Not Typical" by Tammy Norcross 5
Lord, Forgive Me by Jack Hagensen 6
Fullness of Joy by Brian Mundy 7
Rheumatic Arm Made Whole 8
The Book of Mormon’s Message to America by Charles Fry 9
Anger Is Our Enemy by Leonard J. Lea 12
God Shall Supply by Dean Alberti 14
The Purpose and Power of the Gospel by G. G. Lewis 15
A Day of Opportunity by Paul M. Hanson 17
Christ in America by Paul V. Ludy 18
The Altar of Service by J. Charles May 19
The Path of the Pioneers by James Kemp 21
The Meaning of Eternal Life by E. J. Gleazer 24
The Ministry of the Church by Herman Peisker 27